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VMware vSphere: What's New V5.5 to V6.5

Course Overview

In this three-day, hands-on instructional class, you will investigate the new highlights and upgrades in VMware vCenter Server® 6.5 and VMware ESXi™ 6.5. True utilize case arrangement situations, hands-on lab activities, and addresses will show you the skills that you have to successfully execute and design VMware vSphere® 6.5. This class is prescribed for clients who need to send vSphere 6.5 into their current vSphere condition.


  • enter upgrades in vSphere 6.5

  • Utilize the UI of the new VMware vSphere Client, the new VMware Host Client, and the apparatus shell of VMware vCenter® Server Appliance

  • Add clients to the lockdown exemption clients rundown and test the lockdown mode

  • Arrange virtual machines to check for and install more up to date forms of VMware Tools

  • Overhaul virtual machines to the present equipment

  • Make a multisite content library for synchronizing virtual machine formats, vApps, ISO pictures, and contents crosswise over vCenter Server occurrences

  • Empower the VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy administration to automatically add new has to the Active Directory area

  • Arrange NFS-and iSCSI-sponsored virtual volumes to give a typical stockpiling stage, free of the fundamental stockpiling equipment

  • Make stockpiling arrangements and utilize these strategies with virtual machines and virtual volume datastores

  • Work with VMware vSphere Network I/O Control to make and arrange a disseminated switch

  • Utilize VMware vSphere vMotion to move virtual machines crosswise over vCenter Server examples

  • Enact the high accessibility highlight of vCenter Server Appliance

  • Go down vCenter Server Appliance by utilizing a document based reinforcement arrangement from the vCenter Server

  • Machine Management Interface

  • Set up your condition to scramble and unscramble virtual machines

  • Set up your condition to utilize scrambled vSphere vMotion to safely move encoded virtual machines

  • Move from Windows vCenter Server to vCenter Server Appliance

  • Arrange vCenter Server and related administrations to utilize VMware Platform Services Controller high accessibility

VMware vSphere: What's New V5.5 to V6.5

Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

  • Presentations and course coordinations

  • Course destinations

2. Prologue to vSphere 6.5

  • vSphere 6.5 element upgrades

  • Utilize vSphere Client, VMware Host Client, and the machine shell of vCenter Server Appliance

3. Installation and Upgrade

  • New vCenter Server design highlights

  • Pick between a dispersed setup and an installed arrangement in view of your prerequisites

  • Improvements to vCenter Server Appliance

  • Focus Server Appliance arrangement

  • Equipment necessities for installing vCenter Server Appliance

  • Data that is required before you start the installation

  • Send a Platform Services Controller apparatus

  • The most effective method to update vCenter Server Appliance 5.x to vCenter Server Appliance 6.5

  • The most effective method to update an ESXi 5.x host to an ESXi 6.5 host

  • Advantages of utilizing the substance library

  • Make a fundamental substance library

  • Synchronize a substance library crosswise over vCenter Server examples

4. Figure Enhancements

  • Upgrades to vSphere 6.5 adaptability and execution

  • Extra highlights to help hot-attachment and SMART strong state drives

  • New abilities of host profiles presented in vSphere 6.5

  • Enhancements to lockdown settings

  • Expansion of brilliant card verification

  • Changes that improve client responsibility

  • How virtual equipment 12 expands virtual machine asset arrangements

  • How utilizing huge get offload decreases CPU-related expenses for arrange bundle handling

  • How hot-include memory is disseminated crosswise over NUMA hubs in vSphere 6.5

5. Capacity Enhancements

  • Advantages of utilizing VMFS 6 with vSphere

  • Update from VMFS 5 to VMFS 6

  • Advantages of utilizing VMFS 6 with vSphere

  • Advantages of utilizing NFS v4.1 with vSphere

  • Contrasts between NFS v3 and NFS v4.1

  • Ramifications of utilizing NFS v4.1

  • Points of interest of the new VMware Virsto on-circle document framework

  • Points of interest of the vsanSparse depiction arrange

  • Points of interest of blame areas to withstand rack-nearby disappointments

  • Advantages of applying distinctive default strategies to various VMware Virtual SAN™ datastores

  • Advantages of utilizing virtual volumes

  • Virtual machine, arrangement based strategy administration

  • How VMDK information activities are offloaded to capacity exhibits using VMware vSphere® API for Storage Awareness™

6. System Enhancements

  • Work with Network I/O Control

  • Update Network I/O Control to rendition 3

  • Empower arrange asset administration on VMware vSphere® Distributed Switch™

  • Arrange data transfer capacity allocation for framework and virtual machine activity in view of offers and reservations.

  • IPv6 bolster in vSphere 6.5

7. Administration Enhancement

  • Center security modules that are a piece of Platform Services Controller

  • VMware authentication administration parts

  • Authentication utilize changes in vSphere 6.5

  • Authentication administration segments that are a piece of Platform Services Controller

  • Essential administrations gave by the VMware Certificate Authority segment

  • Essential administrations gave by the VMware Endpoint Certificate Store segment

  • VMware CA authentication substitution choices

  • ESXi authentication substitution choices

  • Endorsement based visitor confirmation

8. Accessibility Enhancements

  • New TCP/IP stack for vSphere vMotion

  • Changes that make vSphere vMotion movements crosswise over high-dormancy systems conceivable

  • Prerequisites for moving a virtual machine crosswise over vCenter Server examples

  • How VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance underpins virtual machines with different virtual CPUs

  • How vSphere Fault Tolerance keeps up the optional virtual machine in a prepared state

  • Component by which the essential virtual machine is resolved

  • Enhancements made in dealing with all ways down and lasting gadget lost conditions

  • Expanded adaptability of vSphere HA

  • Extra similarity upheld by vSphere HA

9. Security Enhancements

  • Plan for secure boot bolster for ESXi have

  • Convey upgraded vCenter Server occasions and alerts, and vSphere logging

  • virtual machine encryption

  • Empower encoded vSphere vMotion

  • Utilize encoded center dumps

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