What makes SharePoint On-Premises different from SharePoint Online?


Microsoft SharePoint is the most powerful collaboration tool available. It contains a lot of advanced functions, such as task and data management, team management, blogging, and so on. Microsoft SharePoint enables enterprises to share data with a variety of users and provides a platform for data content management for a variety of organisations. Any SharePoint-enabled organisation can develop and design sites, as well as offer rights to individuals based on business needs.

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The SharePoint On-Premises required a vast amount of capital investment to establish physical hardware & cost of electricity, support, and licensing.

SharePoint Online outsources the whole infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft offers Office 365 and SharePoint Online as a cloud-based choice for SharePoint On-Premises, and office 365 is a SaaS – Software as a Service cloud computing product.

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SharePoint On-Premises

1. To run a SharePoint On-Premises, you will require more room and an IT professionals’ team to maintain and manage the server and add patches and updates.

2. Many organizations are using On-Premises due to legal / privacy reasons, for Example, Hospitals. In the cloud, which is hosted by Microsoft, there is a chance of legal disputes. Hence with SharePoint On-Premises, there are no problems with privacy.

3. In a corporate business, where data is everything. Sometimes they cannot store their information/data in the cloud due to compliance or legality, so On-Premises is the best option.

4. Many businesses’ subscriptions (E2, E3, and E3 Subscriptions) permit online editing of Microsoft Office documents. Its cost-related considerations.

5. Some businesses stick to On-Premises because it provides advanced customization, but the cloud has its limitations, and you have to give up the control.

6. If your business is on the cloud, then you are totally dependent on Internet availability. It’s a significant concern because you can’t access your data without internet availability. 

7. SharePoint farm is a problem because you have no control. If Microsoft makes a new patch or, in some cases, a newer version of SharePoint, that will break at least one of your Web apps, and you don’t have a path to test or rectify the patch sooner or even prevent a tough one patch from being deployed.

Above there are many points on why you should opt for SharePoint On-Premises and not SharePoint Online. And still, there are various reasons why you should opt for SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online:

1. An essential feature of SharePoint Online is that it allows you to create/design a document and share it easily with other teams to communicate, get feedback and ideas, and add more value to the document. OneDrive enables businesses to put their information, working data, and files and share it with anyone and on any device.

2. You can also use Office Online Apps, which comes with an Office 365 subscription, to use it with SharePoint. SharePoint Online with Power BI is a handy tool. By utilizing reports and dashboards, you can visualize and present data in a better way. Such applications are Delve, Power BI, Power App, and Flow.

3. All the apps and features mentioned above are also available on mobile devices. With the real-time sync capabilities, individuals can access their data/information anytime and anywhere without any trouble.

4. Another advantage of SharePoint Online is that you don’t have to bother about the patches and new version updating as Microsoft takes care of it. And the best part is that without upgrading or patching it, you can utilize all the latest features.

5. Easy to scale farm up & down. Providing a new user on office 365 is very simple. Go to the Admin Portal and give new licenses or create a new user.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s SharePoint On-Premises or Hybrid, or SharePoint Online Office 365, as per the requirements of your organization. No matter what you decide, it is always recommended to back up your data. It is effortless to back up your data through third-party solutions in cloud based. It can back up your data daily, and it is readily available.

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