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CND - Certified Network Defender Training

What CND - Certified Network Defender training is all about?

CND- Certified Network Defender training is specially designed for those entrusted with network administration. Our EC-Council certified instructors give students a more profound understanding of network protocol, security protocol, VPN and firewall configuration, network analysis, and scanning for possible vulnerabilities. Through the training, the network administrator can protect, plan, and defend the confidential data from any potential threat.

This technical training also expounds on the network topology, performance, utilization, traffic, and network components. It is designed to make the network administrator know how and when to respond to any threat posed to the system. You will learn about network traffic signatures and analysis, network vulnerability scanning, host/system security, monitoring, and securing network traffic.

With its relation to day to day cyber operations and cyber defense EC-Council has modified the CND training as identified by Department of Defense as IAT I, II, III and IAM I, II, III as well as the NICE Framework KSA’s.

  • Delivery Format:
Date: Nov 02, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2595 USD
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Date: Dec 07, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2595 USD
What are the course objectives for CND - Certified Network Defender training?
  • Plan, implement and analyze security policies.
  • Configuration, Installation and Management of Security Network devices covering controlling.
  • Threats and risk assessments.
  • Perform susceptibility.
  • Strengthen hosts to secure them against any interruption.
  • Configure and implement wireless network technologies &VNPs.
Who should attend CND - Certified Network Defender training?

This course is intended for operational managers and Operations personnel who are keen to understand in-depth concepts of cyber security principles. The primary audience for this course are from Information technology sector such as IT professionals, IT manages, Network managers and anyone who have deep interest in network technologies can be part of this training.

The secondary audience for this course are System engineers, System administrators and Firewall administrators.

What is the course outline for CND - Certified Network Defender training?
  • 1. Computer Network & Defense Fundamentals.
  • 2. Network Security Vulnerabilities, Attacks & Threats.
  • 3. Network Security Protocols, Devices & Controls.
  • 4. Network Security Policy Formulation and Implementation.
  • 5. Host Security.
  • 6. Physical Security
  • 7. Secure IDS Configuration & Management.
  • 8. Secure Firewall Management and Configuration.
  • 9. Secure VPN Configuration and Management.
  • 10. Network Traffic Monitoring & Analysis.
  • 11. Wireless Network Defense.
  • 12. Network Vulnerability and Risk Management.
  • 13. Network Incident Management and Response.
  • 14. Data Backup & Recovery.

Certified Network Defender (CND) exam code is 312-38. It is a four hours duration exam. The exam format is 100 Interactive Multiple-Choice Questions.

Most of the organizations focus more on cyber defense than taking chances to manage the identified threats. As a Certified Network Defender, you become the first line of defense to protect the network environment from any cyber breach.

The CND certification training covers all the key areas pertaining to conceptualizing, designing and building an IT information system including Assurance (IA) Compliance, Systems Security Architecture, Technology Research and Development, System Requirements Planning etc.

Yes, it is. Our Certified Network Defender trainers help you take on skill assessment test.

The entire Certified Network Defender certification training course is made up of 50% hands-on labs and practical work.

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