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55288: Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started Training

What 55288: Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started training is all about?

Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting started Training ensures that scholars get comfortable with the Microsoft Project 2019 and Project 365 user interface, including the ribbon and project views. An in-depth training plan also allows you to learn, organize, and even line tasks for preparing projects independently. With the course's structural learning program, you can develop a basic skill set for project preparation. Course training intends to enhance the technical capabilities of new Microsoft Project users.

Coming to the learning you can derive from this course; all essentials of a project are efficiently covered, including creation and management of simple projects, entering and managing tasks, working with the project calendar and information on adding and managing the project resources, and working with the resource sheet to generate basic reports for the project. Everything is available in this compact course. The overall format of the course closely relates to the course objectives from 55288A.


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What are the course objectives for 55288: Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started training?
  • Managing and adding project resources which functions with resource sheet.
  • Managing and entering tasks.
  • Managing and creating simple projects.
  • Working with project calendar.
  • Managing and adding project resources to work out with resource sheet accordingly.
Who should attend 55288: Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started training?

The target audience for this course are entire individuals who have deep interest to grab advanced fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2019. However, new users who keen to gain knowledge about Project 2019 can enroll in this training.

What is the course outline for 55288: Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started training?
  • 1. Components of a Project
  • a). Components of a Project
  • b). Demo and Exercise Projects Used in This Course
  • c). Lab: Click here to enter text.
  • i). Migrating Settings by using Windows Easy Transfer
  • ii). Configuring a Reference Image of Windows 7
  • iii). Configuring a Reference Image
  • 2. Getting Around in Microsoft Project
  • a). Starting Project
  • b). The Ribbon
  • c). The Backstage View
  • d). Tour of the Quick Access Toolbar
  • e). Basic Formatting
  • f). Lab: Exercises
  • 3. Calendars
  • a). Project Start Date
  • b). Creating the Project Calendar
  • c). Connecting a Calendar to a Project
  • d). Formatting the Timeline to Match a Custom Calendar
  • e). Lab: Exercises
  • 4. Working with Tasks
  • a). Creating a Task
  • b). Entering Durations
  • c). Scheduling Tasks
  • d). Milestone Tasks
  • e). Linking Tasks
  • f). Adding Notes to Tasks
  • g). Add a Calendar to a Task
  • h). Lab 1: Exercises
  • 5. Creating and Working with Resources
  • a). The Resource Sheet
  • b). Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • c). Lab: Exercises
  • 6. Managing a Project
  • a). Viewing a Project
  • b). Reviewing and Making Adjustments to a Project
  • c). Setting a Baseline
  • d). Viewing the Baseline
  • e). Recording Progress
  • f). Reporting on Projects
  • g). Sending Data to Excel
  • h). Lab: Exercises
  • 7. only six modules; this was added by mistake and Word wouldn’t let me delete it.
  • a). Preparing to Install Windows 7
  • b). Performing a Clean Installation of Windows 7
  • c). Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 7
  • d). Lab: Installing and Configuring Windows 7