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MD-100T00: Windows 10 Training

What MD-100T00: Windows 10 training is all about?

In this training offered by Microtek Learning, students will learn how to configure and support Windows 10 computer systems in an organization. With this course, we aim to help students develop skills such as learning how to install, customize, and update Windows 10 operating systems. Individuals will also explore various other components of Windows 10 such as managing files, storage, the configuration of network connectivity, and more. You will also get to learn how to protect data on the device, manage, secure, and troubleshoot your Windows 10 OS.

This training is based on the objectives of the course variant MD-100T00-A.

5 SATVs applicable


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What are the course objectives for MD-100T00: Windows 10 training?
  • Installing and customizing Windows 10
  • Configuring Windows Updates.
  • Configuring drivers and devices for Windows.
  • Configuring storage for Windows.
  • Configuring remote and network management settings in Windows.
  • Configuring and managing applications and browsers in Windows.
  • Configuring account authentication and access.
  • Configuring folder and file permissions.
  • Describing methods securing Windows 10, identifying common threats and methods for mitigating against them.
  • Troubleshooting application installations and Windows.
  • Troubleshooting driver and hardware issues.
  • Troubleshooting file issues and performing recoveries.
Who should attend MD-100T00: Windows 10 training?

This course is focused on IT professionals who know how to install, configure, manage, and maintain the core services of Windows 10. Professionals who are familiar with cloud-integrated services and enterprise scenarios should also consider taking this course.

What is the course outline for MD-100T00: Windows 10 training?
  • 1. Installing Windows
  • a). Introducing Windows 10
  • b). Windows 10 Editions and Requirements
  • c). Deployment Options
  • d). Upgrading to Windows 10
  • e). Deployment Tools
  • f). Lab : In-place upgrade of Win7 to Win 10
  • g). Lab : Migrating User Settings using USMT
  • 2. Post-installation Configuration and Personalization
  • a). Configure and Customize the Windows Start Menu
  • b). Common Configuration Options
  • c). Advanced Configuration Methods
  • d). Managing Drivers and Devices
  • e). Lab : Using Settings App & Control Panel
  • f). Lab : Using Group Policy Objects
  • g). Lab : Using PowerShell to Configure Windows
  • h). Lab : Managing local and network printers
  • 3. Updating Windows in Windows 10
  • a). Windows Servicing Model
  • b). Updating Windows
  • c). Lab : Updating Windows 10
  • 4. Configuring Networking
  • a). Configure IP Network Connectivity
  • b). Implement Name Resolution
  • c). Implement Wireless Network Connectivity
  • d). Remote Access Overview
  • e). Remote Management
  • f). Lab : Configuring Network Connectivity
  • g). Lab : Configuring and Testing Name Resolution
  • h). Lab : Remote Management
  • 5. Configuring Storage
  • a). Overview of storage options
  • b). Managing Local Storage
  • c). Maintaining Disks and Volumes
  • d). Managing Storage Spaces
  • e). Lab : Managing Storage
  • f). Lab : Compressing Folders
  • g). Lab : Enabling Disk Quotas
  • h). Lab : Creating a Storage Space
  • i). Lab : Synchronizing files with OneDrive
  • 6. Managing Apps in Windows 10
  • a). Providing Apps to Users
  • b). Managing Universal Windows Apps
  • c). Web Browsers in Windows 10
  • d). Lab : Sideloading an App
  • e). Lab : Installing and Updating Microsoft Store Apps
  • f). Lab : Configuring Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode
  • 7. Configuring Authorization & Authentication
  • a). Authentication
  • b). Configuring User Account Control
  • c). Implementing Device Registration
  • d). Lab : Lab: Joining a Domain
  • e). Lab : Lab: Creating Security Policies
  • f). Lab : Lab: Configuring UAC
  • 8. Configuring Data Access and Usage
  • a). Overview of File Systems
  • b). Configuring and Managing File Access
  • c). Configuring and Managing Shared Folders
  • d). Lab : Creating, Managing, and Sharing a Folder
  • e). Lab : Using Conditions to Control Access and Effective Permissions
  • 9. Configuring Threat Protection and Advanced Security
  • a). Malware and Threat Protection
  • b). Windows Defender
  • c). Connection Security Rules
  • d). Advanced Protection Methods
  • e). Lab : Configuring Windows Defender
  • f). Lab : Creating Firewall Rules
  • g). Lab : Creating Connection Security Rules
  • h). Lab : Using EFS
  • i). Lab : Using Bitlocker
  • j). Lab : Configuring AppLocker
  • 10. Supporting the Windows 10 Environment
  • a). Windows Architecture
  • b). Support and Diagnostic Tools
  • c). Monitoring and Troubleshooting Computer Performance
  • d). Lab : Monitoring Events
  • e). Lab : Monitoring Reliability and Performance
  • 11. Troubleshooting Files & Applications
  • a). File Recovery in Windows 10
  • b). Application Troubleshooting
  • c). Lab : Using File History to Recover Files
  • d). Lab : Troubleshooting Desktop Apps
  • e). Lab : Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues
  • f). Lab : Troubleshooting Microsoft Edge Issues
  • 12. Troubleshooting the OS
  • a). Troubleshooting Windows Startup
  • b). Troubleshooting Operating System Service Issues
  • c). Lab : Recovering using Reset This PC
  • d). Lab : Recovering using a Restore Point
  • 13. Troubleshooting Hardware and Drivers
  • a). Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures
  • b). Overview of Hardware Troubleshooting
  • c). Troubleshooting Physical Failures
  • d). Lab : Recovering using Driver Rollback
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