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MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops Training

What MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops training is all about?

In this training offered by Microtek Learning, professionals will learn how to design and implement an OS deployment strategy using the latest deployment methods and learn how to implement an update OS strategy. Candidates will also be introduced to key elements of modern co-management and management strategies. Our team of certified experts will also cover what it takes to entail Microsoft Intune into your company. Candidates will explore various methods for management and deployment of browser-based applications and other apps. Students will also be introduced to the core concepts of security in modern management including compliance, access, identities, and authentication policies. You will be familiarized with technologies such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Information Protection, Azure Active Directory, and learn how to use these technologies to protect your data and devices.

This training is based on the objectives of the course variant MD-101T00-A.

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What are the course objectives for MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops training?
  • Planning, designing, and implementing an upgrade, update, and deployment strategy for an Operating System.
  • Understanding the methods and benefits of co-management strategies.
  • Planning and implementing device configuration and enrollment.
  • Managing and deploying applications and planning a mobile application management strategy.
  • Managing users and authentication using Active Directory DS and Azure AD.
  • Describing and implementing methods used to protect data and devices.
Who should attend MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops training?

The Modern Desktop Administrator is responsible for deploying, configuring, securing, managing, and monitoring client and devices applications in an organizational environment. Other responsibilities include managing apps, updates, policies, access, and identity. The MDA also collaborates with the M365 Enterprise Administrator to create and implement a device strategy that meets the modern business requirements of an enterprise. Additionally, the MDA must have basic knowledge about M365 workloads and have strong experience and skills needed to deploy, configure, and maintain Windows 10 and non-Windows devices.

What is the course outline for MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops training?
  • 1. Planning an Operating System Deployment Strategy
  • a). The Enterprise Desktop
  • b). Assessing Deployment Readiness
  • c). Deployment Tools & Strategies
  • d). Lab : Practice Lab - Planning Windows 10 deployment
  • 2. Implementing Windows 10
  • a). Upgrading Devices to Windows 10
  • b). Deploying New Devices and Refreshing
  • c). Migrating Devices to Windows 10
  • d). Alternate Deployment Methods
  • e). Imaging Considerations
  • f). Lab : Practice Lab - Implementing Windows 10
  • 3. Managing Updates for Windows 10
  • a). Updating Windows 10
  • b). Windows Update for Business
  • c). Introduction to Windows Analytics
  • d). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing Updates for Windows 10
  • 4. Device Enrollment
  • a). Device management options
  • b). Microsoft Intune Overview
  • c). Manage Intune device enrollment and inventory
  • d). Managing devices with Intune
  • e). Lab : Practice Lab - Device Enrollment and Management
  • 5. Configuring Profiles
  • a). Configuring device profiles
  • b). Managing user profiles
  • c). Monitoring devices
  • d). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing profiles
  • 6. Application Management
  • a). Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • b). Deploying and updating applications
  • c). Administering applications
  • d). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing Applications
  • 7. Managing Authentication in Azure AD
  • a). Azure AD Overview
  • b). Managing identities in Azure AD
  • c). Protecting identities in Azure AD
  • d). Managing device authentication
  • e). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing objects and authentication in Azure AD
  • 8. Managing Device Access and Compliance
  • a). Microsoft Intune Overview
  • b). Implement device compliance policies
  • c). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing Access and Compliance
  • 9. Managing Security
  • a). Implement device data protection
  • b). Managing Windows Defender ATP
  • c). Managing Windows Defender in Windows 10
  • d). Lab : Practice Lab - Managing Security in Windows 10
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