What is the CAPM Certification? Advantages and More


Project managers are among the most in-demand experts in the corporate and IT sectors. Over 15 million project management jobs were available worldwide in 2020, and more are added annually. Companies in a variety of sectors have been trying to fill these positions with project managers who fit the qualifications and experience needs that promote value and expansion at the corporate level.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers two important certifications: the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification. It seeks to increase a candidate’s credibility and give experts chances to oversee significant projects, develop their abilities, and advance their careers.

What is CAPM Certification?

The Project Management Institute offers the CAPM certification, which is an entry-level certificate. The purpose of this Certified Associate in Project Management credential is to help professionals who want to learn more about project management and broaden their perspectives. Any applicant who passes the required certification exam receives a certificate.

This entails being proficient in a variety of areas, including concepts, terminologies, and managerial procedures. The sixth version of the PMBOK Guide serves as the foundation for the CAPM exam, which adopts its curriculum. The 7th edition was also released to the public recently. Experts recommend using the PMBOK 6th edition as a study guide for the CAPM certification exam.

Is It Worth It to Get the CAPM Certification?

A lot of professionals are hesitant to start over in a different field and pursue new career paths. Since the CAPM is ultimately a fundamental-level certification, people frequently wonder if getting this certification is worthwhile or if it would be better to pursue another field.

People choose to get a professional certification for two main reasons. The first is for higher-paying jobs and career advancement. The pay raise is the other. Make sure you understand the advantages of obtaining this certification before choosing to pursue it.

Advantages of CAPM Certification:

Regardless of the business, project managers are an essential component of all organizations worldwide. Obtaining a CAPM certification would surely lead to several opportunities for you. Among this credential’s primary advantages are:

  • Improved and worldwide employment opportunities: Nearly every business today is experiencing an increase in demand for project managers with the necessary training and abilities. Obtaining this certification enhances your value as a candidate and opens up more favorable work prospects for you.
  • Professional and personal development: Those who hold a CAPM certification find it easier to advance their careers and improve themselves. The learning path for the CAPM credential and the training program aid applicants in becoming competent and self-assured in their abilities. They get knowledge on how to recognize and take advantage of market trends as well as manage difficult clients and projects.
  • Greater payment opportunities: The average salary increase for candidates with a CAPM accreditation is 25%. The candidate’s talents, industry, experience, and nation will all influence the precise and total amount of their pay increase. But there’s no denying that the certification will improve your resume. We’ll go into more detail about growth prospects and salaries for CAPM certification below.

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The Salary and Job Scope of a CAPM Certification:

Obtaining a CAPM certification equips you with the skills needed for entry-level project management roles such as associate manager, junior project manager, and project coordinator. The field of project management is expanding quickly, and project managers are in high demand. Research from Burning Glass Technologies states that between March 2019 and February 2020, over 2,80,000 entry-level project management jobs were posted. Additionally, it said that from 2017 to 2019, the number of job posts for project managers increased by 51%, and that candidates with certifications made 21% more money than those without.

By 2030, there would need to be 25 million project managers worldwide to accommodate the growing need, according to a 2021 PMI assessment. By February 2022, the average annual compensation for a project manager in the United States will be $67,911. The following are a few more career roles and their corresponding salaries that require CAPM training:

  • $67,911 PA: Project manager
  • $64,501 PA: Project analyst
  • $52,014 PA: Project coordinator
  • $74,645 PA: Project control specialist
  • $63,582 PA: Junior project manager
  • $60,278 PA: Associate project manager

Salary by country:

There is a great need for people with CAPM certification in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, and India. The pay scales for CAPM specialists in each of these nations are listed below.

  • USA – USD 60,000-126,000
  • UK – GBP 58,000-109,000
  • Australia – AUD 80,000-152,000
  • Canada – CAD 30,000-60,000
  • India – INR 5,47,000-20,00,000

Who Can Take the CAPM Exam?

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a certification aimed at certifying the competence of beginners in the field of project management. To take the CAPM certification exam, you should:

  • You wish to pursue a career in project management.
  • In order to better manage projects, you need more experience.
  • You’re doing what you can to get ready for the PMP exam.
  • You plan to get the PMP certification.

Make the most of your profession by enrolling in a CAPM certification training right now.

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