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55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2016 Training

What 55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2016 training is all about?

The two-day course allows students to continue learning the foundations of writing reports using SSRS and Report Designer of SQL Server. The focus is given on connecting to a database to create reports and manipulate presentation data such as parameter report creation, list reports creation, the addition of complex expression in reports, adding drill through and drill down functions, adding sub reports and images, and adding data bars, sparklines and indicators within the reports.


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What are the course objectives for 55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2016 training?
  • Creating parameter reports.
  • Creating list reports.
  • Use complex expressions to format reports.
  • Adding images and sub reports.
  • Adding drill through and drill down functions.
  • Adding data bars, sparklines, and indicators.
Who should attend 55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2016 training?

The key audience for the course is individuals new to the reporting environment using SSRS or Report Designer of SQL Server, users shifting from other reporting software and people who are currently Report builders and are report authors of SSRS. The other audience group who can take this course are the existing Report Builders (SSRS). The participants of the course could be Business Analysts, data analysts, programmer analysts, database admins and IT workers with possible but not mandatory hands-one experience with SSRS or Report Builder, Visual Basics and T-SQL.

What is the course outline for 55170: Writing Reports with Report Designer and SSRS 2016 training?
  • 1. Parameter Reports
  • a). Parameterized Reporting
  • b). Create Report Parameters
  • c). Modify Report Parameters
  • d). Provide Default Parameter Values
  • e). Provide Available Values for Parameters
  • f). Lab: Creating Parameterized Reports
  • 2. List Data Regions
  • a). Introducing the List Data Region
  • b). Create Reports Using List Data Regions
  • c). Modify Reports Which Use List Data Regions
  • d). Lab: Creating List Reports
  • 3. Enhancing Reports with Complex Expressions
  • a). Formatting Reports
  • b). Top N Reports
  • c). Running Values
  • d). Lab: Enhancing Reports with Complex Expressions
  • 4. Enhance Reports with Images and Subreports
  • a). Add Images to Reports
  • b). Retrieve Images from a Database
  • c). Introducing SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Report Server
  • d). Add Subreports to Reports
  • e). Lab: Working With Images and Subreports
  • 5. Drilldown and Drillthrough Reports
  • a). Add and Configure Drilldown Reporting
  • b). Add and Configure Drillthrough Reporting
  • c). Lab: Add Drilldown and Drillthrough Functionality to Reports
  • 6. Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators
  • a). Sparklines
  • b). Data Bars
  • c). Indicators
  • d). Lab: Adding Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators to Reports