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Enhance Your Knowledge with Official Microsoft Training and Certification Courses

Now’s a day Microsoft Certification is the must-have certification in every organization. Most in-demand Microsoft products are Azure, Visual Studio, .NET, Microsoft 365, Office, Dynamics, and more courses. We are an authorized Microsoft Learning Partner, and our training is on the GTR schedule; you can choose your training format according to your requirement.

Microsoft has training for every IT professional, and it also helps you level up your skills and grow in your career. With Microsoft Certification in Toronto, you can prove your knowledge and skills.Microsoft Exam Voucher
Are you finding it challenging to choose which Microsoft Certification will help you grow in your career? Then I would say don't be. Microtek Learning is the Leading IT training provider, and we have experts who will help you in this process - Contact Us.
Pick a Microsoft Learning Path that fits your profession. It doesn't count if you're a beginner or experienced; Microsoft has training for you all. If you already have a skill you need for a particular job but don't have a certificate, Microsoft Role-based Certification is for you.


Microsoft Certification Path

Microsoft Popular Courses

AZ-120T00: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads

AZ-120T00: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads Training guide IT professionals to leverage Azure resources that incorporate configuration and deployment of digital machines, digital networks, Azure AD, and storage accounts. This technical course teaches to implement the operation and migration of an SAP solution on Azure. Trainees will learn to build and scale digital machines, configure digital networking, implement storage solutions, and connect on-premises sites and Azure and back up and transfer data. Check out the Enterprise Training program, which is perfect for organizations & companies. It guides individuals to operate with Azure Active Directory and Azure AD connect, and utilization of inter-site connectivity features, which include VNet-to VNet connections and VNet Peering. This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant AZ-120T00-A

MS-600T00: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services

MS-600T00: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services Training provides comprehensive knowledge and an in-depth explanation of the five core elements of the MS 365 platform. It teaches the techniques to implement MS Identity and operate with MS Graph. This technical course helps in gaining a better understanding and knowledge of UI elements, Integration Points, and determining workload platform targets. We have also developed an enterprise training program for corporate organizations. It teaches how to handle a group lifecycle on MS Graph and optimize network traffic. After completing this course, professionals will be able to develop a service to access the MS Graph and implement authorization in an API. This training program is ideal for professionals who want to learn more about MS 365 development platforms and individuals who want to earn the Microsoft 365 Developer Associate certification. This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant MS-600T00-A.

MB-340T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant

Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant training is a 4-day training course. This training set up and used the application functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and supported the application. The working consultant typically has explicit knowledge of associated commerce business operations and practice configuring, deploying, maintaining, and using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. This training helps you prepare for the "Exam MB-340: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant".

Microsoft Popular Certification

Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate

MS Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification course provides candidates with the knowledge and expertise to administer a SQL Server database infrastructure for hybrid relational, cloud, and on-premises databases and to those who work with the MS PaaS relational database offerings. The Microsoft Azure Database Administrator uses a range of tools and techniques to implement day-to-day operations, counting applying skills of using T-SQL for administrative management reasons. Moreover, it will be of use to individuals who develop apps that deliver content from SQL-based relational databases. Candidates are majorly database administrators and data management specialists that manage cloud relational and on-premises databases built on top of MS Azure data services and MS SQL Server.

Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

A basic understanding of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Azure services are essential for Azure AI Fundamentals certification. With this certification, you can prove your knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and how to perform them on Azure. This certification is for both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Data Science and Software Engineering skills are not required, but a fundamental knowledge of programming or experience would be beneficial.

Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate

Suppose you are a business professional, have experience in the solution domain, and are passionate about building Microsoft Power Platform solutions to automate, simplify, and transform tasks and processes for your team. In that case, this Power Platform App Maker certification is for you. For this certification, you must have the skills to perform technical business analyst key tasks, such as basic UX design, data modeling, requirements analysis, and process analysis. You are perfect for this certification if you are self-directed and solution-focused and have worked with the maker tools of Microsoft Power Platform to solve business problems. It will be a plus if you have experience with Excel PivotTables, Visual Basic for Applications, Teams, and other tools. It may be possible that you don't have formal IT training, and you are working with IT administrators and Microsoft Power Platform developers using technology to solve business problems. You are responsible for: Planning and building apps and automating workflows. Analyzing and visualizing data in the context of an app or automated workflow. Performing and managing apps and automated workflows.

Benefits of Getting Microsoft Certified In Toronto, ON


For Individuals: For Businesses:
Boost Visibility: With the Microsoft Certification from an esteemed organization, you will get a boost in your career. Every business depends on its services or infrastructure, and with the certification of your expertise, your possibilities of getting hired will increase. Boost Client's Trust: By assuring that your organization's employees have the ability, knowledge, and skills with the Microsoft Certification. Guaranteed clients that their project is in good hands, and it builds trust and respect for the business and its employees.
Show your Potential: By having a Microsoft Certification, convey that you are an asset to the company and committed to your profession. Microsoft Certification Training makes you different from the other applicants. Professional Standards: If you are in a business, you have to deploy industry infrastructure. Having Microsoft Certification ensures that they have the required knowledge, highlighting its professional standards.
Your Problem-Solving ability: An organization needs an expert who can deal with the technical problem and come up with the solution and have Microsoft Certification its proof in itself for that. Increases Productivity: According to the research performed by industry leaders shown that workers who acquire professional certification are usually more productive. So, certify your staff with Microsoft Certification and increase your organization's productivity.
Exclusive Microsoft Resources: Microsoft-certified applicants get vast materials and regular updates about the uses and understandings of infrastructure. Boost Employees Confidence: If your employees are Microsoft certified, the owner doesn't have to micro-manage their activities. You can trust them and have confidence in them, and the employees feel responsible and do their tasks to their fullest.


The Salary Structure with Microsoft Certification In Toronto, ON

The significant advantage of having Microsoft certification is earning more than a non-certified IT professional. Four examples of Microsoft certification levels are:
Microsoft Certified Technical (Associate) - MTA-certified holders make between $40,000 to $45,000 annually.
Microsoft Certified Solutions (Associate) - MCSA certified, makes between $70,000 to $75,000 annually.
Microsoft Certified Solutions (Expert) - MCSE certified make between $80,000 to $90,000 annually.
Microsoft Specialist - specialists, make roughly $80,000 to $132,000 annually.

What's includes in the Microsoft Certification Training In Toronto, ON

Microsoft Courseware

Microsoft Certification Categories

Microsoft provides many certifications, and it might be confusing sometimes for employees to choose and decide what Microsoft certification suits them the most. The Microsoft categorization allows applicants to know what knowledge to gain and its application in the IT world.

You can choose from the below six categories:

Microsoft Certification Categories


Mobility: This category is for professionals interested in emphasizing their ability with mobility management. The prerequisite for this is Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Right Management to better understand solutions.
Cloud: This category highlights your knowledge of cloud infrastructure and services on the Azure platform. Recommended technologies to learn are Microsoft Azure and Windows Server Virtualization.
Productivity: This category showcases your knowledge to deploy business productivity solutions by utilizing Microsoft cloud solutions. Recommended technologies to learn are SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange.
Data: This category defends your knowledge and competency with an exact aspect of Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions. Recommended technology is SQL Server.
App Builder: This category is for app developers and their capabilities to improve software development/deployment utilizing Microsoft solutions. Visual Studio, C#, and Framework 4.5 are some recommended technologies.
Business: This category tests the candidate's ability to use Microsoft Dynamics technology. Recommended technologies are SQL Server and Dynamics.


