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MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Training

What MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services training is all about?

This training offered by Microtek Learning covers three key components of the Microsoft 365 enterprise administration- Microsoft 365 identity management, Office 365 management, and Microsoft 365 tenant and service management. The course follows as such: in Microsoft 365 tenant and service management, students will learn how to assess the key elements when designing a Microsoft 365 tenant. Once you complete the planning phase, you will learn the configuration of your Microsoft 365 tenant, including component services, tenant subscription options, security groups, user accounts, licenses, and your organizational profile. After this, you will learn how to manage your Microsoft 365 tenant, including configuring tenant roles and managing your tenant services and health.

After you have designed your Microsoft 365 tenant, you will explore the key elements of Office 365 management. The training will begin with an overview of the functionalities of Office 365, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, device management, and product functionality. You will then learn how to configure Office 365 focusing on configuring Office 365 connectivity to Office clients. Finally, students will learn how to manage deployments in Office 365 ProPlus, from user-driven client installations to deployments in Office 365 ProPlus. Wrapping up this section, you will also learn the configuration of Microsoft Analytics and Office Telemetry. The training will conclude with a detailed and thorough exam of Microsoft 365 identity synchronization focusing on Azure Active Directory Connect. Students will learn about using multi-factor authentication to implement password management in Microsoft 365, how to plan and implement Azure AD Connect, use self-service password management, and manage synchronized identities.

This section of the training will wrap up with a comprehensive look at the implementation of external access and application. Students will also learn how to implement and manage Azure Active Directory applications, including the configuration of multi-tenant applications. You will then assess the configuration of Azure AD Application Proxy, including the installation and registration of a connector and publishing an on-premise application for remote access. Finally, students will also examine the design implementation and management of solutions for external access. This includes troubleshooting a B2B collaboration, creating a collaborative user, and licensing guidance for Azure AD B2B collaboration.

This training is based on the objectives of the course variant MS-100T00-A.

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What are the course objectives for MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services training?
  • Design, configure and manage your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Understand the functionalities of the Office 365 product
  • Configure Office 365
  • Manage deployments in Office 365 ProPlus
  • Plan and implement identity synchronization
  • Implement external access and application
Who should attend MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services training?

This training is specifically designed for individuals who have completed one of the role-based administrator certification paths of Microsoft 365 and aspire to work as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin.

What are the prerequisites for MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services training?

Prerequisite for ‘Microsoft 365 Identity and Services’ Course:

The ideal candidates must have passed role-based administrator course such as Teamwork, Security, Messaging, and Collaboration or Compliance. Understanding of DNS and basic functional experience with Microsoft 365 services is a great advantage. The candidates are expected to have some experience in managing general IT practices.

What is the course outline for MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services training?
  • 1. Designing Your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • a). Planning Microsoft 365 in your On-premises Infrastructure
  • b). Planning Your Identity and Authentication Solution
  • c). Planning Your Service Setup
  • d). Planning Your Hybrid Enviroment
  • e). Planning Your Migration to Office 365
  • 2. Configuring Your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • a). Planning Your Microsoft 365 Experience
  • b). Configuring Your Microsoft 365 Experience
  • c). Managing User Accounts and Licenses in Microsoft 365
  • d). Managing Security Groups in Microsoft 365
  • e). Implementing Your Domain Services
  • f). Leveraging FastTrack and Partner Services
  • 3. Lab 1 - Configuring your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • a). Lab : Configuring your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • 4. Managing Your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • a). Configuring Tenant Roles
  • b). Managing Tenant Health and Services
  • 5. Lab 2 - Managing your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • a). Lab : Managing your Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • 6. Office 365 Overview
  • a). Exchange Online Overview
  • b). SharePoint Online Overview
  • c). Teams Overview
  • d). Additional Resources Overview
  • e). Device Management Overview
  • 7. Lab 3 - Office 365 Overview
  • a). Lab : Office 365 Overview
  • 8. Configuring Office 365
  • a). Office 365 Client Overview
  • b). Configuring Office Client Connectivity to Office 365
  • 9. Managing Office 365 ProPlus Deployments
  • a). Managing User-Driven Client Installations
  • b). Managing Centralized Office 365 ProPlus Deployments
  • c). Configuring Office Telemetry
  • d). Configuring Microsoft Analytics
  • 10. Lab 4 - Managing Office 365 ProPlus installations
  • a). Lab : Managing Office 365 ProPlus installations
  • 11. Planning and Implementing Identity Synchronization
  • a). Introduction to Identity Synchronization
  • b). Planning for Azure AD Connect
  • c). Implementing Azure AD Connect
  • d). Managing Synchronized Identities
  • e). Password Management in Microsoft 365
  • 12. Lab 5 - Implementing Identity Synchronization
  • a). Lab : Implementing Identity Synchronization
  • 13. Implementing Application and External Access
  • a). Implementing Applications in Azure AD
  • b). Configuring Azure AD App Proxy
  • c). Designing Solutions for External Access

Under this course segment, you will learn to manage Office 365 software downloads, plan for Office 365 apps, plan for Office 365 Pro plus apps updates, plan for Office 365 Pro plus connectivity and deployment etc.

Under Manage Authentication course segment of 'Microsoft 365 Identity and Services' training, you will learn to design, configure, implement, manage and monitor authentication.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a modern age security system that needs more than one authentications to verify the authority for a transaction. During the five days 'Microsoft 365 Identity and Services' training, you will learn to set up multi-factor authentication in the new Microsoft 365 admin center.

MS-100 exam contains 150 questions in following domains:

  • Design and implement Microsoft 365 services 40 questions
  • Manage user identity and roles - 60 questions
  • Manage access and authentication - 32 questions
  • Plan Office 365 workloads and applications - 18 questions
  • 5 Days | $ 2875
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