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55207: PowerShell for SQL Administration Training

What 55207: PowerShell for SQL Administration training is all about?

The course provided by Microtek Learning is meant for SQL admins basic PowerShell knowledge. The course focuses on commonly used SQL administrative tasks and provides core understanding required for admins to utilize the ever-growing PowerShell SQL interoperations.

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What are the course objectives for 55207: PowerShell for SQL Administration training?
  • Examining and installing modules.
  • Examining and understanding of SQL Server Cmdlets.
  • Understanding SQL SMO.
  • Understanding recent updates.
  • Retrieving instance information on SQL Server.
  • Understanding and creating logins.
  • Understanding addition of files and filegroups.
  • Understanding the process of detaching and attaching databases.
  • Understanding the process of backup and restore databases.
  • Understanding the process to reorganize/rebuild indexes.
  • Exploring available cmdlets.
  • Understanding scheduling options.
  • Understanding performance metrics tracking options.
  • Understanding and utilizing SSAS.
  • Understanding and utilizing SSIS.
  • Understanding and utilizing SSRS.
  • Understanding PowerShell’s evolution.
  • Understanding and utilizing PowerShell environment.
  • Understanding and utilizing the important Help System.
  • Understanding and utilizing PowerShell.
  • Understanding and utilizing the file system to work.
  • Understanding and utilizing parameters.
  • Understanding and utilizing user-defined variables.
  • Understanding and utilizing arrays.
  • Understanding and utilizing hash tables.
  • Understanding and executing cmdlets.
  • Understanding and utilizing the pipeline.
  • Understanding output control with formatting.
  • Understanding background jobs.
  • Understanding aliases.
  • Understanding and utilizing loops.
  • Understanding and utilizing While loops.
  • Understanding and utilizing Do While loops.
  • Understanding and utilizing Do Until loops.
  • Understanding and utilizing For loops.
  • Understanding and utilizing For Each loop.
  • Understanding altering loop execution.
  • Understanding and utilizing scripting.
  • Understanding functions and filters.
  • Understanding script design basics.
  • Understanding scripting pitfalls.
Who should attend 55207: PowerShell for SQL Administration training?

This course is intended for SQL Administrators and SQL Developers.

What is the course outline for 55207: PowerShell for SQL Administration training?
  • 1. Course Overview
  • a). Introduction
  • b). Course Materials
  • c). Facilities
  • d). Prerequisites
  • e). What We'll Be Discussing
  • f). Lab: Course Overview
  • 2. PowerShell and SQL
  • a). Examining Modules and Installing the SQLPS Module
  • b). Examining SQL Server Cmdlets
  • c). Discussing SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)
  • d). Recent Updates – July 2016
  • e). Lab: PowerShell and SQL
  • 3. SQL Administration with PowerShell
  • a). Examining SQL Information Retrieval
  • b). Exploring Logins
  • c). Adding Files and Filegroups
  • d). Detach and Attach Databases
  • e). Understanding Backup and Restore
  • f). Examining Indexes
  • g). Lab: SQL Administration with PowerShell
  • 4. Monitoring and Automation
  • a). Exploring Cmdlets
  • b). Discussing Scheduling
  • c). Understanding Performance Metrics
  • d). Lab: Monitoring and Automation
  • 5. SSAS, SSIS, AND SSRS Optional Module
  • a). Examining SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • b). Exploring SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • c). Utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • d). Lab: SSAS, SSIS, AND SSRS
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