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VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage 6.6 Course Overview

In this course, you will figure out how to utilize VMware vRealize Operations Manager as a measurable and prescient device. In light of VMware ESXi 6, VMware vCenter Server 6, and vRealize Operations Manager 6.6, this course incorporates guideline on cutting edge abilities including customization and administration.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore the vRealize Operations Manager UI
  • Utilize cautions and investigation identifications to investigate normal and complex vSphere operational issues
  • Screen limit hazard and foundation usage
  • Perform scope organization and imagine a scenario in which examinations.
  • Design approaches to meet the operational needs of the earth
  • Modify vRealize Operations Manager by making ready definitions, side effect definitions, sees, reports, dashboards, and super measurements
  • Give clients and client bunches controlled access to the earth
  • Screen operation frameworks and applications
  • Broaden the abilities of vRealize Operations Manager by including administration packs and arrangements
  • Scale a vRealize Operations Manager organization and make it exceedingly accessible
  • Introduce and arrange vRealize Operations Manager
  • Screen and keep up a vRealize Operations Manager Deployment

VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage 6.6 Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

  • Presentations and course coordinations
  • Course targets

2. Prologue to vRealize Operations Manager

  • How vRealize Operations Manager is utilized to deal with the product characterized server farm
  • Highlights and advantages of vRealize Operations Manager

3. vRealize Operations Manager User Interface

  • Explore the fundamental zones of the UI
  • Clarify the significance of stock trees
  • View gadgets and dashboards on the Home page
  • View stock trees and questions on the Environment page

4. vRealize Operations Manager Concepts

  • Utilize perspectives to accumulate data about the earth
  • Make reports about the earth
  • How information is gathered and broke down by vRealize Operations Manager
  • Significance of alarms, manifestations, and identifications

5. Investigating System Health Issues

  • Process for investigating framework medical problems with vRealize Operations Manager
  • Screen alarms and investigate framework medical problems
  • Utilize warm maps to screen framework wellbeing

6. Scope quantification

  • Scope quantification models
  • Survey limit chance in the earth
  • Investigate hazard and effectiveness issues
  • Approaches to streamline asset use in nature
  • Utilize ventures to perform imagine a scenario in which situations.

7. Labels, Application Groups, and Custom Object Groups

  • Utilize labels and applications to bunch objects
  • Make custom protest bunches in the earth

8. Arrangements

  • Rundown rules for tweaking vRealize Operations Manager content
  • Make arrangements for different kinds of workloads
  • Clarify how arrangement legacy functions

9. Shrewd Workload Placement

  • Utilize workload position to rebalance workloads over nature
  • Recognize situations that utilization workload position
  • Utilize approaches to drive workload adjust design suggestions

10. Custom Alert Definitions

  • Make manifestation definitions
  • Make proposals and utilize activities
  • Make warnings
  • Make ready definitions

11. Custom Views

  • Different kinds of perspectives
  • Make sees

12. Custom Dashboards

  • Make custom dashboards
  • Design gadgets and gadget collaborations
  • Design dashboard route
  • Oversee dashboards

13. Super Metrics

  • Make super measurements
  • Empower super measurements in arrangements

14. Client Access Control

  • Make neighborhood clients and client gatherings
  • Allocate parts to nearby clients and gatherings
  • Import clients and client bunches from a LDAP source

15. Working System and Application Monitoring

  • Send working framework and application observing
  • Screen working frameworks and applications

16. Administration Packs

  • Administration packs that are accessible to the earth
  • Introduce and arrange an administration pack

17. Design, Scalability, and Availability

  • Parts of a vRealize Operations Manager hub
  • Parts in a vRealize Operations Manager group
  • How a hub's parts interface to accomplish adaptability and accessibility

18. Sending vRealize Operations Manager

  • The most effective method to measure a vRealize Operations Manager group
  • Introduce and arrange a vRealize Operations Manager bunch