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MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams  Training

What MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams  training is all about?

This instructor-led training offered by Microtek Learning is designed for individuals who aspire to work in an Admin role for the Microsoft 365 Teams. Microsoft Teams admins are responsible for configuring, deploying, and managing Office 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams that aims at effective and efficient communication and collaboration in an enterprise environment. This training covers six key components - managing communication and collaboration in Microsoft Teams, implementing compliance, security, and governance for Microsoft Teams, preparing for deployments, and deploying teams. You will get an overview of Office 365 workloads and Microsoft Teams architecture along with compliance and security in Microsoft Teams. Students will also learn how to manage, plan, and configure governance for Office 365 including naming and expiration policies. After this, you will learn how to implement security by configuring the MFA, Threat Management, or conditional access for Microsoft Teams. Finally, you will implement supervision policies or eDiscovery cases, and compliance using DLP policies. You will also evaluate upgrade paths with modes and coexistence, configure coexistence, manage meeting migrations, and upgrade settings. Then you will learn how to plan and configure network settings, and finally, deploy and manage endpoints of Microsoft Teams.

This course is based on the objectives of the course variant MB-700T00-A.

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Date: Sep 14, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
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Date: Oct 05, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
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Date: Nov 09, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
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Date: Dec 07, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
What are the course objectives for MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams training?
  • Learning the basics of Microsoft Teams
  • Implementing Compliance, Security, and Governance for Microsoft Teams
  • Preparing an organization’s environment for the deployment of Microsoft Teams
  • Deploying and managing teams
  • Managing collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • Exploring methods for managing and troubleshooting communication in Microsoft Teams
Who should attend MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams training?

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn about Microsoft Teams or are preparing for the Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate certification exam.

What is the course outline for MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams training?
  • 1. Microsoft Teams Overview
  • a). Overview of Microsoft Teams
  • b). Overview of security and compliance in Microsoft Teams
  • c). Overview of managing Microsoft Teams
  • d). Lab : Manage roles and create teams
  • 2. Implement Microsoft Teams Governance, Security and Compliance
  • a). Implement Governance and Lifecycle Management for Microsoft Teams
  • b). Implementing Security for Microsoft Teams
  • c). Implementing Compliance for Microsoft Teams
  • d). Lab : Configure Security and Compliance for teams and content
  • 3. Prepare the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
  • a). Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • b). Plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams
  • c). Deploy and Manage Microsoft Teams endpoints
  • d). Lab : Environment preparation for Teams
  • 4. Deploy and manage teams
  • a). Create and manage teams
  • b). Manage membership
  • c). Manage access for external users
  • d). Lab : Manage teams
  • 5. Manage collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • a). Manage chat and collaboration experiences
  • b). Manage settings for Teams apps
  • c). Lab : Modify collaboration settings for Teams
  • 6. Manage communication in Microsoft Teams
  • a). Manage Live event and meetings experiences
  • b). Manage phone numbers
  • c). Manage Phone System for Microsoft Teams
  • d). Troubleshot audio, video, and client issues
  • e). Lab : Modify communication settings for Teams