Cloud Computing Salary: Key Predictions for 2023

Cloud Computing

As the year turns to 2023, cloud-based technology is believed an established technology. In fact, several components of cloud-a handful of rapidly growing technologies-continue to be in change from cloud-native to multi-cloud. Moreover, edge computing is on a rapid growth curve, and will certainly influence the development of the cloud. According to the World Economic Forum, the adoption of new technologies and structural changes in businesses are predicted to provide over 133 million new jobs in domains like healthcare, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), education, and workforce management by 2025.

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Cloud computing, in specific, has come out as a key technical skill that enterprises are relying on to stay adaptive, responsive, and agile in the new environment. If in case you are seeking to step into a cloud career or rise to the highest levels by learning fresh skills According to Gartner forecasts the expenses on public cloud services to jump to USD 304.9 billion in 2023 from USD 257.5 billion in 2022 as cloud plays a crucial role to help businesses recover from the onslaughts of the epidemic. 

The reaction of Businesses to the pandemic response has leaned deeply on the cloud, and revenue and demand escalated for Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, and are anticipated to grow more in 2023. Not that anyone was necessarily looking for “a star” amid pandemic recovery, however, if an inanimate object may possibly be considered one, it would be the cloud, which has taken the limelight, as per the currently released “Cloud Computing ForresterNow Predictions 2023.” Few reports also projected that at the end of the year 2023, 60 percent of enterprises will leverage public cloud platforms on containers and 25 percent of developers will take benefits of serverless.

Cloud Computing Salary Scopes and Trends for 2023

The global coronavirus epidemic has placed great stress on the requirement for expert and proficient technology professionals for supporting enterprises’ crucial operations and strategic initiatives. In-demand technical expertise  and skills count Scrum, and Agile, C#, Angular, ASP.NET, cloud computing (Microsoft AzureAWS,  and Google Cloud, containerization (Kubernetes, Helm and Docker,), Java, Golang, JavaScript, ITIL, Kotlin, PHP, Linux, ReactJS, Python, and React Native, SQL, Ruby on Rails, virtualization and augmented, virtual, mixed & cross reality.

As companies give second thoughts to their models and strategies, they are hiring highly professionals that can assist them to leverage cloud computing to meet their digital revolution goals. Through the global employment rate in technology at an all-time top and low candidates are loaded with offers, employers are going all out in providing rewarding salaries along with excellent benefits and perks to these IT experts.

According to Gartner, with half of all enterprises worldwide projected to become cloud-centric by the year 2023, acquiring cloud skills could be well value your efforts and time and could bring you sufficient job opportunities with the highest paying perks and salaries.  Listed below some of the top cloud-based jobs with a handsome average income for 2023:

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1. Network and Cloud Architect

Network/ cloud architects are accountable for planning, designing, and updating several network & cloud projects — essentially developing the company’s entire computing strategy. They work directly with the Information Technology team and act as their core resource when it comes to mitigating and troubleshooting problems related to network architecture and advising system enhancements.

To be successful in this specific role, aspirants must have better experience in managing cloud and network technologies. Besides, they should excel in technological problem-solving and must have great analytical and strong communication skills. As per the current stats, the average cloud computing experts in the U.S. makes over USD 160,000 annually. The preferred cross-certification for the documentation is the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

2. Cloud Network Engineer

The task of every loud Cloud Network Engineer is implementing, designing, and managing everyday support and maintenance of cloud network services. They also identify the best cloud service providers & scaling cloud solutions for addressing ever-growing business requirements. To complete such tasks, the aspirant should have expertise in cloud software and hardware and networking.

A background in network and server infrastructure, security, and interfacing, together with problem-solving and analytical skills, is necessary to get hired in this particular position. The aspirant should be familiar with foremost cloud providers, i.e. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and MS Azure also have an understanding of cloud-based systems. As of Dec 20, 2022, the standard yearly pay for a Cloud Network Engineer in the USA is USD 107,370 every year. This is the equivalent of USD 8,948/month or USD 2,065/week.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

As the candidate who ensures enterprises are upgraded with technological changes for meeting their goals and requirements, computer systems analysts can assist businesses to make the switch to the cloud efficiently and swiftly. Also referred to as systems architects, these professionals get to the core of an organization’s current computer systems, procedures, and processes to develop solutions to help them adapt their operations to the changing times and perform effectively. As such, companies require hiring the expertise of computer systems analysts to assist them with their adoption of cloud systems. Computer Systems Analysts earned an average salary of $93,610 in 2018. The national average salary for a Computer Systems Analyst is $64,394 in the United States.

4. Cloud Security Analysts

The crucial role of Cloud Security Analysts is to ensure the cloud systems’ security within an enterprise and recommending particular measures that can boost the company’s entire security, specifically concerning cloud use. They require to work hands-on to determine potential glitches and mitigate security requirements when the enterprise is migrating to the public cloud. The suitable people for these jobs should have a great CSE background and expertise in the current security protocols, certification, and authentication.

Perfect communication and analytical skills are the main necessities, whilst those familiar with cloud-based solutions such as MS Azure, AWS, and Rackspace have an extra benefit. The entry-level Cyber Security Analyst profession with an experience of 1-4 years can easily earn an average of USD 71,204 of total compensation on 1,713 salaries. However, the mid-level Cyber Security Analyst with 5-9 years earns an average of total compensation USD 88,047. The average package for Cloud Security is USD 142,281 in the USA.

5. Cloud Database Administrator

With tasks shifted to the cloud and the rising popularity of DBaaS (database as a service), database administrators are rapidly working with information in the cloud. Accountable for managing cloud databases, such IT staffs play a curial role to guide companies into new technologies like blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence, all of which are enabled by the cloud. Each candidate in this specific role functions straight with managers, customers, and business leaders to search out the proper ways to apply data for solving business issues.

In order to get hired in this role required a few essential skills counting the understanding of MS Azure, DevOps, JSON,  machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence, and Linux and Linux scripting. The average Cloud Database Administrator package in the USA is USD 130,000 annually or USD 66.67 every hour. Entry-level jobs start at USD 73,238 annually whilst most skilled workers make up to USD 165,750 each year.

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Final Words

By and large, the majority of enterprises have moved to cloud computing not interested to opt for traditional on-premises data centers, with big giants embracing third-party cloud infrastructure. These are some of the high-paying tech jobs listed, as businesses are shifting to the cloud in droves, enhancing your tech skills and expertise is a crucial start for your flourishing IT career. Not just will this tech expertise fortify you with the expertise for attracting some of the best prospects in the market, yet they will also future-proof your profession. 

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