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10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations Training

What 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations training is all about?

The three-day course is designed for Professionals managing Business Intelligence. The Microtek Learning course focuses on various alternatives that offer business users the ability to analyze and share their data findings, starting off with Business Intelligence data sources, and stretching it to both personal and public sources.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations training?
  • Describing Self-Service BI solution’s key features.
  • Describing the major capabilities of SQL Server Business Intelligence in SharePoint.
  • Describing Analysis Services and operational tasks
  • Describing PowerPivot
  • Describing Power Query
  • Describing Azure HDInsight
Who should attend 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations training?

BI Professionals are the ideal candidates for this course. However, other proficient technical business users can also take this course to learn more about Business Intelligence Operations.

What is the course outline for 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations training?
  • 1. Introduction to Operational Management in BI Solutions
  • a). Rationale for BI Operations
  • b). Roles in BI Operations
  • c). Technologies Used in BI Operations
  • d). Environment and Operational Standards
  • e). Lab : Introduction to Operational Management in BI Solutions
  • 2. Configuring BI Components
  • a). The Importance of Standardized Builds
  • b). Configuration Considerations for BI Technologies
  • c). BI Architectures
  • d). SharePoint BI Environments
  • e). Lab : Configuring BI Components
  • 3. Managing Business Intelligence Security
  • a). Security Approach to BI Solutions
  • b). Security Components
  • c). Security Approach for BI Components
  • d). The Security Approach in Different BI Environments
  • e). Lab : Managing Business Intelligence Security
  • 4. Deploying BI Solutions
  • a). Application Life Cycle Management for BI Solution
  • b). Stand-Alone Deployments
  • c). Team-Based Deployments
  • d). Lab : Deploying BI Solutions
  • 5. Logging and Monitoring in BI Operations
  • a). The Need for Logging and Monitoring
  • b). Logging Options
  • c). Monitoring Options
  • d). Setting Up Alerts
  • e). Lab : Monitoring BI Solutions
  • 6. Troubleshooting BI Solutions
  • a). Troubleshoot Failed BI Solutions
  • b). Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse
  • c). Troubleshooting SQL Server Analysis Services
  • d). Troubleshooting SQL Server Reporting Services
  • e). Lab : Troubleshooting BI Solutions
  • 7. Performance Tuning BI Queries
  • a). The Need for Performance Tuning
  • b). BI Queries to Performance Tune
  • c). Tools for Performance Tuning
  • d). Remediating Performance Issues
  • e). Lab : Performance Tuning a BI Solution
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