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Business Ethics Policy

Microtek Learning Inc acknowledges best practices and adhere to following business ethics:

  • Keep private and confidential information gained in your professional work, (as it pertains to client lists and client personal information)
  • Not collect, give, sell, or transfer any personal information (such as name, e-mail address, Social Security number, or other unique identifier) to a third party without client prior consent.
  • Disclose to appropriate persons or authorities potential dangers to any ecommerce clients, the Internet community, or the public, that you reasonably believe to be associated with a set or type of electronic transactions or related software or hardware.
  • Provide service in your areas of competence, being honest and forthright about any limitations of your experience and education
  • Ensure that you are qualified for any project on which you work or propose to work by an appropriate combination of education, training, and experience.
  • Never knowingly use software or process that is obtained or retained either illegally or unethically.
  • Not to engage in deceptive financial practices such as bribery, double billing, or other improper financial practices.
  • Always Ensure ethical conduct and professional care on all professional assignments without prejudice.
  • Not to make inappropriate reference to the certification or misleading use of certificates, marks or logos in publications, catalogues, documents, or speeches.
  • Not convicted in any felony or violated any law of the land.
  • Conduct oneself in the most ethical and competent manner when soliciting professional service or seeking employment, thus meriting confidence in your knowledge and integrity.
  • Use the property of a client or employer only in ways properly authorized, and with the owner's knowledge and consent.