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AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Training

What AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer training is all about?

The Microsoft Azure IoT developer training helps students gain knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain the edge portions and the cloud of an Azure IoT solution. The Microtek Learning directed training includes end-to-end coverage of core Azure IoT services including Time Series Insights, Azure Stream Analytics, IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Services, and more. The training also consists of contents on IoT Edge, monitoring and troubleshooting, device management, Azure IoT Central, and security concerns.

This training is based on the AZ-220T00-A training variant.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer training?
  • Creating, configuring, and managing an Azure IoT hub.
  • Supporting business integration requirements and configuring the connection to Time Series Insights.
  • Establishing a secure two-way communication between IoT hub and devices.
  • Provisioning devices by using DPS and IoT Hub, including provisioning at scale.
  • Implementing IoT Edge scenarios that need development and deployment of custom modules and containers.
  • Implementing IoT Edge scenarios using a wide variety of edge gateway patterns and marketplace modules.
  • Implementing message processing by using Azure Stream Analytics and IoT Hub routing.
  • Implementing solution logging, monitoring, and diagnostics testing.
  • Implementing device management using direct methods and device twins.
  • Recognizing SaaS opportunities for IoT and building an IoT Solution by using Azure IoT Central.
  • Recognizing and addressing security concerns and implementing Azure Security Center for IoT.
Who should attend AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer training?

The Microsoft Azure IoT developer training is ideal for Azure IoT developers who are responsible to implement and maintain cloud and edge portions of an Azure IoT solution. With the training, Microtek Learning is aiming to help developers to learn various tools and devices that are needed to set up the physical devices and responsible for maintaining them throughout their life cycle. Developers can gain knowledge about device connectivity, security, topology, and debugging. Having basic programming skills in an Azure supported language such as Python, Java, C#, C, or Node.js will help learners acing their training.

What is the course outline for AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer training?
  • 1. Introduction to IoT and Azure IoT Services
  • a). Business Opportunities for IoT
  • b). Introduction to IoT Solution Architecture
  • c). IoT Hardware and Cloud Services
  • d). Lab Scenarios for this Course
  • e). Lab : Getting Started with Azure
  • f). Lab : Setting Started with Azure IoT Services
  • 2. Devices and Device Communication
  • a). IoT Hub and Devices
  • b). IoT Developer Tools
  • c). Device Configuration and Communication
  • d). Lab : Setup the Development Environment
  • e). Lab : Connect IoT Device to Azure
  • 3. Device Provisioning at Scale
  • a). Device Provisioning Service Terms and Concepts
  • b). Configure and Manage the Device Provisioning Service
  • c). Device Provisioning Tasks
  • d). Lab : Individual Enrollment of Devices in DPS
  • e). Lab : Automatic Enrollment of Devices in DPS
  • 4. Message Processing and Analytics
  • a). Messages and Message Processing
  • b). Data Storage Options
  • c). Azure Stream Analytics
  • d). Lab : Device Message Routing
  • e). Lab : Filtering and Aggregating Message Data
  • 5. Insights and Business Integration
  • a). Business Integration for IoT Solutions
  • b). Data Visualization with Time Series Insights
  • c). Data Visualization with Power BI
  • d). Lab : Integrate IoT Hub with Event Grid
  • e). Lab : Explore and Analyze Time Stamped Data with Time Series Insights
  • 6. Azure IoT Edge Deployment Process
  • a). Introduction to Azure IoT Edge
  • b). Edge Deployment Process
  • c). Edge Gateway Devices
  • d). Lab : Introduction to IoT Edge
  • e). Lab : Set Up an IoT Edge Gateway
  • 7. Azure IoT Edge Modules and Containers
  • a). Develop Custom Edge Modules
  • b). Offline and Local Storage
  • c). Lab : Develop, Deploy, and Debug a Custom Module on Azure IoT Edge
  • d). Lab : Run an IoT Edge Device in Restricted Network and Offline
  • 8. Device Management
  • a). Introduction to IoT Device Management
  • b). Manage IoT and IoT Edge Devices
  • c). Device Management at Scale
  • d). Lab : Remotely Monitor and Control Devices with Azure IoT Hub
  • e). Lab : Automatic Device Management
  • 9. Solution Testing, Diagnostics, and Logging
  • a). Monitoring and Logging
  • b). Troubleshooting
  • c). Lab : Configure Metrics and Logs in Azure IoT Hub
  • d). Lab : Monitor and Debug Connection Failures
  • 10. Azure Security Center and IoT Security Considerations
  • a). Security Fundamentals for IoT Solutions
  • b). Introduction to Azure Security Center for IoT
  • c). Enhance Protection with Azure Security Center for IoT Agents
  • d). Lab : Implementing Azure Security Center for IoT
  • 11. Build an IoT Solution with IoT Central
  • a). Introduction to IoT Central
  • b). Create and Manage Device Templates
  • c). Manage Devices in Azure IoT Central
  • d). Lab : Get Started with Azure IoT Central
  • e). Lab : Implementing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT Central
Price: 2300
4 Days | $ 1610