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20765: Provisioning SQL Databases Training

What 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases training is all about?

20765: Provisioning SQL Databases Training is developed to help professionals learn the ways to provision SQL Server Databases in SQL Azure and on-premise. Our Enterprise training program allows a team up-gradation with a skill set that leads to the firm's overall development. It teaches individuals to upgrade and configure SQL Server and helps one manage shared files and databases. This technical course provides comprehensive knowledge that helps manage and migrate databases in the cloud. It guides professionals in implementing a stretch database and launching a SQL Server on an Azure Digital Machine. 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases Training is suitable for professionals who administer SQL Server Databases or operate in an environment where databases have a major role. It is also ideal for individuals who build apps that transfer content from SQL Server Databases. After completing this course, trainees will be able to plan and launch and on Azure SQL Databases and perform database maintenance more effectively.

  • Delivery Format:
Date: Oct 26, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
  • Delivery Format:
Date: Nov 16, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
  • Delivery Format:
Date: Dec 14, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
$2875 USD
What are the course objectives for 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases training?
  • Provisioning a Database Server
  • Upgrading SQL Server
  • Configuring SQL Server
  • Managing Databases and Shared Files
  • Provisioning, migrating, and managing cloud databases
Who should attend 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases training?

The users administering and maintaining SQL Server databases are the primary audience for this course. The users have administration and maintenance as their focus area and work around databases as their primary area of responsibility. The other audience suitable for the course are the users developing apps and feeding data via SQL server databases.

What are the prerequisites for 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases training?

This course requires you meet the accompanying essentials:

  • Essential learning of the Microsoft Windows working framework and its center usefulness.
  • Working information of Transact-SQL.
  • Working information of social databases.
  • Some involvement with database plan.
What is the course outline for 20765: Provisioning SQL Databases training?
  • 1. SQL Server Components
  • a). Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  • b). Overview of SQL Server Architecture
  • c). SQL Server Services and Configuration Options
  • 2. Installing SQL Server
  • a). Considerations for SQL Installing Server
  • b). TempDB Files
  • c). Installing SQL Server
  • d). Automating Installation
  • e). Lab : Installing SQL Server
  • 3. Upgrading SQL Server to SQL Server 2017
  • a). Upgrade Requirements
  • b). Upgrade SQL Server Services
  • c). Side by Side Upgrade: Migrating SQL Server Data and Applications
  • d). Lab : Upgrading SQL Server
  • 4. Working with Databases
  • a). Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
  • b). Managing Storage for System Databases
  • c). Managing Storage for User Databases
  • d). Moving and Copying Database Files
  • e). Buffer Pool Extension
  • f). Lab : Managing Database Storage
  • 5. Performing Database Maintenance
  • a). Ensuring Database Integrity
  • b). Maintaining Indexes
  • c). Automating Routine Database Maintenance
  • d). Lab : Performing Database Maintenance
  • 6. Database Storage Options
  • a). SQL Server storage Performance
  • b). SMB Fileshare
  • c). SQL Server Storage in Microsoft Azure
  • d). Stretch Databases
  • e). Lab : Implementing Stretch Database
  • 7. Planning to Deploy SQL Server on Microsoft Azure
  • a). SQL Server Virtual Machines in Azure
  • b). Azure Storage
  • c). Azure SQL Authentication
  • d). Deploying an Azure SQL Database
  • e). Lab : Plan and Deploy an Azure SQL Database
  • 8. Migrating Databases to Azure SQL Database
  • a). Database Migration Testing Tools
  • b). Database Migration Compatibility Issues
  • c). Migrating a SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database
  • d). Lab : Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure
  • 9. Deploying SQL Server on a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine
  • a). Deploying SQL Server on an Azure VM
  • b). The Deploy Database to a Microsoft Azure VM Wizard
  • c). Lab : Deploying SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
  • 10. Managing databases in the Cloud
  • a). Managing Azure SQL Database Security
  • b). Configure Azure storage
  • c). Azure Automation
  • d). Lab : Managing Databases in the Cloud
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