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VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage [V6.7] Training

What VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage [V6.7] training is all about?

VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy and Manage [V6.7] Training is designed to help professionals develop a better understanding of vSAN concepts. It educates you on managing and deploying a software-defined storage solution with VMware vSAN 6.7. You will also get to know about the importance of the vSAN functions in the VMware software-defined data center. Our enterprise training program is best for organizations and companies. It helps you understand the vSAN overall structure and teaches you to inspect vSAN features using real world cases.

You will learn to deploy digital machines on a vSAN datastore and create and handle nested fault domains. It is a useful resource for virtual and storage framework administrators who want to utilize software-defined storage with vSAN. VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy and Manage [V6.7] Training provides in-depth information on various topics, including performing current vSAN management tasks, configuring a vSAN cluster, and setting vSAN encryption, and many more important elements.


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What are the course objectives for VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage [V6.7] training?
  • How to utilize features vSAN architecture and other cases.
  • Configuring components for vSAN networking likewise configuration, design and planning cluster experience.
  • Deploying virtual machines on the vSan data store covering storage policy.
  • Administering vSAN management responsibilities.
  • Configuring vSanre synchronization tasks and vSAN encryption.
  • How to nest fault domains.
  • vSAN health services to monitor performances.
  • How to observe failed scenarios & stretched clusters.
  • vSAN interoperability along with VMware vSphere.
Who should attend VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage [V6.7] training?

This course is recommended for virtual infrastructure and Storage administrators’ aspirant to utilize software-defined storage. However, the primary audience for this training is professionals who are seeking to get vSAN certification for their career boost.

What is the course outline for VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage [V6.7] training?
  • 1. Course Introduction
  • a). Introduction, course logistics, Course objectives
  • b). Software-defined data center
  • 2. Introduction to vSAN
  • a). SAN architecture and components
  • b). Differences between file, block, and object storage
  • c). Advantages of object-based storage
  • d). Configuration of a vSAN cluster
  • e). Validate initial vSAN installation & configuration
  • 3. vSAN Configuration
  • a). Applying vSAN design considerations; Expansion of a vSAN cluster
  • b). Configuring vSAN disk groups manually
  • c). Physical network configuration requirements
  • d). Configuration of vSAN networking
  • e). Testing and validation of vSAN configuration & functionality
  • f). vSAN architecture & components
  • g). Differences between the vSAN hybrid and all-flash architectures
  • h). Advantages of all-flash architecture; Space-efficiency features of vSAN
  • i). vSAN assessment tools and vSAN License
  • 4. vSAN Policies & Virtual Machines
  • a). Storage policies with vSAN
  • b). Creating virtual machine storage policy
  • c). Modifying and changing virtual machine storage policies dynamically; compliance status
  • 5. Managing and Operating vSAN
  • a). Configuring encryption in the vSAN cluster
  • b). Management of hardware storage devices; Alarms for vSAN events
  • c). Fault domains
  • d). Configuration of vSAN iSCSI service, iSCSI targets, LUNS
  • 6. Stretched Clusters and Two-Node Clusters
  • a). Architecture for stretched clusters and two-node clusters
  • b). Stretched cluster; how the stretched cluster storage policies affect vSAN objects
  • c). Applying vSAN stretched cluster policy to meet specific needs
  • d). Behavior of a stretched cluster when failures occur
  • 7. Monitoring and Troubleshooting vSAN
  • a). Hardware failure scenarios
  • b). Process of resynchronization and possible reasons
  • c). Use of vSphere Client to detect issues
  • d). Use of vSAN health service and performance service for vSAN health check up
  • e). Testing the vSAN environment
  • f). vSAN architecture components and PNOMA OSI model

VMware Digital Badge, use of the certification logo, discounted admission to VMware events, official transcripts and improved career advancement opportunities are the key benefits of getting VMware Virtual SAN: Deploy And Manage 6.7 Certification.

No. After February 5, 2019, VMware certifications don’t need a recertification essentially. However, recertifying by upgrading your certification will keep your skills brushed up to take competitive performance advantage.

As being the leading accredited training partner, we at Microtek Learning provide the industry best 3 days comprehensive training planned to impart the best support and expertise. Our faculty members are highly qualified and trained to conduct specific course training; therefore, you get the best skills to pass the VMware Virtual SAN certification exam at ease.

VMware Specialist: vSAN 6.x badge exam is 60 items exam with passing score of 300. You will get 105 minutes to complete the exam. You are entitled for automatic 30 minutes time extension if you are a non-native English speaker.

3 Days | $ 2550

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