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SharePoint Guide

Over 200 million people worldwide are currently using Microsoft SharePoint, which is already used by about 80% of Fortune 500 firms.

That number will probably continue to rise in the near future as more firms turn to the cloud to store their data and foster team communication as a result of the advantages of digital transformation. Of course, additional users of SharePoint are a good thing for SharePoint administrators.

Although SharePoint is mostly used as an intranet and document management platform, it has a wide range of other uses only if you know how to use it.

What is SharePoint Certification?

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform and framework for web applications that combines document, content, and intranet administration. It facilitates the organizing of data, people, and projects and facilitates the finding of solutions and learning about your organization.

Additionally, SharePoint has strong controls that help IT departments manage their time, costs, and risks. Microsoft claims that 78% of Fortune 500 organizations utilize SharePoint. This is due to the fact that SharePoint processes assist in securing information and effortlessly integrating it into a collaborative framework. SharePoint is a web-based system for team collaboration that lets businesses use workflow tools, “list” databases, other online components, and security measures. SharePoint also allows the organization to use the platform to manage information access and streamline workflow.

Thanks to SharePoint, information workers across a wide range of sectors and business sizes may increase their visibility and productivity. The main feature of SharePoint is an intranet-based cross-collaboration environment that allows for, among other things, safe sharing, document management, and workflow functions.

SharePoint is simple to maintain and, at a fundamental level, simple for business users to grasp as a website-based collaboration platform. Businesses can use the platform in a variety of ways to increase productivity and return on investment because it is also infinitely customizable and greatly scaleable.

Benefits of Sharepoint Certification:

As an “Intranet” platform that spans all business sectors, SharePoint has played a crucial role in boosting working efficiency in Fortune 500 organizations over the past 17 years. The platform’s many capabilities make it simpler for users to collaborate on one-off projects and create standardized corporate procedures for data recording, document publication, and information sharing.

Unparalleled Collaboration: Using SharePoint, team members may easily share files and collaborate on changes while developing an application. The most recent collaboration features in SharePoint enable real-time information flow, making it easier to retrieve and distribute information inside the company.

Customized to your development requirements: SharePoint offers the most advanced and distinctive tools for changing features to meet the requirements of your specific development project. Using SharePoint, you can create a variety of distinctive features and provide a distinctive toolbox for your application.

Developers can simply incorporate a variety of functionalities into any application using SharePoint. Depending on your development project, components can be incorporated and adapted. To control the entire user experience, customised features that are unique to your business are deployed.

Centralized Control: SharePoint offers more comprehensive control and a whole platform administration solution. It offers a central management console that makes it possible to manage all application management features, system settings, backups, restorations, upgrade choices, configuration wizards, etc. from a single location.

Strong security and integrity: Strong security and integrity features are present in SharePoint. The platform’s security features aid in preventing unwanted access to application data while maintaining the integrity of the data. Permission control, the ability to track future modifications and changes made to a document, and several layers of protection at the document and application levels are just a few of the security and integrity capabilities that make SharePoint the ideal collaboration platform.

Benefits for specialists:

  • Proof of skills and expertise: The holders of SharePoint certificates at the Associate and Expert levels can be certain that they have at least two years of solid experience working with the platform and have developed marketable talents that companies value.
  • Competitive advantage: According to Microsoft, 86% of hiring managers favor job candidates with an IT certificate, and 64% of IT managers prefer Microsoft certification over certification from other training organizations. Therefore, certified SharePoint experts are more likely to be employed.
  • Higher salaries and positions: Professionals with certification make 15% more money than those without. Additionally, senior roles are more likely to be filled by trained professionals.

Benefits for businesses:

  • High credibility: SharePoint Certifications may be examined quite rapidly. HR managers can view a candidate’s record on the Microsoft certification site by asking them for their special access code.
  • High productivity: Qualified employees are more productive than non-certified ones, say 63% of hiring managers. Microsoft-certified developers also work 90% harder.
  • Microsoft partnership status: A specified number of Microsoft-certified professionals are required by some Microsoft competency partnerships. For instance, in order to be recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner in Collaboration and Content, a company must have at least 4 people who have passed SharePoint certification exams.

What is a SharePoint administrator’s job description?

SharePoint can address a wide range of organizational problems thanks to its enormous scalability and customization capabilities, but making the most of the tool requires having a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced person on hand.

IT specialists inside the Microsoft eco-system are aware of the value a SharePoint Administrator may bring to a company. These administrators help businesses and organizations make the most of the potent SharePoint platform.

