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OD10987: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases MOD Training

What OD10987: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases MOD training is all about?

The course is for professionals who maintain a SQL server. Through this course, Microtek Learning helps students gain the requisite skills and knowledge to tune and optimize the database for enhanced performance.


Contact us to customize this class with your preferred dates, times and location. You can call us on 1-800-961-0337 or Chat with our representative.

What are the course objectives for OD10987: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases MOD training?
  • Describing SQL Server’s high-level architectural synopsis.
  • Describing the execution model, queues and waits of the SQL Server.
  • Describe Storage Area Networks, core I/O concepts and performance testing.
  • Describe data file related best practices and architectural concepts for TempDB and user databases.
  • Describing Concurrency, Isolation levels and locking, and Transactions related architectural concepts and Best Practices.
  • Describing Optimizer architectural concepts and how to troubleshoot query plan issues.
  • Describing Plan Cache related architectural concepts, best practices and troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Describing architectural concepts, usage scenarios and troubleshooting strategy for Extended Events.
  • Explaining techniques for collected data analysis and data collection strategy.
  • Improving performance by understanding the techniques to spot and diagnose possible bottlenecks.
Who should attend OD10987: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases MOD training?

People responsible for administering and maintaining SQL server databases to ensure ultimate performance are the targeted audience for this course. Individuals who write queries against data wanting to make sure they deliver the best performance and execution out of workloads can also take the course.

What is the course outline for OD10987: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases MOD training?
  • 1. SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits
  • a). SQL Server Components and SQL OS
  • b). Windows Scheduling vs SQL Scheduling
  • c). Waits and Queues
  • d). Lab : SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits
  • 2. SQL Server I/O
  • a). Core Concepts
  • b). Storage Solutions
  • c). I/O Setup and Testing
  • d). Lab : Testing Storage Performance
  • 3. Database Structures
  • a). Database Structure Internals
  • b). Data File Internals
  • c). TempDB Internals
  • d). Lab : Database Structures
  • 4. SQL Server Memory
  • a). Windows Memory
  • b). SQL Server Memory
  • c). In-Memory OLTP
  • d). Lab : SQL Server Memory
  • 5. SQL Server Concurrency
  • a). Concurrency and Transactions
  • b). Locking Internals
  • c). Lab : SQL Server Concurrency
  • 6. Statistics and Index Internals
  • a). Statistics Internals and Cardinality Estimation
  • b). Index Internals
  • c). Columnstore Indexes
  • d). Lab : Statistics and index Internals
  • 7. Query Execution and Query Plan Analysis
  • a). Query execution and optimizer internals
  • b). Query execution plans
  • c). Analyzing query execution plans
  • d). Adaptive query processing
  • e). Lab : Query execution and query plan analysis
  • 8. Plan Caching and Recompilation
  • a). Plan cache internals
  • b). Troubleshooting plan cache issues
  • c). Automatic tuning
  • d). Query store
  • e). Lab : Plan caching and recompilation
  • 9. Extended Events
  • a). Extended events core concepts
  • b). Working with extended events
  • c). Lab : Extended events
  • 10. Monitoring, Tracing, and Baselining
  • a). Monitoring and tracing
  • b). Baselining and benchmarking
  • c). Lab : Monitoring, Tracing and Baselining
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