Top Cloud Computing Skills You Must Have in 2023

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Top Cloud Computing Skills - You Must Have

These days organizations have been more focused on the adaption of cloud services, and it will remain the same in the coming years. According to the IDC report, public cloud adoption will continue to rise, and the public cloud market has reached $273.38 billion. Due to this, the demand for professionals with cloud computing skills has increased.

The popular in-demand cloud platforms are Amazon (Amazon Web Services, AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google. Research said that the cloud computing market is going to grow 35% in the coming years. Because of the pandemic, distance learning and remote work created more demand for cloud services.

What is Cloud Computing?

It is a remote service that is used to store, manage, and process data on the cloud. User can access his/her data or applications over the network anytime and anywhere. There are three categories of Cloud Computing Services:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

There are some assumptions about learning Cloud Computing:

  • You must be a good coder for cloud computing: This is wrong; you don't have to learn coding to become a Cloud Computing Expert.
  • Only experienced professionals can get into a cloud career. That's wrong; you can also start as a fresher in the cloud.
  • Only an IT person can do this; this is a myth, my friend. Anyone can learn Cloud Computing.

Top Cloud Computing Skills You Must Know

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the most in-demand skills for the cloud computing role. IT security is a top priority in most organizations; cloud computing is outsourcing the storage and retrieval of often-sensitive business data - requires a heavy focus on security and trust. A minor security breach has the potential to disclose customer data, steal-worthy intellectual property, and permanently damage a company's reputation. In general, the demand for cybersecurity is massive and growing every day, but particularly in the cloud domain.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the additional cloud computing skills recommended for growth in a cloud career. The cloud merchants have offered tools and services that provide access to cloud-based AI and machine learning applications; they have become vital cloud computing skills. Cloud computing can deliver the computing power and infrastructure demanded by organizations of any size that want to dally in AI and machine learning.

Cloud Deployment and Migration Across Multiple Platforms

Organizations need professional deployment and migration skills from the IT systems to a cloud platform or from one cloud platform to another. It isn't simple but needing advanced cloud computing skills to protect the integrity and security of data.  If you have the AWS, Azure and Google skills, you'll have more career possibilities and more value within an organization.


DevOps comes from the term "development operations", It is the favoured software development method that uses the entire software lifecycle into account, from planning to maintenance. This method allows organizations to automate specific updates and get updates out much faster and efficiently. It is the most in-demand development process of cloud computing, so adding this skill will be a smart move.

Other Cloud Computing Skills

We have mentioned the most important and in-demand cloud computing skills to pursue. But everyone's needs and career path, and existing skills sets are different. So below skills are also crucial in the world of cloud computing.

  • Serverless architecture
  • Programming languages
  • Linux certification
  • Quality assurance 

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