How to Get a Microsoft Excel Professional Certification in 2024

Microsoft Excel Certification

Today, Microsoft Excel is used by everyone. Excellence in Microsoft Excel is a skill that every professional needs, whether an office assistant, data analyst, cloud worker, or marketer. Excel is a powerful and often-used Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows application. A Microsoft Excel certification can help you stand out from the crowd at work and broaden your job prospects. You can find several powerful internet tools to increase your Microsoft Excel skills. More significantly, you can use these materials at your speed, anytime, anywhere, and with either paid or free access.

A few hardware prerequisites and technical abilities are required if you wish to enroll in an online Microsoft Excel course. Let’s explore the procedures for becoming a Microsoft Excel professional.

Who Should Attend a Microsoft Excel Training?

Anybody can choose to become a Microsoft Excel expert. The following are:

  • Those managers and executives who desire to develop their careers and broaden their knowledge and skill sets.
  • Accountants, data analysts, financial analysts, and other experts.
  • Graduates and new hires are seeking employment in the analytics area.
  • Anyone interested in developing more Microsoft Excel skills.

Microsoft Excel Training – Skills and Prerequisites:

  • Basic familiarity with MS Excel shortcuts.
  • Communication and research skills.
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package.
  • Ability to function as a team.

No particular qualifications are necessary to become certified as an MS Excel professional in terms of academic or professional eligibility. However, candidates must have the most recent versions of many programs installed on their computers to take the online exam. As follows:

  • MS Office
  • .NET Framework, version 4.0 or higher
  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Internet with great speed
  • Adobe Flash Player

What You Must Know Regarding the Certification:

You must pass the MOS exam (Microsoft Office Specialist). You need to get a score of at least 700 to pass the exam. The exam may take up to 60 minutes to finish. When you enter the exam room, networking or using mobile devices is not permitted. By taking the exam remotely, you can also become certified.

A Microsoft Office Specialist certification requires the completion of several tasks.

  • You need the required computer abilities to complete advanced Microsoft Office training successfully.
  • You must enrol in and complete one of these training before submitting an application for the exam.
  • You must select a MOS program, then study for the exam in accordance with the examined skills.

Microsoft Office certifications are not necessary qualifications. They are crucial to show a professional’s mastery and ability in several Microsoft Office components. You may become certified in more than one Microsoft product by selecting programs like PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. You can pursue self-paced certification training or enroll in formal workshops and courses before taking the exam. You don’t need a specified level of education or work experience to take the MOS certification exam.

A certified MOS professional will use the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The most widely used program nowadays for creating and animating presentations is PowerPoint. You may produce and edit text documents like essays, letters, books, and other types of documents with the word processing application Word. Excel is the most robust spreadsheet program that enables users to compute results and save data. You can demonstrate your knowledge and skill in using these products’ sophisticated capabilities and features by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

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Microsoft Excel

How to Become Certified in Excel?

You must take the following 4 steps.

1. Learn the essential computer skills

You must improve your fundamental computer and IT skills before pursuing any IT certification. You must complete Microsoft operating systems and software training to earn an MS Excel certification. Students can engage in a computer basics training course that will teach them essential abilities and sophisticated methods of internet access. Everyone should be familiar with a few computer fundamentals, including:

  • Use of various operating systems and turning computers on and off to carry out essential tasks.
  • Navigating a computer system with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Creating and saving new files
  • Arranging different files in folders
  • Gaining access to websites and online services.

2. Enroll in a course on Microsoft Office

The next action is to sign up for a Microsoft Office course. Also, you can educate yourself on how to use Microsoft Office software by attending workshops and taking courses that provide organized professional training and using free internet resources and tutorials. Generally speaking, everything required to get ready for the exam is included in these programs. Some universities and institutions offer courses at many levels, including fundamental, advanced, and intermediate levels.

3. Choose a MOS Certification Training

You must proceed to the next stage, selecting a software training course to become certified in, to become certified as a MOS. All of the Microsoft Office software and programs can be certified; however, you must pass the exam to obtain specific certifications for each package.

Microsoft Word certification will be most helpful to professionals in positions requiring them to create and update documents, including invites, emails, press releases, and manuals. A Microsoft Excel certification will benefit those in charge of making spreadsheet papers, analytics lists, and data comparisons.

4. Develop your skills and pass the MOS Certification Exam.

Nothing else can get in your way until you’re ready. Thus, take the exam to become certified. Exams for MOS are often taken in Microsoft-approved testing facilities. Several questions deal with difficulties you must resolve using the appropriate tools in the relevant program.

Once the exam is over, candidates can almost immediately know how they did. Your MOS certification will be mailed to you if you pass the exam with at least 70%. You can always retake the exam if you fail to pass it the first time.

Job Opportunities with a Microsoft Excel Certification:

A MOS certification is required for almost all work roles in the IT sector, including those of legal assistants, secretaries, paralegals, executive assistants, and administrative assistants. Legal assistants and paralegals make an average pay of $52,740 per year, according to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2019. BLS statistics from the same year show that administrative assistants and secretaries earned an average pay of $39,850 annually. While database administrators and specialists make an average of $132,500 annually, office managers and administration managers make $54,760 annually.

This demonstrates how much money you can make when you acquire a Microsoft Excel certification. It’s easy to become certified, but more significantly, getting certified by Microsoft helps develop your skill set and demonstrate your abilities. Your talents in working with MS Excel across organizations and roles gain you distinction on a global scale. You should immediately become certified in MS Excel, given the widespread use of the program, the significant potential for employment, and how simple it is to do so.

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