How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace With Microsoft Training

how to increase productivity in the workplace

Technology has played a key role in the major evolution of the modern workplace. Microsoft Office stands out among the many tools used to run modern enterprises because it is widely known and used. But given its extensive possibilities, is your team making the most of it? Introducing Microsoft training and certifications. Let’s take a closer look at how to increase productivity in the workplace with Microsoft Training.

What Are the Advantages of Taking Microsoft Training?

Getting Microsoft certified isn’t just about spiffing up your CV. It’s all about setting yourself apart from the competition in the job market by showcasing your cutting-edge skills. Your education doesn’t end with certification. Since the technology industry is continually evolving, Microsoft expects its certified professionals to renew their credentials on a regular basis to ensure they remain up-to-date.

6 Ways To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

1. Microsoft Office Suite’s Strength

The suite offers many tools, including OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and more, to satisfy the different needs of modern businesses. Employees can enhance workplace productivity and teamwork by means of participating in Microsoft training to learn how to use the Office suite’s many features.

2. Microsoft Training: A Foundation for Skill Growth

Microsoft training is going past an easy function-via-characteristic run -via the software. It goes deep, making sure people understand both the “how” and the “why.” Training allows for comprehending the actual use of tools through hands-on activities and real-world settings, ensuring that skills aren’t most effectively learned but also positioned into exercise.

3. Advantages of Microsoft Certifications

Advantages of Microsoft Certifications

Credibility: Microsoft certifications provide professionals with a sign of credibility, showing their knowledge and dedication to learning.

Efficiency: Trained professionals can make the most of the Office suite by automating everyday duties and streamlining others.

Collaboration: Microsoft-certified employees can inspire advanced conversation and collaboration amongst groups by utilizing structures like Teams and SharePoint to break through organizational silos.

Data analysis: Training programs like Excel training give employees the capability to manage and analyze statistics, which helps in making well-informed decisions.

4. How Do You Know Which Microsoft Courses to Take?

There are several Microsoft courses available, depending on your company’s demands and the positions of your employees. There is a course designed for any need, whether it be mastering PowerPoint presentations, utilizing OneDrive’s cloud storage, or learning advanced Excel functions.

5. Redefine the Skills with Microsoft Certification Training

The tech industry is always changing. Employees may stay current on the newest features and best practices through Microsoft certification training. Regular training keeps the employees up to date, helps them to evolve with the times, and increases production.

6. Make the Right Decision

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Microsoft training. It’s critical to evaluate your organization’s requirements, recognize any gaps, and then create a training program that is consistent with your corporate goals.

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Microsoft training can help you increase productivity in the workplace.

The organizational effectiveness of 1,200 IT teams was investigated in a survey by IDC that was funded by Microsoft. The study looked at the correlation between team performance and the proportion of the team that was Microsoft certified across a range of technologies. The study concluded that increased organizational performance and certification were positively connected. Certification had a discernible effect on general service excellence and particular task-level performance measures:

  • The performance of teams is crucial to 75% of managers, according to certification.
  • According to 66% of managers, accreditation raises the quality of service and support provided to IT end users/customers.
  • Every time a new team member receives certification, team performance improves.
  • Team performance is directly enhanced when there are more Microsoft-certified team members present.
  • On average, between 40 and 55 percent of members of top-performing teams are certified Microsoft employees who have received training in pertinent Microsoft technologies and procedures.

The IDC study’s findings are unequivocal: Every improvement in team performance raises organizational performance. Furthermore, this research shows that team performance increases for each newly qualified team member.

Business is increased by Microsoft certification by 80%.

Having credentialed employees within the organization grants the corporation real evidence that helps it stand out from rivals.

Joy Rathnayake is a senior software engineer with IronOne Technologies in Sri Lanka.

By securing new projects based on certification, IronOne Technologies, a software design and development company that specializes in outsourced IT services, has boosted its business by 80%. Due to their wide range of specialties and certified staff, IronOne Technologies is a desirable partner for projects requiring Microsoft Global Services and Asia Consulting Services. IronOne’s. NET team leader Rathnayake emphasizes the importance of having certified staff.

How to get Microsoft certified?

To obtain a Microsoft certification, adhere to these simple steps:

1. Choose the certification you require.

Choose which certification is best for your career out of the several that are offered at various levels. If there is a particular qualification that your management would like you to earn, think about asking them. If you’re looking for work, look through job advertisements to find out which certifications are most in demand.

2. Research topics and/or finish training programs

Although training is not necessary, you might think about hiring a trainer to assist you in getting ready. If hiring a trainer is out of your financial range, you can use an at-home test lab. Experiment with the laboratories in the books you purchased or received from your instructor.

3. Finish a practice test.

To help you get ready for the actual exam, take practice tests. It is common to perform poorly on practice exams the first few times you take them. Think about the topics that are the most challenging for you, and concentrate your study sessions on questions and themes related to those areas.

4. Renew your license.

Regular certification renewals are frequently required. Some call for annual renewal. Check to see if you need to renew your certification and if so, how to do so. You can continue to list the qualification in this manner on your resume.

How Microtek Learning Helps Enhance Workplace Productivity?

Microsoft Learning Partner helps organizations discover learning opportunities that meet the exact requirements and outcomes they require to get from the program. A group-wide learning program helps people achieve their objectives, boost their performance, increasing workplace productivity and their engagement and help them move forward in their career. This is precisely the kind of thing that Microsoft Learning Partner – Microtek Learning does. We ease the burden on your and your team through managing trainers across multiple locations, making sure that the curriculum is aligned and coordinated, as well as monitoring and managing the progress of the program.

Microtek Learning has helped over 80 percent of Fortune 1000 firms and helped more than 14,000 companies and 150,000 professionals meet their goals through experienced and skilled experts in learning with vast knowledge in the field. Through the official Microsoft education offered with Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), Microtek Learning fills crucial knowledge gaps, increase staff productivity, and allows for seamless implementation, deployment, and consumption.

Microsoft Training features that help boost productivity for employees include:

  • MCT – Microsoft Certified trainers
  • Interactive sessions with real-world scenarios
  • Microsoft training using official courseware
  • 180-day access to a vast virtual lab
  • 365-day access to instructor-led class recordings
  • Access to Learner Portal
  • Free repeats are available
  • You can get 24/7 priority support


Having the right tools is no longer enough in the era of fast digital transformation. What differentiates businesses is their mastery over them. Organizations can make sure they’re not just keeping up with the competition but also one step ahead by investing in Microsoft certification training. By doing this, they will be improving productivity in the workplace, making the most of the Microsoft Office suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase staff productivity?

Show Gratitude: Employees are greatly motivated when they receive recognition because it gives them a sense of success and shows them that their efforts and hard work are acknowledged. Employee self-confidence is bolstered by acknowledgement, which also improves workplace productivity. 

How to increase staff productivity?

  • Positive outlook and active participation from management
  • Proactive worker
  • Excellent working condition
  • Tools and apparatus to increase output
  • Accessibility of input resources

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