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MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator Training

What MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator training is all about?

MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator Training is aimed at professionals to teach them the skills that are required to set up an Office 365 tenant, which includes skills needed to sustain an Office 365 tenant and its users and federation with current user identities. This technical course teaches planning and configuration of directory sync between on-premises and MS Azure AD. Students will also learn about planning and implementing the Office 365 ProPlus deployment. This training program is ideal for IT professionals who plan, manage, and configure an Office 365 environment and individuals who have a conceptual understanding of on-premises technologies and want to enhance their skills and build credibility in the market. By the end of the course, professionals will know the various ways to plan and handle MS Exchange permissions and online recipients and inspect and troubleshoot Office 365 issues.

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Date: Oct 05, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2925 USD
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Date: Oct 12, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2925 USD
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Date: Oct 19, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2925 USD
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Date: Oct 26, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2925 USD
What are the course objectives for MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator training?
  • Planning to deploy, and configure Office 365 and tenant, and planning pilot deployment.
  • Managing Office 365 users, licenses, and groups, and configuring delegated administration.
  • Planning and configuring client connectivity with Office 365.
  • Planning and configuring synchronization of directories between on-premises AD DS and Azure AD.
  • Planning and implementing to deploy Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Planning and managing Exchange Online permissions and recipients.
  • Planning and configuring Exchange Online services.
  • Planning and configuring Microsoft Teams
  • Planning and configuring Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  • Planning and configuring Office 365 collaboration solutions.
  • Planning and configuring the integration between Azure Information Protection and Office 365.
  • Monitoring and reviewing Office 365 services and troubleshooting Office 365 issues.
  • Planning and implementing identity federation between Azure AD and on-premises AD DS.
Who should attend MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator training?

The course created is for IT pros responsible for configuring, planning, and managing the Office 365 environment. People wanting to take this course should have a good understanding of on-premises technologies like DNS and AD DS. Additionally, they must have a basic understanding of Exchange Server, Lync Server or Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint Server.

What is the course outline for MS-030T00: Office 365 Administrator training?
  • 1. Planning and provisioning Office 365
  • a). Overview of Office 365
  • b). Provisioning an Office 365 tenant
  • c). Planning a pilot deployment
  • d). Lab : Provisioning Office 365
  • 2. Managing Office 365 users and groups
  • a). Managing user accounts and licenses
  • b). Managing passwords and authentication
  • c). Managing security groups in Office 365
  • d). Managing Office 365 users and groups with Windows PowerShell
  • e). Configuring administrative access
  • f). Lab : Managing Office 365 users and passwords
  • g). Lab : Managing Office 365 groups and administration
  • 3. Configuring client connectivity to Microsoft Office 365
  • a). Planning for Office 365 clients
  • b). Planning connectivity for Office 365 clients
  • c). Configuring connectivity for Office 365 clients
  • d). Lab : Configuring client connectivity to Office 365
  • 4. Planning and configuring directory synchronization
  • a). Planning and preparing for directory synchronization
  • b). Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
  • c). Managing Office 365 identities with directory synchronization
  • d). Lab : Configuring directory synchronization
  • 5. Planning and deploying Office 365 ProPlus
  • a). Overview of Office 365 ProPlus
  • b). Planning and managing user-driven Office 365 ProPlus deployments
  • c). Planning and managing centralized deployments of Office 365 ProPlus
  • d). Office Telemetry and reporting
  • e). Lab : Managing Office 365 ProPlus installations
  • 6. Planning and managing Exchange Online recipients and permissions
  • a). Overview of Exchange Online
  • b). Managing Exchange Online recipients
  • c). Planning and configuring Exchange Online permissions
  • d). Lab : Managing Exchange Online recipients and permissions
  • 7. Planning and configuring Exchange Online services
  • a). Planning and configuring email flow in Office 365
  • b). Planning and configuring email protection in Office 365
  • c). Planning and configuring client access policies
  • d). Migrating to Exchange Online
  • e). Lab : Configuring message transport in Exchange Online
  • f). Lab : Configuring email protection and client policies
  • 8. Planning and deploying Microsoft Teams
  • a). Teams Explained
  • b). Deploying Teams
  • c). Authentication and Access
  • d). Transitioning Skype For Buisness to Microsoft Teams
  • e). Management and Reporting
  • f). Lab : Teams Overview
  • 9. Planning and configuring SharePoint Online
  • a). Configuring SharePoint Online services
  • b). Planning and configuring SharePoint Online site collections
  • c). Planning and configuring external user sharing
  • d). Lab : Configuring SharePoint Online
  • 10. Planning and configuring an Office 365 collaboration solution
  • a). Planning and managing Yammer Enterprise
  • b). Planning and configuring OneDrive for Business
  • c). Configuring Office 365 groups
  • d). Lab : Planning and configuring an Office 365 collaboration solution
  • 11. Planning and configuring security and compliance in Office 365
  • a). Overview of the compliance features in Office 365
  • b). Planning and configuring Azure Information Protection in Office 365
  • c). Managing the compliance features in Office 365
  • d). Lab : Configuring Rights Management and compliance
  • 12. Monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft Office 365
  • a). Troubleshooting Office 365
  • b). Monitoring Office 365 service health
  • c). Lab : Monitoring and troubleshooting Office 365