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55252: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 Training

What 55252: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 training is all about?

The one-day Microtek Learning class is for users already working and familiar with SharePoint 2016. This course is a brief version of SharePoint End User’s complete courses and is for users new or a little familiar with SharePoint but are not responsible for SharePoint site management.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for 55252: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 training?
  • Navigating Team Site of SharePoint 2016.
  • Creating and customizing SharePoint lists.
  • Creating and managing SharePoint Library and document versions.
  • Creating list and library views in SharePoint.
  • Integrating Excel application and Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint 2016.
Who should attend 55252: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 training?

The course is designed for users who are completely new to the SharePoint environment.

What is the course outline for 55252: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 training?
  • 1. SharePoint 2016 Introduction
  • a). SharePoint Versions
  • b). Team Site Layout and Navigation
  • c). Layout
  • d). Navigation
  • e). Lab: Team Site Navigation
  • 2. SharePoint List Basics
  • a). Creating Apps Using List Templates
  • b). Creating Lists
  • c). Creating Lists Using List Templates
  • d). List Columns
  • e). Creating List Columns
  • f). Column Validation
  • g). Validating a List Column
  • h). Lab: Working with Team Site Lists
  • i). Lab: Create Custom Lists and Columns
  • 3. Library Basics
  • a). Library Templates
  • b). Creating Libraries
  • c). Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
  • d). Creating an Asset Library
  • e). Managing Documents and Versioning
  • f). Checking Out Documents
  • g). Deleting and Restoring Documents
  • h). Versioning
  • i). Lab: Working with Team Site Libraries
  • j). Lab: Creating Libraries
  • k). Lab: Document Versioning
  • 4. Working with Lists and Library Views
  • a). Default Views
  • b). Explore Default Views
  • c). Custom Views
  • d). How to Create a Custom View
  • e). Lab: Working with Views
  • f). Lab: Creating Public and Personal Views
  • 5. Office Integration
  • a). Excel Integration
  • b). Outlook Integration
  • c). Lab: None
  • 6. Working with Sites
  • a). Site Templates
  • b). Creating Sites
  • c). Creating a Team Site
  • d). Site Navigation
  • e). Managing Site Navigation
  • f). Lab: Creating Team Sites
  • g). Lab: Creating a Meeting Workspace
  • h). Lab: Creating a Blog Site