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As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Microtek Learning is with you on your learning journey with every resource you need to pass the Microsoft Azure role-based certification exam. Azure is a cloud-based platform that changes the way businesses deliver their products and services to clients. Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform is definitely a game-changer for many organizations.

  • Beginner to Advanced level training.
  • Learn from Industry Experts.
  • Hands-On Learning.
  • Microsoft Experts design curriculum.
  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate.
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Microsoft Azure Certification Training Can Improve Your Cloud Mastery

Microsoft Azure is a cutting-edge learning program that offers a diverse range of Microsoft Azure courses designed specifically for individuals and businesses looking for hands-on experience. You can rely on our advanced Microsoft Azure certification training to obtain a deeper understanding of cloud computing topics or to discover ways for building and launching cloud apps.
Microtek Learning is the authorized azure learning partner of Microsoft. Our Microsoft Azure certification training cover all the essential Azure tools, making it a good starting point for professionals who do not have any experience with the platform. Our main aim is to help professionals create and host applications in their Microsoft database more efficiently.
Our Microsoft Azure certification training helps individuals learn the basics as well as highly advanced Azure concepts. Professionals can educate themselves from our wide variety of courses, and our Microsoft azure certified instructors also help them clear their doubts and queries. After finishing our Microsoft Azure technical training program, professionals will also receive assignments to test the abilities and knowledge gained from the training sessions.
Trainees can choose the best Microsoft Azure certification training that aligns with their budget and learning style. Choose from live classroom training or instructor-led online training, self- paced, blended-live, or private on-site training.

Key Features

  • Certified & Industry Experts Trainers
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Free Demo on Request
  • Multiple Training Delivery Methods
  • 24/7 Support
  • One-on-One Doubt Clearing
  • Curriculum Designed by Experts
  • Real-time Project Use Cases
  • Assessment Quiz
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Advantages of the Microsoft Azure Training on Cloud Platform

You can learn fundamental to advanced cloud computing or develop/ deploy applications with the official Microsoft Azure certification training. It will help you to utilize your cloud environment to its real potential. It got a lot easier to create and host applications on the Microsoft database. 

Do your employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to leverage the advantages of a cloud computing platform? Our Microsoft Azure Training will give your employees the computing, data storage, analytics, or networking skills they require. Our Azure Certification Training is available - live-online, classroom, e-Learning, and on-demand including Azure online training.

If your goal is to acquire Azure certification, then we got you covered with comprehensive Azure training for all role-based certifications in the Data & AI solutions and Apps & Infrastructure. Microtek Learning is the Learning Partner of Microsoft. Our Azure certification training has been structured to help you and your team members ace the Azure certification exam.

Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certification

Everybody can't do the same job; likewise, one certification is irrelevant to multiple job roles. Microsoft Azure Certification role-based path is designed for every professional with varied experience, and it will make your learning more relevant and structured. Microsoft is transforming the way of certification, and now, you don't have to look for a specific technology; they are now bringing more job-centric techniques towards developing and designing. With these Azure role-based certifications, professionals can choose a certificate that matches their job roles and prove their commitment, understand new skills, and utilize them to perform their tasks efficiently. These role-based Azure certification training will give your team members the networking, analytics, computing, data storage, and more skills they require to grow. With hands-on Microsoft Azure Training, enhance your knowledge of the Azure platform and empower your team members with scalability and productivity.

  • Azure
  • Azure AI
  • Azure Data
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Security Engineer
  • Azure AI Engineer
  • Azure Data Scientist
  • Azure Database Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Azure Solutions
  • Architect
  • Azure Devops Engineer
  • Azure for SAP Workloads
  • Azure for Developer


Microtek Learning's Azure Training enables you to manage and implement storage, deploy Azure computing, and accomplish various tasks. Azure training uses in nearly every cloud role and competence. Discover the fundamentals of cloud and master the Azure Stack. Real-world training from Microtek Learning delivers you the excellent cloud skills that every organization is looking for.

Benefits of Azure Certification

Career Growth: Microsoft Training validates your skills in this industry. It will always be worthy for enterprises to provide workers with a higher wage experience.

Flexible Career: Azure certification will open up many doors for employees. You can work as a developer, cloud engineer, or system architect.

Become a Valuable Asset: If you validate your Microsoft Azure knowledge and skills with certification, then you will be an asset to any organization. It will also keep you up to date about recent technologies, responsibilities, and standards.

Fast Learning Process: Microsoft Azure training gives you a condensed understanding that helps you learn Azure quickly. It provides you with other resources such as Xcode, Hadoop, and Eclipse.

Higher Salary: The demand for cloud computing experts is much higher than other IT professionals, and that's why you will definitely get a higher salary worldwide.

Structured Learning and Security Offerings: Microsoft Azure training course trains you for the Security Engineer job role and gives you fantastic security opportunities.

Improve Artificial Intelligence Skills: The Microsoft Azure training gives you the understanding to improve your process, voice-recognition, computer-vision, and bots.

Seamless Integration with .NET Platform: With the help of Azure developer certification, you will be able to comprehend the Integration to an advanced stage.

Commitment: Having a Microsoft Azure certification represents that you are ready to commit to work; you will devote your time and effort to accomplishing a goal.

Keep up with the latest trends in your field: By enrolling yourself in an Azure training learning program, you will get to know the most recent information. Best practices will be provided to you, and updates on the recent advancements.

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