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Microsoft Access

When it comes to data organization, storage, and retrieval, Microsoft Access is the ship's captain. Microtek Learning Microsoft Access Technical Training will not only help you to make smart business decisions but also help your database management skills and increase your demand in the marketplace. If you are new to Microsoft Access, it is not as complicated as it is perceived to be and with the support of our team you will be an expert in no time.

Our Microsoft Access Training course will teach you to create a database, move through Microsoft Access, organize data stored within Microsoft Access, and more advanced skills such as form customization, querying, and sharing data across applications. What makes our course unique is that it also explains the basic structure of Microsoft Access and how it works. This helps to tone down the complexity of the program.

Microtek Learning Microsoft Access Technical Training comprises live classroom training, instructor-led online, and self-paced to blended-live and private on-site training. Each lecture is based on a set of concepts for an individual's convenience. All the courses are designed by the Microsoft team and we are their authorized partners.

We also provide demonstrations and sample objects of tasks performed in Microsoft Access. Upon finishing the Microsoft Access Training course, you will be presented with a certificate of completion if you apply for it from Microsoft.

Managing big databases is a huge challenge for large firms and government organizations. Companies have sensitive data related to customers and their orders, products sold by the company, suppliers, and employees and to manage such a complex database, there is a critical need for a powerful platform like Microsoft Access.