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20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications Training

What 20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training is all about?

20486: Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications Training is aimed at professional web developers to teach them the leading methodologies to build advanced ASP.NET Core MVC apps with the help of .NET Core technologies and tools. This technical course provides comprehensive knowledge of coding activities that helps optimizing the scalability and performance of the Web site application. It teaches how to configure the pipeline of ASP .NET Core web apps with the help of middleware. This training program is suitable for professionals who want to handle the HTML comprehensively and individuals who are preparing for the exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. By the end of the course, professionals will know the right techniques to link an ASP .NET Core app to a database and build views in an MVC application.

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Date: Oct 05, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Online
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Date: Oct 19, 2020 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
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Date: Oct 26, 2020 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm EST
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What are the course objectives for 20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training?
  • Describing Microsoft Technology stack and selecting the right one to develop an application.
  • Designing a web app’s architecture and implementation to meet user interface requirements, functional requirements, and addressing business models.
  • Configuring ASP.NET Core based web application’s pipeline using middleware and leveraging dependency injection throughout MVC applications.
  • Adding Controllers to the MVC Application for managing user interaction, updating models, and selecting and returning Views.
  • Developing a web application that utilizes a routing engine in ASP.NET Core to create friendly URLs and logical hierarchy of navigation for users.
  • Creating Views in MVC applications displaying and editing data and interacting with Controllers and Models.
  • Creating MVC Models and writing business logic implementing code within Model methods, events, and properties.
  • Using Entity Framework Core to connect ASP.NET Core applications with databases.
  • Writing client-side running and jQuery script library utilizing JavaScript code to optimize MVC web application’s responsiveness.
  • Adding client-side packages and configuring Task Runners.
  • Using Visual Studio 2017 to run unit tests and debug tools against web apps.
  • Writing MVC apps authenticating and authorizing users to access content securely using Identity.
  • Building malicious attacks resisting MVC applications.
  • Using cache to accelerate responses for user requests.
  • Enable two-way client and server communication using Signal R.
  • Explaining Web API and the need to add Web API in an application.
  • Describing the process of packaging and deploying an ASP.NET Core in MVC web application.
Who should attend 20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training?

The course is for web developers using Visual Studio be it individually or in a team but are now interested in learning advanced web application development and want to manage rendered HTML. It will help them in creating websites separating user interface, application logic, and data access.

What are the prerequisites for 20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training?

Candidates must have minimum of 2 to 3 years’ experience in developing web-based applications by using Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition, the proficiency in using the .NET Framework and familiarity with C# language is also must.

What is the course outline for 20486:Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications training?
  • 1. Exploring ASP.NET Core MVC
  • a). Overview of Microsoft Web Technologies
  • b). Overview of ASP.NET 4.x
  • c). Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC
  • d). Lab : Exploring ASP.NET Core MVC
  • 2. Designing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications
  • a). Planning in the Project Design Phase
  • b). Designing Models, Controllers and Views
  • c). Lab : Designing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications
  • 3. Configure Middlewares and Services in ASP.NET Core
  • a). Configuring Middlewares
  • b). Configuring Services
  • c). Lab : Configuring Middleware and Services in ASP.NET Core
  • 4. Developing Controllers
  • a). Writing Controllers and Actions
  • b). Configuring Routes
  • c). Writing Action Filters
  • d). Lab : Developing Controllers
  • 5. Developing Views
  • a). Creating Views with Razor Syntax
  • b). Using HTML Helpers and Tag Helpers
  • c). Reusing Code in Views
  • d). Lab : Developing Views
  • 6. Developing Models
  • a). Creating MVC Models
  • b). Working with Forms
  • c). Validate MVC Application
  • d). Lab : Developing Models
  • 7. Using Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core
  • a). Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  • b). Working with Entity Framework Core
  • c). Use Entity Framework Core to connect to Microsoft SQL Server
  • d). Lab : Using Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core
  • 8. Using Layouts, CSS and JavaScript in ASP.NET Core MVC
  • a). Using Layouts
  • b). Using CSS and JavaScript
  • c). Using jQuery
  • d). Lab : Using Layouts, CSS and JavaScript in ASP.NET Core
  • 9. Client-Side Development
  • a). Applying Styles
  • b). Using Task Runners
  • c). Responsive design
  • d). Lab : Client-Side Development
  • 10. Testing and Troubleshooting
  • a). Testing MVC Applications
  • b). Implementing an Exception Handling Strategy
  • c). Logging MVC Applications
  • d). Lab : Testing and troubleshooting
  • 11. Managing Security
  • a). Authentication in ASP.NET Core
  • b). Authorization in ASP.NET Core
  • c). Defending from Attacks
  • d). Lab : Managing Security
  • 12. Performance and Communication
  • a). Implementing a Caching Strategy
  • b). Managing State
  • c). Two-way communication
  • d). Lab : Performance and Communication
  • 13. Implementing Web APIs
  • a). Introducing Web APIs
  • b). Developing a Web API
  • c). Calling a Web API
  • d). Lab : Implementing Web APIs
  • 14. Hosting and Deployment
  • a). On-premise hosting and deployment
  • b). Deployment to Microsoft Azure
  • c). Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • d). Lab : Hosting and Deployment

We use the latest ASP.NET MVC 5 version for the training of 'Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications' certification exam.

'Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications' certification training prepares you follow Microsoft ASP.NET certification paths: MCSA Web Applications MCSE App Builder.

It is highly beneficial for the professionals using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and ASP.NET to design and develop web solutions.

We provide MS 70-486 exam training in virtual, classroom, instructor- led in class and instructor- led online formats.

It is the legal document between you and Microsoft regarding your agreed participation in any Microsoft Certification Program.

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