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10554: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 Training

What 10554: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 training is all about?

The course teaches both basic and advanced topics to developers so they can learn to use Microsoft Silverlight 4 to create applications and deploy them on the web, app stores or other compatible platforms. The Microtek Learning lab environment provides not just theoretical but also hands-on to speed up the learning process of Silverlight 4 and its usage in the real world.

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What are the course objectives for 10554: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 training?
  • Building Silverlight applications that are data driven.
  • Creating advanced UI.
  • Implementing advanced media in Silverlight.
  • Working on Silverlight Media Framework
  • Accessing hardware in Silverlight applications
  • Creating Globalized & Localized application.
  • Implementing Network Communications
  • Deploying Silverlight applications
  • Understanding Silverlight basics for application development for Windows.
  • Implementing Silverlight advanced techniques for UI development of mobile and web applications.
Who should attend 10554: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 training?

The training program is for developers having experience with XAML, some experience with Silverlight development platform, and familiarity with Visual Studio. People interested in learning advanced Silverlight 4 to develop applications with Visual Studio can take the course.

What is the course outline for 10554: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 training?
  • 1. Introduction to Building Silverlight Business Applications
  • a). Overview of Silverlight 4.0
  • b). Silverlight Architecture
  • c). Developing Out-of-Browser Applications with Silverlight
  • d). Lab : Building Silverlight Business Applications
  • 2. Building Data-Driven Applications
  • a). Overview of Data Access in Silverlight 4.0
  • b). Defining Data Access by Using ADO.NET Entity Data Models
  • c). Displaying Data by Using Domain Services
  • d). Lab : Consuming Data
  • 3. Advanced Data Management
  • a). Manipulating Data by Using Domain Services
  • b). Binding and Validating Data
  • c). Lab : Manipulating Data
  • 4. Implementing User Controls and Navigation
  • a). Working With Controls
  • b). Threading
  • c). Implementing Navigation
  • d). Lab : Implementing User Controls and Navigation
  • 5. Creating Advanced User Interfaces
  • a). Creating Content Presenter Classes
  • b). Creating Item Templates for Presentation
  • c). Developing Classes as Item Instances
  • d). Lab : Presenting Items, Classes, and Dependency Properties
  • 6. Using Local Assets
  • a). Printing in Silverlight Applications
  • b). Accessing Local Storage in Silverlight Applications
  • c). Accessing Local File Systems in Silverlight Applications
  • d). Lab : Using Local Assets
  • 7. Implementing Advanced Media Techniques in Silverlight
  • a). Implementing Deep Zoom in Silverlight
  • b). Playing Media Files
  • c). Lab : Implementing Advanced Media Techniques in Silverlight
  • 8. Developing Silverlight Media Framework Solutions
  • a). Introduction to the Silverlight Media Framework
  • b). Developing Silverlight Media Framework Solutions
  • c). Lab : Developing Silverlight Media Framework Solutions
  • 9. Accessing Hardware in Silverlight Applications
  • a). Interacting with Mice and Keyboards
  • b). Interacting with Audio and Video Hardware
  • c). Lab : Interacting with Hardware Programmatically
  • 10. Globalization and Localization
  • a). Globalization
  • b). Localization
  • c). Lab : Globalizing and Localizing Applications
  • 11. Implementing Network Communications
  • a). Configuring Applications for Network Communications
  • b). Implementing Web Calls
  • c). Implementing Low-Level Communications
  • d). Lab : Building Dynamic Silverlight Applications
  • 12. Deploying Silverlight Applications
  • a). Application Features and Hosting
  • b). Managing Application Resources Dynamically
  • c). Lab : Deploying Silverlight Applications
  • 13. Application Guidance
  • a). Getting Started with the MVVM Design Pattern
  • b). Getting to Know Prism
  • c). Lab : Implementing the MVVM Design Pattern
  • 14. Windows Phone Development–First Look
  • a). Introduction to Windows Phone
  • b). Beginning Windows Phone Development
  • c). Creating a Windows Phone Application
  • d). Lab : Creating a Windows Phone Application
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