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MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals Training

What MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals training is all about?

MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals Training is designed to help professionals develop a foundational understanding of the consideration and advantages of adopting cloud services. It familiarizes with cloud fundamentals, which includes an explanation of cloud computing. This technical course introduces MS Azure, and individuals will also get to know about the differences between Office 365 and MS 365. We have also developed an enterprise training program for corporate organizations. It helps in understanding cloud device protection and management, which includes the use of Intune. Professionals will learn to demonstrate compliance in general and MS 365 licenses, subscriptions, support, and billing. This training program is perfect for IT Professionals who are interested in learning about cloud fundamentals and individuals preparing for the MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals exam.

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  • Delivery Format:
Date: Oct 02, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$575 USD
  • Delivery Format:
Date: Nov 02, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$575 USD
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Date: Dec 07, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$575 USD
What are the course objectives for MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals training?
  • Identifying the key differences between Office 365 and Microsoft 365.
  • Differentiating between the various cloud service models.
  • Identifying key differences between Microsoft 365 cloud services and Microsoft on-premises services.
  • Planning for migration to Microsoft 365 services.
  • Identifying how Microsoft 365 services support teamwork.
  • Defining enterprise mobility in Microsoft 365.
  • Describing cloud device protection and management, including the use of Intune.
  • Describing identities, including hybrid identity, on-premise, and cloud.
  • Describing Microsoft 365 support, billing, license, and subscriptions.
  • Describing data protection, including using Azure Information Protection.
  • Describing compliance in general and various features in Microsoft 365.
Who should attend MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals training?

This training is aimed at IT Professionals aspiring to gain knowledge about deploying and managing cloud services in their organization or individuals who simply want to acquire foundational knowledge on cloud fundamentals.

What is the course outline for MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 (M365) Fundamentals training?
  • 1. Cloud Concepts
  • a). Principles of cloud computing
  • b). Microsoft cloud services
  • c). Migrating to cloud services
  • d). Lab : Cloud Fundamentals
  • 2. Core Microsoft 365 Services
  • a). Microsoft 365 core services
  • b). Microsoft on-premise services and cloud services in Microsoft 365
  • c). Unified endpoint management in Microsoft 365
  • d). Teamwork in Microsoft 365
  • e). Lab : Enabling and configuring a Microsoft 365 tenant
  • 3. Security, Compliance, Privacy and Trust in Microsoft 365
  • a). Organizational Security Fundamentals
  • b). Security features in Microsoft 365
  • c). Identity and Access Management
  • d). Device and data protection in Microsoft 365
  • e). Compliance in Microsoft 365
  • f). Lab : Security in Microsoft 365
  • 4. Microsoft 365 pricing and support
  • a). Microsoft 365 Subscriptions, licenses, and billing
  • b). Support in Microsoft 365
  • c). Lab : Managing subscriptions, licensing and support in M365