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Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2019: Part 2 Training

What Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2019: Part 2 training is all about?

The course teaches you new commands and how to customize them, configure or set up new email accounts, perform searches, using filters categorize emails, automating email management such as auto-responding. Microtek Learning will teach you to use advanced features and a range of options in Outlook and how you could benefit from it.


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What are the course objectives for Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2019: Part 2 training?
  • Inserting objects in the mail and modifying properties and other options.
  • Organizing, searching, and managing messages.
  • Protecting mailboxes and managing storage.
  • Using Quick Steps and rules to automate emails.
  • Working with calendar settings.
  • Importing and forwarding contacts.
  • Assigning tasks to manage activities.
  • Delegating access and sharing Outlook objects with others.
  • Archiving and backing up Outlook objects through data files.
Who should attend Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2019: Part 2 training?

The course is for users with basic knowledge of Outlook and is looking to learn how to use advanced features so they can manage email communications, scheduled events, address book or contacts, and other Outlook tasks.

What is the course outline for Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2019: Part 2 training?
  • 1. Modifying Message Properties and Customizing Outlook
  • Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
  • Modify Message Properties
  • Add Email Accounts to Outlook
  • Customize Outlook Options
  • 2. Organizing, Searching, and Managing Messages
  • Group and Sort Messages
  • Filter and Manage Messages
  • Search Outlook Items
  • 3. Managing Your Mailbox
  • Manage Junk Email Options
  • Manage Your Mailbox Size
  • 4. Automating Message Management
  • Use Automatic Replies
  • Use Rules to Organize Messages
  • Create and Use Quick Steps
  • 5. Working with Calendar Settings
  • Set Advanced Calendar Options
  • Create and Manage Additional Calendars
  • Manage Meeting Responses
  • 6. Managing Contacts
  • Import and Export Contacts
  • Use Electronic Business Cards
  • Forward Contacts
  • 7. Managing Activities by Using Tasks
  • Assign and Manage Tasks
  • 8. Sharing Outlook Items
  • Delegate Access to Outlook Folders
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Share Your Contacts
  • 9. Managing Outlook Data Files
  • Use Archiving to Manage Mailbox Size
  • Work with Outlook Data Files
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