Training Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Know more about Toronto City

Toronto is the most rapidly growing city in North America, with around 3 million population, and in Canada, it is one of the largest cities. Toronto belongs to the GTA - Greater Toronto Area, which extends ahead of the Suburbs of inland and Lake Ontario. Toronto city is a global-leader in sectors like technology, finance, entertainment, and culture. Toronto is a multicultural city globally because half of its population is immigrants with 140 dialects. Toronto's economy depends on IT, healthcare, media, telecommunication, life sciences, tourism, publication, and entertainment. In today's world, where companies are migrating to the latest technologies, every professional needs to upgrade their skills and knowledge with Microsoft Certification Training. Enhancing your expertise with Microsoft Certification Training in Toronto. This training is the most in-demand training for both professionals and employers.
The Microsoft Training and Certification Courses in Toronto will be delivered in many formats. You can choose your favorite mode of training according to your needs. We have Virtual Instructor-Led Training, in which you can connect with your instructor online, and it's a live-online section that you can attend from anywhere. All you'll need is a laptop for Virtual Instructor-Led Training. Then we have Classroom training, and it's like regular class training, and you can connect with your instructor directly. We also provide group training for corporate teams or a group of friends. If you sign up as a group, you'll get a good deal of the discount and save a lot. If you don't have time to attend any of this, then we have an e-Learning option also, in which we gave you study materials and related resources, then you can learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Our only vision is to provide quality training and help you grow in your career. 
With evolving industries, employers prefer Microsoft-certified individuals because having a certificate validates your knowledge and skills and gives the employer confidence that you'll be proven as an asset to the company. Top companies employ Microsoft-certified professionals in Toronto such as Softchoice, Accenture, Cognizant, HAYS, Procom, EY, PwC, Tundra Technical Solutions, Astra, CGI Group, LanceSoft Inc, and many more. The salary range of certified professionals in Toronto is roughly between CAD 60,000 to CAD 99,000 annually.

Find Microsoft Certification Training Courses In Popular Cities

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Microsoft provides training courses for every software. Once you clear the role-based exam of any Microsoft courses, you'll get a certification from Microsoft.

Usually, the starting point of Microsoft Certification is MTA - Microsoft Technology Associate. MTA acts as a beginning of MCSD and MCSA but getting the MTA first is not a compulsion. MCSD and MCSA certifications are for technical professionals, and it's the perfect choice to start with because its prerequisites for many certifications.

Microsoft certification retires with time, and the newest version replaces the older one. Every individual with a prior certification must recertify in the updated exam version.

Microsoft Certification validates your knowledge and skills, and Microsoft certificates are recognized in every industry. By having Microsoft certification, there is a higher probability of getting hired.

According to the research, Microsoft says that 85% of employers seek candidates with an IT certification. An employee with Microsoft certification can earn 15% more than a non-certified worker.

The salary range for a certified professional begins with $65,820 annually for an MTA - Microsoft Technology Associate and will go up to $1,17,042 annually for an MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer.

The MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional exam can take up to 5 attempts in a year with some rules and standards. If a candidate didn't pass the exam on the first attempt, then they have to wait at least 24 hours to take the second attempt, and they again fail on the second attempt, then they have to wait for 14 days to take the third attempt and these 14 days gap is identical for the fourth and fifth attempt.

As per the reports, the average MCP pay scale is $75,000 annually.


Our hands-on training approach helps you and your teams reach business goals faster, with more confidence.
Gain in-depth understanding of our Microsoft training offerings and choose the best as per your business needs.

Microsoft Resources

Why Choose Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft holds up to 17% of the cloud market, and getting a role-based certification will open great cloud-based career opportunities.

What is Azure Gateway Load Balancer

With this SKU – Gateway Load Balancer, one can seamlessly forward traffic from a Load Balancer of your Application to the Gateway Load Balancer where the NVAs are deployed.

Ace in the AI world with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Training aims to empower individuals to use AI in applications regardless of skill level and develop on your terms using tools and languages of your choice.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

It is a platform with minimum code requirements which runs on O365, Azure, D365, and Standalone Applications. Microsoft Power Platform has the following products:

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