Installing, setting, and upgrading a company’s SharePoint platform are among the everyday duties of a SharePoint Administrator. They also manage the platform’s system and services and give other users instructions on how to use it and the data on it effectively. Occasionally, a SharePoint administrator will also oversee the SQL Server, a functional database.

Custom development is the main duty of a SharePoint developer. The value that can be derived from SharePoint is incredibly flexible thanks to its many uses as a platform.

Since they play such a crucial role in the industry, SharePoint developers are among the most in-demand individuals in the IT sector.

Custom intranets, portals, and document management systems can be made by SharePoint developers. These systems’ capabilities can be increased based on the demands of the organization.

SharePoint Certification Training

As a result, a highly effective system can be created with only the elements that are actually necessary for it to work and no extraneous functionality to slow things down.

Additionally, there is a strong community of developers that produce SharePoint add-ins, enabling others to swiftly use them and increase the functionality of their intranets and portals.

In accordance with the needs of the business, they can also construct highly customized features, site layouts, web elements, and bespoke workflows to automate procedures.

SharePoint even offers a high degree of visual customization, which is one of its best features. A version of SharePoint that doesn’t resemble it at all can be made by developers.

They can alter the platform’s logo, colors, style, master pages, and layouts to give the company a wholly unique look and feel. Such individualized branding is excellent for encouraging user adoption.

Another one of a SharePoint developer’s main duties is integration. They can combine the platform with both other Microsoft products and those made by other companies.

By doing this, it is made sure that business operations remain uninterrupted even when several business solutions are in use.

SharePoint is most frequently integrated by developers with learning management systems, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and enterprise management systems like CRM and ERP. The options are genuinely limitless.

Every time users need to be moved to a new SharePoint solution, development effort is necessary. The changeover is ensured to take place without any issues by the developers.

The issue of educating the users about the new system is another. The creation of training manuals can be assisted by developers.

Another significant component of a SharePoint professional’s employment is maintenance and support. After the introduction of the custom solution, ongoing maintenance is required to ensure that everything functions as intended.

This could involve managing rote duties like slow load times or deploying security patches.

The support function also relies on user opinions of the already-available features. The developers can swiftly make any necessary adjustments if something is broken or doesn’t function as it should.

The occasional user request for new features is also possible. So that the company can get the most out of the platform, developers can then start working on them right away.

SharePoint can be used for the following things:

  • The majority of businesses utilize SharePoint to enhance staff collaboration and communication.
  • Access to information like project tasks, calendars, data, documents, etc. is made immediately available through SharePoint.
  • Instead of keeping documents in a single area, like a hard drive, SharePoint is used to store them in a shared location.
  • Sites for the firm are developed and managed using SharePoint both internally and externally.
  • SharePoint enables more effective internal communication and information sharing by utilizing social networking technology.
  • Advanced document management features in SharePoint include the ability to add access privileges that, for example, specify who can and cannot access specific documents.

Why use SharePoint?

Because it connects workers with the tools and resources they use on a daily basis, SharePoint serves as the most complete enterprise intranet platform.

With SharePoint, for instance, your data may flow and feed into reports, metrics, and workflows rather than being used as a standalone tool for a single purpose and remaining in isolation in that tool.

Employees can use a device or a browser to access their intranet to carry out the following tasks:

  • Access control for material (such as  forms, policies, procedures, and other work resources)
  • Recognize and be current with internal communications (such as events, news, and employee-generated posts)
  • Participate in a team or project.

With capabilities like these, workers may accomplish more in less time:

  • Co-authoring documents concurrently
  • Finding documents is made simpler by document meta-tagging.
  • Integrated applications for Office 365 (such as Planner and MS Teams)

A good security setup Both IT and employees no longer have to worry about SharePoint. Because Office 365 includes security controls and Microsoft cloud protection, SharePoint can help ease concerns about unintentional data leaks and cyberattacks.

There has definitely been progressed made with the platform over time. Building a contemporary website from scratch is now simpler than ever, and businesses don’t need developers as much to get things going. A modern Office 365 intranet is now quicker and easier to use, making it the ideal option for a business seeking dependable, well-integrated, and long-term intranet technology.

Opportunities for Employment with SharePoint Certification:

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used content management system. Learning Microsoft SharePoint will give students a distinct advantage in their capacity to design, develop, and administer web-based distribution as well as share information, files, and text online.

Understanding the requirements of various target groups and future employers is crucial for IT professionals. If you are new to this platform, we suggest that you sign up for a personalized SharePoint training course.

