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OD20462D: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases MOD Training

What OD20462D: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases MOD training is all about?

Microtek Learning organizes this training program to offer students with the skills and knowledge required for maintaining an SQL Server 2014 database. The focus is kept on teaching people how they can use product features of SQL server 2014 and use various tools to maintain the database. The course also covers newly improved features of SQL Server 2014 and its capabilities across all the SQL server platform.

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What are the course objectives for OD20462D: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases MOD training?
  • Describing core database administration tasks and tools
  • Install and configure SQL Server 2014
  • Configuring SQL Server databases and storage
  • Planning and implementing a backup strategy
  • Restoring databases from backups
  • Importing and exporting data. Monitor SQL Server
  • Tracing SQL Server activity
  • Managing SQL Server security
  • Auditing data access and encrypt data
  • Performing ongoing database maintenance
  • Automate SQL Server maintenance with SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • Configuring Database Mail, alerts, and notifications
Who should attend OD20462D: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases MOD training?

The primary target audience for the certification course is the individuals administering and maintaining SQL Server databases. These individuals carry out tasks related to database admins and maintenance as their key role or work in database-centric environments. Individuals who are into app development delivering data from SQL database can also take this course.

What is the course outline for OD20462D: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases MOD training?
  • 1. Introduction to SQL Server 2014 Database Administration
  • a). Database Administration Overview
  • b). Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  • c). Database Management Tools and Techniques
  • d). Lab : Using SQL Server Administrative Tools
  • 2. Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2014
  • a). Planning SQL Server Installation
  • b). Installing SQL Server 2014
  • c). Post-Installation Configuration
  • d). Lab : Installing SQL Server 2014
  • 3. Working with Databases and Storage
  • a). Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
  • b). Managing Storage for System Databases
  • c). Managing Storage for User Databases
  • d). Moving Database Files
  • e). Configuring the Buffer Pool Extension
  • f). Lab : Managing Database Storage
  • 4. Planning and Implementing a Backup Strategy
  • a). Understanding SQL Server Recovery Models
  • b). Planning a Backup Strategy
  • c). Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs
  • d). Using Backup Options
  • e). Ensuring Backup Reliability
  • f). Lab : Backing Up SQL Server Databases
  • 5. Restoring SQL Server 2014 Databases
  • a). Understanding the Restore Process
  • b). Restoring Databases
  • c). Advanced Restore Scenarios
  • d). Working with Point-in-Time Recovery
  • e). Lab : Restoring SQL Server Databases
  • 6. Importing and Exporting Data
  • a). Introduction to Transferring Data
  • b). Importing and Exporting Table Data
  • c). Copying or Moving a Database
  • d). Lab : Importing and Exporting Data
  • 7. Monitoring SQL Server 2014
  • a). Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server
  • b). Dynamic Management Views and Functions
  • c). Performance Monitor
  • d). Lab : Monitoring SQL Server 2014
  • 8. Tracing SQL Server Activity
  • a). Tracing SQL Server Workload Activity
  • b). Using Traces
  • c). Lab : Tracing SQL Server Workload Activity
  • 9. Managing SQL Server Security
  • a). Introduction to SQL Server Security
  • b). Managing Server-Level Security
  • c). Managing Database-Level Principals
  • d). Managing Database Permissions
  • e). Lab : Managing SQL Server Security
  • 10. Auditing Data Access and Encrypting Data
  • a). Auditing Data Access in SQL Server
  • b). Implementing SQL Server Audit
  • c). Implementing SQL Server Audit
  • d). Lab : Auditing Data Access and Encrypting Data
  • 11. Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance
  • a). Ensuring Database Integrity
  • b). Maintaining Indexes
  • c). Automating Routine Database Maintenance
  • d). Lab : Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance
  • 12. Automating SQL Server 2014 Management
  • a). Automating SQL Server Management
  • b). Implementing SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • c). Managing SQL Server Agent Jobs
  • d). Managing Job Step Security Contexts
  • e). Managing Jobs on Multiple Servers
  • f). Lab : Automating SQL Server Management
  • 13. Monitoring SQL Server 2014 by Using Alerts and Notifications
  • a). Monitoring SQL Server Errors
  • b). Configuring Database Mail
  • c). Configuring Operators, Alerts, and Notifications
  • d). Lab : Monitoring SQL Server by Using Alerts and Notifications
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