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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 Training

What Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 training is all about?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 training takes the Microsoft suite professional through all modules of Microsoft PowerPoint, equipping you with skills like creating presentations with PowerPoint, formatting and organizing PowerPoint slides, adding multimedia and SmartArt to presentations, working with graphics, tables, and charts.

This technical training is designed to educate the professionals and provide them with all the relevant knowledge, techniques, tools, concepts required to undertake various tasks that revolve around information handling and presentation, e.g., such as content organization and navigation in the PowerPoint environment. It provides comprehensive knowledge of all the essential aspects required to become a top-notch Microsoft Office PowerPoint specialist.

After the program, the trained professional will present appealing and easy to understand information using the tools very effectively.


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What are the course objectives for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 training?
  • Distributing and creating secure presentations.
  • Customize navigation for presentation.
  • Customizing designing templates.
  • Utilize ink to hand draw elements.
  • Adding tables & charts.
  • Finalizing a presentation
  • Construct advanced animations and transitions.
  • Working with the media.
Who should attend Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 training?

This training is recommended especially for students having deep foundational knowledge of Microsoft Power Point 2019. Although, our training programs covers distribution functionality, security, collaboration and higher-level usability in PowerPoint 2019.

What is the course outline for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019: Part 2 training?
  • 1. Customizing Design Templates
  • Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • 2. Using Ink to Hand Draw Elements
  • Draw Objects
  • Write Math Equations
  • 3. Adding Tables
  • Create a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications
  • 4. Adding Charts
  • Create a Chart
  • Format a Chart
  • Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel
  • 5. Working with Media
  • Add Audio to a Presentation
  • Add Video to a Presentation
  • Add a Screen Recording
  • 6. Building Advanced Transitions and Animations
  • Use the Morph Transition
  • Customize Animations
  • 7. Finalizing a Presentation
  • Collaborate on a Presentation
  • Annotate a Presentation
  • Record a Presentation
  • Set Up a Slide Show
  • 8. Customizing Presentation Navigation
  • Divide a Presentation into Sections
  • Add Links
  • Create a Custom Slide Show
  • 9. Securing and Distributing a Presentation
  • Secure a Presentation
  • Create a Video or a CD
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