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 By: Admin   Aug/09/2020 

An Ultimate Guide To Become Microsoft Excel Professional


The Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2019 certification has the in-depth fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Excel where candidates can learn about multiple functionalities in Excel 2019 such as performing calculations, managing workbooks, recording data, modifying a worksheet, utilizing Pivot Charts and much more. One can demonstrate their knowledge about an appropriate application of the fundamental features for Microsoft Office Excel 2019.

Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019 Training exam introduces the modernist performance format which improves testing of applicant’s abilities, knowledge and skills utilizing the MOS 2019 programs. The MOS 2019 exam instructions usually do not cover command name as prescribed in previous version of Office 2016. However, candidates must understand common use and major purpose of the programs in order to accomplish the task more proficiently.

Importance of Microsoft Excel Certification 

Microsoft Excel Certification 2019 certifies the professional’s skills to operate with Excel tools and its applications smoothly. The spreadsheet applications designed by Microsoft have wide-spread functionalities and diversified operations.  Professionals working as data analyst can learn the unique tricks to use spreadsheet functions such as charts, macro programming language, pivot tools and other graphic tools.

The latest versions of Microsoft Excel permits the user to utilize multiple variant tools to make task more comprehensive and easier. It’s the big achievement for professionals who are working in Excel to make their database jobs easy and swift. As per analysis, multiple recruiters claimed that just being skilful in Excel is not sufficient. For every Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel, the industry standard certificate is must as this supports you and the recruiter to process your application in a smart manner. Hence, the Microsoft Excel Certification is one of the most well-known Microsoft certifications across the globe where candidates can learn latest tools and function buttons utilized in MS Excel 2019.


What is the Requirement and Eligibility of Microsoft Excel Certification 2019?

​Achieving Microsoft Excel Certificate and gaining technical fundamental knowledge about Excel 2019 doesn’t require any specific academic eligibility. Applicants just need to get latest software installed on their system or laptop for giving an online exam.

The prerequisites covers:

1.    Excellent Internet Connection
2.    Internet Explorer
3.    Microsoft Windows SP2
4.    .NET Framework 4.0
5.    Adobe Flash Player 10.0
6.    Microsoft Office


In all probability, our training starts from the basic version of Microsoft Excel for better understanding of columns, rows, cell and concepts. When reaching an intermediate level you will learn about different mathematical formulas and data manipulations. Candidates can learn from wide-range of courses where our certified instructors and trainers will provide you in-depth training about Microsoft Excel 2019. Confidently, Microtek Learning is the authorized training partner of Microsoft and provides Microsoft Certifications after passing particular exams. 


What are the steps to achieve Microsoft Excel Certification?

1.    Before starting, candidate must go for Microsoft Certification guide when giving Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1  exam or Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 2 exam or Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 3 exam. However, Microsoft Excel Certification is not a big achievement for an entry level candidate or any working professional to just be confident in your working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
2.    It is advised to Download and practice multiple examinations of MS Excel and review your feedback by giving the sample test online when applying for certification. Practicing regularly will give you a brief idea about the Microsoft Excel training and questionnaires relevant to Excel 2019. However, candidates should try again with practice tests as this is best practice when preparing to give Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019 examinations.
3.    Register on the official website of Microsoft for latest study guides and test papers. 
4.    The questions that are asked in Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019 training are not difficult and if you are already working on Excel then it’s quite easy to pass this certification. Just be confident in  what your skills are and Enroll today for the certification.
5.    After passing Microsoft Excel exam, the certification will be mailed and you are permitted to use Certification tag in your CV.

Impact of Microsoft Office Certification to Businesses

What is target audience for Microsoft Office Excel Certification?

This training is intended for the professionals or students or experienced IT professionals who are already working with Microsoft Excel 2019. Moreover, candidates having in-depth interest about learning Excel features can also sign up for this certification. 

Anyone that has a keen interest in learning Microsoft Excel features and tools can also enroll for this training. Have you already gained foundational based knowledge in Microsoft Excel 2019? Probably, you need to enhance your skills timely in order to gain latest updated knowledge about Microsoft Excel. You can also switch to professional mode from beginner to intermediate to advanced level of MS Excel training


Achieving a Microsoft Excel Certification is not difficult but this certification surely supports your job role by giving beneficial outcomes. The Microsoft Certifications by Microtek Learning will help you to upgrade and master your technical skills, although if you are already working as MS official professional then this training will be extremely advantageous for you. You will be globally renowned for your extra enhanced skills in Microsoft Excel. With the least investment for this certification, it is a recommendation by experts that all professionals should undergo for this training to boost your skills.

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