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Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1 Training

What Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1 training is all about?

The course is intended to offer learners with foundational knowledge for Excel that can be utilized to become an expert in data recording. The course covers the Office Specialist Program to help students effectively prepare for the certification exam.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1 training?
  • Getting started with Office Excel 2019.
  • Performing calculations.
  • Modifying a worksheet.
  • Formatting a worksheet.
  • Printing workbooks.
  • Managing workbooks.
Who should attend Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1 training?

The course is for students wishing to gain foundational knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel necessary for creating and working with electronic spreadsheets.

What is the course outline for Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1 training?
  • 1. Getting Started with Excel 2019
  • a). Navigate the Excel User Interface
  • b). Use Excel Commands
  • c). Create and Save a Basic Workbook
  • d). Enter Cell Data
  • e). Use Excel Help
  • 2. Performing Calculations
  • a). Create Worksheet Formulas
  • b). Insert Functions
  • c). Reuse Formulas and Functions
  • 3. Modifying a Worksheet
  • a). Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • b). Search for and Replace Data
  • c). Use Proofing and Research Tools
  • 4. Formatting a Worksheet
  • a). Apply Text Formats
  • b). Apply Number Formats
  • c). Align Cell Contents
  • d). Apply Styles and Themes
  • e). Apply Basic Conditional Formatting
  • f). Create and Use Templates
  • 5. Printing Workbooks
  • a). Preview and Print a Workbook
  • b). Set Up the Page Layout
  • c). Configure Headers and Footers
  • 6. Managing Workbooks
  • a). Manage Worksheets
  • b). Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views
  • c). Manage Workbook Properties
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