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Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate Certification


Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate Certification guarantees and proves that you can build brand awareness, deliver marketing insights, attract and convert leads, and standardize omni-channel messaging. This certification is industry-aligned to meet precise job roles and market requirements. The associate-level Dynamics 365 certification at Microtek Learning certifies your skills of performing solutions deployment and testing, managing leads, creating and maintaining marketing pages or forms, managing segments, and lists, configuring marketing apps, & managing marketing emails.

[Note: A new exam PL-200 will replace MB-200 in Sept 2020. You can gain this certification by passing MB-200 or PL-200, plus MB-210, until MB-200 retires on 31st Dec 2020. After MB-200 retires, passing MB-210 and PL-200 will be necessary to earn this.]

Exams and recommended training

Pass the following two exams.

Required Exams Recommended Training
Exam MB-200  MB-200T00: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core | Duration: 5 Days | Price: $ 2875
Exam MB-220  MB-220T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing | Duration: 4 Days | Price: $ 2300

When enrolling for this certification candidates should have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Understanding of strategies, procedures and marketing fundamental principles.

Microsoft offers two options for certification renewals for professionals who want to validate their skills in the respective areas. You can prove yourself by working in existing technology or by achieving recertification examination in the two years of your certification renewal. When you have passed the examination, the validity of your certification will be renewed for two years starting from the passing date.


The target audience for this certification are Functional Consultants having authority to access functions and features of Enterprise Licensed Product. However, Dynamics 365 functional consultants having experience in Filed Service can also sign up.

The primary audience for this certification are professionals who know how to implement solutions in order to complete the whole filed service lifecycle. Professionals preparing for MB-200 an MB-220 examination can enroll in this certification.