Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification




About the Certifications

MS Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification is for data engineers, data scientists, AI developers, and IoT specialists, who execute AI solutions on Azure. This is a role-based certification at Microtek Learning for Azure AI Engineers who use Knowledge Mining, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services, to architect and execute MS AI solutions involving computer vision, speech, natural language processing, agents, and bots. Azure AI Engineer Associates Certification is the most sought certificates in the modern era. If you are a data specialist with a great knowledge of the components that make up the Azure AI portfolio, Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification is just right for you.

Steps to become certified

Step 1: Review the skills and knowledge required to certify.

Step 2: Recommended training for certification:

Who Should Attend?

The certification is intended for Cloud Solution Architects. However, Azure AI Designers along with AI developers can also sign up for this certification course. Professionals preparing for AI-100 examination can achieve this certification.


The recommended experience for this certification includes the basic knowledge of Microsoft AI, Win 10 devices and AI services. However, when enrolling for this accelerated course you must have equivalent technical knowledge in the following course:


Microsoft offers two options for certification renewals for professionals who want to validate their skills in the respective areas. You can prove yourself by working in existing technology or by achieving recertification examination in the two years of your certification renewal. When you have passed the examination, the validity of your certification will be renewed for two years starting from the passing date.

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