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Microsoft Word

At Microtek Learning, we offer a detailed Microsoft Word training for professionals to enable them to use the application on their own. Our tutors cater to students' queries and strive to induce a conducive learning environment for the learners.

With Microtek Learning, you will receive a complete package of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Microsoft Word course. The beginners can learn lessons on the creation of professional documents—resume, admission forms, books, letters, paper, reports, booklets, cover pages, notes, brochures, and assignments.

Once the students excel in their tutorials at the beginner level, they can move to the intermediate level with our course offering to learn about the clipboard feature, font style, insert menu features, page break, and tables and list in a document.

Our instructor-led online training also offers all the lesser-known tips and tricks of using Microsoft Word, which includes the conversion of a list to a table, addition of a placeholder text, removal of background on an image, and changing cases of texts.

The creation of a document on a laptop or a PC may seem like the most daunting task for many people in a company, who are trying to multitask. However, you can switch between multiple documents, type your content, use bold, italics, and underline formatting tools with the utmost ease. Microsoft Word has an exhaustive list of features that professionals can efficiently learn to utilize in their daily tasks.