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Microsoft® Office Access® 2019: Part 2  Training

What Microsoft® Office Access® 2019: Part 2  training is all about?

Microsoft Office Access: Part 2 Training expands your acquaintance with relational database design, accelerates quality input by users, enhances database efficiency, and data integrity. Further, it also implements advanced features such as queries, tables, forms, and reports as a part of our module. With the pro advancement in technicalities of Access 2019, students can end up providing robust and functional database reports to the end-users.

For a successful hike in salary and ensured promotions, complete all three Microsoft Office Access training courses. Our courses get more effective with a private on-site training session at the end of which, video tutorials are also provided. With certified instructors' guidance, our course objectives aim to use advanced format and control for improvisation to form presentation and calculate fields to modify better reports.

This technical training course primarily aims to educate students who want to gain intermediate-level skills or corporate professionals whose functional role involves constructing relational databases and tables development, forms, queries, and report presentation. Microsoft Office Access 2019 training serves all these details with its modules.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for Microsoft® Office Access® 2019: Part 2 training?
  • Utilize calculated files to improve reports in advance formatting.
  • Utilize controls and advance formatting fields for improving reports.
  • Utilize controls and advance formatting for improving presentation.
  • Summarize data and create advanced queries for joining.
  • Improving the usability of Access tables
  • Organizing a database for effectiveness and presentation, and to retain data integrity.
Who should attend Microsoft® Office Access® 2019: Part 2 training?

This training recommended for the students who want to achieve intermediate skills in databases, tables, forms, reports and queries in Microsoft Office Access 2019.

What is the course outline for Microsoft® Office Access® 2019: Part 2 training?
  • 1. Promoting Quality Data Input
  • a). Restrict Data Input Through Field Validation
  • b). Restrict Data Input Through Forms and Record Validation
  • 2. Improving Efficiency and Data Integrity
  • a). Data Normalization
  • b). Associate Unrelated Tables
  • c). Enforce Referential Integrity
  • 3. Improving Table Usability
  • a). Create Lookups Within a Table
  • b). Work with Subdatasheets
  • 4. Creating Advanced Queries
  • a). Create Query Joins
  • b). Create Subqueries
  • c). Summarize Data
  • 5. Improving Form Presentation
  • a). Apply Conditional Formatting
  • b). Create Tab Pages with Subforms and Other Controls
  • 6. Creating Advanced Reports
  • a). Apply Advanced Formatting to a Report
  • b). Add a Calculated Field to a Report
  • c). Control Pagination and Print Quality
  • d). Add a Chart to a Report
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