Training and instruction on business application software and how to use it as an application platform are among the subjects addressed in SharePoint classes. It is difficult to find an IT function that does not require SharePoint Online due to the security measures it provides as part of the crucial IIS integration and management.


Just a few of the Microsoft tools that are straightforward to integrate with SharePoint include OneDrive, MS Teams, and Outlook. It streamlines the digital experience and frees up hours of useful time.

By syncing Outlook and SharePoint.ace, employees may access their attachments and documents kept in SharePoint without leaving Outlook.

Users may work on documents locally while having all changes automatically sync to SharePoint online in almost real-time thanks to the combination of OneDrive and SharePoint. Your data are synchronized and available from anywhere, so it doesn’t matter if you left a business file on your personal computer.

While utilizing it, you can immediately add the SharePoint site tab to MS Teams. With the aid of this integration, you can access project documents.

SharePoint Certification Training


Because of its tremendous scalability, SharePoint may be utilized in businesses with as little as 150 employees and as many as 20,000.

In contrast to many alternative intranet programs, you can customize SharePoint with the features your company needs. It is accepted and widely used.

It is possible to add new web elements, apps, and workflows to the platform. Many can be created by experienced users without the need for development. SharePoint can offer a versatile solution that adapts to a changing business environment as a company expands.

Making sure that your SharePoint site architecture is flexible and scalable as your business grows is crucial.


The staff can be unwilling to use complex software. Nobody wants to invest money in cutting-edge technology only to see people ignore it.

Business users want a platform that is easy to set up and use straight away without requiring coding knowledge. SharePoint has recently undergone upgrades that make it the best choice for non-technical users.

You don’t have to be a developer to build a working SharePoint site from start or change an existing page as the owner of a business area. Using easily available templates, power users may launch their sites rapidly using the SharePoint look book.


SharePoint can provide each user with a customized experience by using audience targeting. Each employee can receive content that is pertinent to their position, department, and degree of seniority. The remaining content is still accessible through the search or direct links because this targeting does not change permissions.


Microsoft dedicates $1 billion annually to cloud security. Government agencies choose SharePoint Online over other cloud-based intranet platforms, which makes sense. Clients of our Government Community Cloud (GCC) benefit from nearly the same features as customers of commercial businesses.

Part of what distinguishes SharePoint is its sophisticated ability to manage user rights and how they relate to functionality. Users’ access to various websites, lists, and libraries can be restricted by businesses. 


Many users reportedly hated the thought of working with SharePoint before relatively recently (3-5 years ago), especially on-prem. It was sluggish, awkward, and challenging to use. Although things have changed, some users are still unhappy with their current SharePoint installation.

The platform underwent a significant transformation recently. The platform is more user-friendly, quicker, mobile-responsive, and in line with web user expectations thanks to SharePoint Modern experience. Users no longer have to contend with sluggish page loads and unfair limitations. With improved integration with other Office 365 services like Teams and MS Flow, SharePoint has become a crucial component of the modern workplace.


SharePoint is still the most popular collaboration solution after 19 years on the market. SharePoint is used for intranets, internal communications, and collaboration in about 80% of Fortune 500 firms. And given how far the platform has come, it’s unlikely to go any time soon.

Microsoft has altered the approach in which it responds to user comments.

Ten years ago, in order to grab Microsoft’s attention with a wonderful recommendation for a feature or upgrade, you had to be an insider or an MVP, and even then, you never knew what would become of your idea. Things are different now. You can organize around the issues that matter to you after viewing thousands of unique feature recommendations. 

SharePoint Certifications

The three levels of SharePoint certification fall within the Modern Workplace Microsoft job path.

Fundamental: A foundational level intended for people just starting out with SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online or considering a career change.

Associate: At this level, platform usage expertise spanning two years is assumed. The Fundamental level is not necessary for those who select the Associate level.

Expert: The level demands 2–5 years of extensive technical SharePoint experience. The Associate level must also be attained before moving on to the Expert level.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

This certification confirms that a professional is aware of the benefits of using the Microsoft 365 cloud service and the SaaS cloud architecture.

They have to pass the MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam, which tests their understanding of:

  • Cloud concepts (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Public, Private, and Hybrid scenarios of Microsoft 365, benefits of using cloud services).
  • The core concepts and offerings of Microsoft 365 (including Windows 10 Enterprise, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, and others) (effective collaboration with Microsoft 365, enterprise mobility, device management, application management).
  • Security, compliance, and privacy for Microsoft 365 (identity protection and management, unified endpoint management, security usage scenarios, and services, etc.)
  • Pricing and support for Microsoft 365 (subscriptions and management options, licencing and payment models, bill management options, etc.).

