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CND - Certified Network Defender Certification


CND - Certified Network Defender Certification empowers people to become Network Administrators who are trained on protecting, detecting, and responding to the threats on the network. This technical certification also expounds on the network topology, performance, utilization, traffic, and network components.

CND certification will provide the essential knowledge of the true construct of data transfer, network technologies, software technologies so that one understands how networks operate, know about software automating and subject material analysis.

The certification will also include network defense fundamentals, application of network security controls, protocols, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, VPN & firewall configuration, intricacies of network traffic signature, analysis and vulnerability scanning which will help the Network Administrator to design impeccable network security policies and effective incident response plans.

Exams and recommended training

Required Exams Recommended Training
CND – 312-38 CND - Certified Network Defender | Duration: 5 Days | Price: $ 2595

Recommended to complete the following prerequisites before enrolling in this course:

  • Basic understanding of networking, hardware engineering, scripting, programming, software development and system administration.

This CND - Certified Network Defender Certification is valid for three years starting from the certification data. You must renew your certification before expiry date.


Network Administrators, Network security Administrators, Network Security Engineer, Network Defense Technicians, CND Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Operator and anybody who is involved in network operations.