How to Become a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified Professional

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam – AZ-900 certification is increasingly getting popular among professionals. The primary reason for its popularity is that professionals can start aiming to pass other Azure exams after clearing this exam.

Secondly, businesses worldwide are increasingly relying on cloud services. Microsoft Azure, a renowned cloud services platform, is estimated to be used by 90% of Fortune 500 firms.

This article explains the Azure Fundamentals Certification in detail.  

What Is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is an introductory or entry-level certification for the Azure cloud services platform that Microsoft offers. AZ-900 is the initial certification in Microsoft Azure’s role-based certification hierarchy.

The AZ-900 certification certifies a person’s grasp of Microsoft Azure cloud services. It is most suitable for professionals who use cloud services on a daily basis but have little or no experience with the intricacies.

With Azure Fundamentals AZ-900, you may expand your knowledge base

The Azure Fundamentals Certification exam covers how Microsoft Azure offers cloud services. It is meant for applicants who want to start working with cloud-based services and solutions as a starter and eventually make a career out of it.

Candidates can showcase their understanding of multiple areas of Azure Cloud, including cloud concepts, cloud security, cloud services, Azure pricing, Azure privacy, and cloud workloads, with the Azure Fundamentals Certification exam.

Some other reasons for professionals to choose Azure Fundamental Certification:

  • You can learn about the multiple use cases for Azure cloud services in different sectors.
  • Get enhanced learning about Azure’s Core Services that consist of architectural components, administration tools, and Azure products and solutions.
  • Learn the differences between PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS (Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service)
  • Gain all the knowledge of the privacy, security, and compliance features present in Azure products.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the Azure service lifecycle, Azure pricing and subscriptions, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Why Should You Become Certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals?

Businesses globally are choosing advanced technology. Both professionals and companies are looking for upgrades – in terms of job profile, potential employees, company growth, etc. With an increasing demand for cloud computing, you should consider these reasons to get Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified.

  • A majority of Fortune 500 firms prefer Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure is a rapidly expanding cloud-based service provider around the world.
  • Microsoft Azure has been officially accredited for government processes in several nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • There is a strong prediction that cloud computing can reach a $300 billion industry worldwide.
  • Cloud computing has made inroads into a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, education, and others, lowering infrastructure and IT expenses.
  • With Microsoft Azure being nearly everywhere and the Windows OS platform, a potential monopoly is in the cards.

You can explore more reasons to become Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified here.

Does The Certification Improve Your Income Prospects?

The job portal indeed mentions that Microsoft Azure certified experts in the United States earn between USD 70,000 and USD 200,000 a year, based on the nature of job, experience, expertise, and other factors. Candidates can check the link mentioned here to more about Microsoft Azure salaries in their respective country. It can be helpful for them to decide the certification path they should pursue.

Glassdoor also adds information to the jar by mentioning that Azure specialists earn an annual average salary of $108,744.

How To Become Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified?

You can choose between two different methods to get a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate.

  • There is a self-learning model in which you can learn at your pace. It involves going through Microsoft Learning paths.
  • The second option is to join Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification training provided by an accredited training provider like Microtek Learning.

Training providers are skilled at bringing immersive instructor-led Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training. They can better enable you to ace Microsoft Azure. As a result, enrolling in training is a wise and popular way to begin your Azure journey.

How To Start With Azure Fundamentals Training?

  • Begin with enrolling for training from an authorized Microsoft Training Partner
  • Start your research and studies after receiving training documents from the trainer
  • Participate in Microsoft Azure expert instructor-led training programs.
  • Discuss with co-participants from different industry sectors & backgrounds to understand the practicalities and ground realities
  • Ensure that the Microsoft Azure cloud services have a solid basis.
  • Begin your Microsoft Azure Certification journey with the AZ-900 certification

Benefits Of Training With An Authorized Learning Partner

  • Grow With Trained Instructors: An authorized Microsoft Learning Partner such as Microtek always introduces exam candidates to highly-experienced instructors who help crack even the toughest of questions within a few minutes. Having the support of a well-versed instructor is always a plus point for candidates.
  • Spontaneous Doubt Clarification: The biggest drawback of self-preparation is the immense amount of research that a candidate does for one doubt. A candidate can clear all their doubts during the training for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam or AZ-900.
  • Get Certification In First Attempt: You stand a strong chance to clear your AZ-900 certification exam on your first attempt with the help of instructor-led training, which may not be the case in self-preparation.
  • Learn Complicated Information Easily: The biggest advantage of learning with an authorized learning partner is that you can easily learn even the most difficult concepts. Dealing with challenging technical concepts is usually tough for participants, but with training, it eases out.

Tips For Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

These are a few tips to help you better prepare for the AZ-900 examination. Participants can follow these tips, whether they self-prepare or enroll in training.

  • Search The Microsoft Documentations

Microsoft provides a host of information on AZ-900 and Azure Fundamentals. It is beneficial for candidates to look through them as they prepare for the examination or certification. These documents can provide great insights into the Azure Cloud application, concepts, and the services that come with it. The documentation helps candidates strengthen their foundations and attain the theoretical knowledge required to clear the exam.

  • Look For The Study Circles

You can join various AZ-900 study groups or collectives to enhance their knowledge with a larger learning community. You can learn and discover from widely circulated resources in those communities and forums. Joining communities is also a good way to discuss and understand difficult ideas & prepare for the certification exam.

  • Read & Learn From The Informative Books

Participants can look for AZ-900 concepts in books, ebooks, or publications online. Although Azure Fundamentals is the preliminary certification for Azure universe, a person has to put in immense effort to pass the exam in a single sitting. Hence, written material such as books to revisit the topics before the examination, in addition to all of the internet preparation materials.

  • Take Up The Practice Exam for AZ-900

Finally, prior to appearing for the exam, ensure that you are well-versed with the exam format and can pass it confidently. You could also consider taking practice tests on a digital platform to evaluate your current level of competency. This is a practical method of determining your level of preparation.

No matter which path you choose to prepare for the Azure fundamentals exam, you must follow a process to pass. All the knowledge you gain assists you in obtaining this certification as well as advancing your profession. So, once you have are done with some preparation of AZ-900 exam, you can take a step forward and schedule your exam. You can keep practicing to improve your skills even after scheduling your exam.

At The Concluding Note

Professionals and companies are increasingly eyeing towards evolution to grow in a technologically developing corporate landscape. Hence, businesses, around the globe, are adopting loud-based solutions and practices.

To keep ahead of the competition and gain knowledge on Microsoft Azure, you can enroll in the Azure Fundamentals Certification from an authorized training provider. Obtaining the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification can help you progress your career in the cloud computing area, opening doors to various rewarding opportunities.

Have a look here if you wish to explore Microtek Azure Training Courses.

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