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Teamwork Administrator Associate

A professional who holds this certificate is qualified to set up, deploy, and oversee Office 365 collaboration tools like Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint (online, on-premises, and hybrid). For this certificate, two tests must be passed:

  • The MS-300 from Microsoft Examining SharePoint Online configuration and administration skills through Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork (site collections and hub sites, customizations and apps, managed metadata, guest access, search, etc.).
  • Enterprise OneDrive (users and groups, sharing and security, etc.).
  • Teams (guest access, identification, and authentication) (guest access, identity, and authentication)
  • Task integrations (integration with Office apps: Flow, PowerApps, Yammer, Stream, etc.)

Measured by the exam MS-301: The following skills are used in SharePoint Server Hybrid deployment:

  • Installing and running SharePoint on a local computer (profile synchronization, farm topology, workflows, customizations, site collection architecture, search, taxonomy, etc.).
  • Creating and controlling hybrid situations (hybrid configuration and topology, hybrid taxonomies and content types, hybrid OneDrive for Business, etc.).
  • A move to SharePoint Online (data preparation, migrating tools, and strategies, blocking issues that prevent migration).

Enterprise Administrator Expert Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSA)

These competencies include assessing, planning, transferring, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services. Two tests must be passed for this certificate:

Microsoft 365 Identity and Services’ MS-100 exam measures the following abilities:

  • Microsoft 365 services are created and implemented (domains, on-premises infrastructure tenancy, subscription, migration of users and data).
  • Taking control of user identities and responsibilities (identity strategy, identity synchronization security, compliance roles, etc.).
  • In charge of authentication and access (multifactor authentication, application access).
  • Office 365 routine workload and application planning (hybrid requirements, migration strategy for workloads).
  • One of the skills evaluated by MS-101 is implementing modern device services. 365 Mobility and Security by Microsoft (mobile device compliance and security, mobile application management, Windows 10 deployment).
  • Microsoft 365 security and threat management deployment (cloud app security solution, alerts, and security reports).
  • Managing Microsoft 365’s governance and compliance (data loss prevention policies, data governance, auditing, eDiscovery).

SharePoint certifications: Are they worthwhile?

Although being a certified SharePoint administrator may take a lot of time and study, the effort pays off with a highly regarded and sought-after certification that will make you stand out in the competitive job market for Microsoft specialists.

If you can demonstrate that you have the skills that employers want, you can prove that you have SharePoint skills and earn well as a SharePoint administrator; salaries can frequently reach above $100,000 depending on experience, with those moving on to SharePoint architect or technical consultant roles earning up to $150,000.

As of December 27, 2022, the US average income for a SharePoint Administrator is $98,560; however, the range is normally between $82,948 and $112,648. 


Microtek Learning is acknowledged as the industry leader when it comes to providing SharePoint Certification. Our highly qualified “Microsoft Technical Expert Team” consists of more than 27 top experts with 20+ years of experience instructing how to successfully manage SharePoint projects, design applications, and generate dashboards. Our specialized instructors have developed cutting-edge teaching techniques to assist ambitious applicants in acquiring accustomed to the SharePoint user interface and using the online version of SharePoint to boost cooperation and production.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Certification Training is centered on equipping people with the skills and knowledge needed to swiftly access operational functions, such as security settings, site and data backups, restorations, and privilege modifications, on a single dashboard. Businesses will be able to use Microsoft SharePoint to create websites, manage internal procedures, monitor progress, and safely communicate data between departments thanks to these courses.

SharePoint, a web-based intranet, can aid organizations in operating more successfully by improving data access and administration. Microsoft wants to boost user productivity by making it possible for users of SharePoint to access and engage with their digital assets through the platform. Microsoft SharePoint also allows information to be organized, shared securely, and accessible from any device.

SharePoint Development is one of the most widely used online web application platforms for fostering team communication, and it is also a part of the Microsoft Office server package.

Microsoft SharePoint is currently widely used on a global scale as a result of the expanding significance of online business communication. One of the platform’s most significant advantages is the way SharePoint streamlines and unifies the user experience, allowing users to interact with business data, information, and processes. The SharePoint Server allows for the creation of teams and various types of sites. Using websites, information can be organized, shared securely, and accessed from any device.

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