A Complete Guide to Azure Data Lake

Microsoft Azure has become a significant participant as organizations negotiate the ever-expanding world of cloud services, offering a variety of options to meet a range of demands.

What is Azure VMware Solution?

If you are looking to extend your footprint to Azure or with a hybrid scenario where you can extend your VMWare workload to the cloud, you might be interested in Azure VMware Solution.

Why Learn Python?

Want to have a fantastic wage and a stable future? Intrigued? Wonderful! Continue reading to learn more about Python’s advantages!

Know all about HL7

Before we get into its fundamentals and more complex HL7 integration strategies, this article aims to explain HL7 comprehensively.

What is Azure Bastion?

In this blog I am going to introduce a service called Azure Bastion and discuss more on the working, architecture and why and when to use this product.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the technology that provides a platform across the virtual world where you can keep your data or files like databases, web services, applications, and other virtual assets.