Guide to Microsoft Certification Dashboard

Microsoft Certification Dashboard

IT professionals who wish to expand their expertise and learn the newest advanced skills frequently pursue Microsoft certification dashboard. With these certifications, professionals may stand out from the crowd, get better jobs, and earn more money. Professionals that obtained certifications reported that it raised their revenue by 35%. Additionally, 25% of respondents said they received promotions. Microsoft provides numerous certifications in a variety of areas, including Data Science, Data Engineering, and DevOps.

Microsoft offers free online training for their certifications on Microsoft Learning Dashboard. You can access practice exams and other tools to help with your exam preparation. However, there is a time limit on holding a specialty certification. After one year, they’re no longer valid.Microsoft Certification Dashboard allows you to monitor your certifications and receive notifications when they are about to expire or require renewal. You may check when your certificates expire, view your exam history, and see whether you need to renew them. Professionals highly value Microsoft certification.

What you need to know about Microsoft Certification Dashboard.

In June, Microsoft combined its Microsoft Learn platform with its Microsoft certification dashboard in order to provide users with a more streamlined experience and produce a single, unified profile. Everything associated with your certificates can be found stored on the Microsoft Exam Dashboard. You can easily locate anything you would require. Go to Microsoft Learn, select the overview of certificates, and click “Go to Certification Dashboard.”

By entering your login and password into Microsoft Learn, you may also check your dashboard by going to the “Certifications” section of your Learn profile. It’s crucial to remember that you must maintain an active Microsoft account to continue having access to your dashboard. You must log into your account at least twice per two years in order to do this. You can contact support to regain access if your account becomes inactive.

How should you handle your certification profile?

The IT industry is evolving. In a field where new and improved solutions are developed on a daily basis, it is essential that IT professionals keep up with the latest developments. Earning Microsoft certifications is a great way to expand your expertise. For checking certification profiles, there are guidelines as well. A training program cannot be finished without passing an exam. Your government identity card that you present during the exam is compared to the information on your profile. Any discrepancy will prevent you from taking the exam. As a result, you should regularly update your profile to prevent any problems.

In only a few clicks, you can make changes to your profile.

  • Access your Microsoft Learn account by logging in.
  • Select “edit your profile” from the menu.
  • By selecting the pencil symbol, you can edit your profile.
  • Edit each pertinent detail.
  • Click Save.

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How can I obtain my badges, transcript, and certificates?

Microsoft certifications have the advantage of being simple to share with the world thanks to badges and transcripts. The badge can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile or any other social networking site as evidence of your expertise.  They have a unique link to you in their image and metadata.

The completion of certificates is not the only use for badges. They are additionally awarded for passing examinations.

Follow these instructions to access your badges.

  • Log in with your Microsoft Learn profile.
  • Click on your image to visit your profile.
  • Pick certificates from the list that appears.
  • Your credentials will be obvious to anyone in the vicinity. If there are more than two, clicking “view all” will show all of them.
  • You can print and distribute a specific certification or badge by selecting “view certification details” from the drop-down menu.

You can download the transcript of your Microsoft certification by selecting “view transcript” under the “transcript” section. Your transcript is simple to download and can be sent by email. Your certifications are also available for download separately or as a zip file.

Use Credly to manage Microsoft certificates and badges

If you followed the above instructions for sharing your certifications & Badges, you will be taken to your Credly dashboard. Microsoft’s partnership with Credly improves the process of verifying, viewing, managing, and sharing certificates. Credly gives you access to countless job boards and recruitment platforms at any time of day or night.

You can take your badge from Credly and include it in your resume or another document as you see fit. Additionally, you may utilize the site to look for job openings, discover the industries in which your skills are in demand, and discover the correlation between your pay and skill set.

These are some advantages of Microsoft partnering with Credly.

  • With your Learn profile, you can immediately log in to Credly.
  • You can configure your Credly account to automatically accept badges as well.
  • Gain access to the option for one-click sharing of your certifications.

Microsoft certification is a great addition to your resume and give you the opportunity to update your education so you can keep growing and learning. Microsoft has an amazing Microsoft Certification Dashboard that can be used to keep track of your certifications and training. It provides you with a single view of your progress and accomplishments and is simple to use.

How to Login to Your Microsoft Certification Dashboard

Access your Microsoft Certification dashboard by going to, clicking Sign in in the upper right corner, and entering the Microsoft account you used to register for the Microsoft exams. Use a personal Microsoft account if you haven’t finished any training or exams yet.

Microsoft Certification dashboard

You will be returned to the same home page after logging in. Click on the icon of your profile picture in the upper right corner to select Profile.

Microsoft Dashboard Login

Using Microsoft Learn to Navigate your Profile

Upon accessing your profile page, you will notice that the navigation has been greatly enhanced to make it as user-friendly as possible. You may access all the pages you might require by using the main menu, which is located on the left.

Microsoft Learn to navigate your profile

Let’s examine the data shown on each page in more detail:

Training: This displays every lesson you’ve finished on Microsoft Learn, along with any challenges you’ve finished. 

Activity: Shows, but is not restricted to, the last 30 items you have done on your account in the last 30 days. This covers any learning modules you have finished as well as any Q&A forums you have engaged in.

Certifications: This section contains a list of all the examinations and certifications you have passed on your account. It also contains information on any forthcoming exams as well as a helpful link to the certification support forum, where subject matter experts and Microsoft staff can assist you.

Challenges: This is a list of every Microsoft Challenge in which you have taken part and finished. The challenges come up time and time again all year long, and they usually require you to finish a whole Microsoft Learn course before you can take a free Microsoft exam.

Collections: Any courses or learning modules you have put together into a “collection” can be found on this page. This will enable you to identify the courses you wish to finish more quickly the next time around and help you prioritize your learning. Additionally, collections can be made publicly available, as I have done with a few of my study aids.

Q&A: Displays every Q&A thread you are currently following. In the Microsoft Q&A forum, registered users can post technical questions, and subject matter experts will answer them.

Transcript: On the transcript page, you may view your digital exam transcript along with information about your current certifications, passed exams, completed modules, and MCT status. It can be distributed to friends and coworkers as well.

Achievements: All of the approved courses, modules, and learning paths you have finished are listed here. You can also redeem a “achievement code” that you received from a Microsoft Certified Trainer after finishing a course here so that the course appears on your profile.

Additionally, you may see your Microsoft Learn and XP levels (commonly known as digital brownie points) at the upper right corner of your profile. Other than serving as a reflection of the time you have invested in learning, they have no use.

Microsoft Learn and XP levels

View all previous Microsoft Exams

To see all of the previous examinations you’ve passed and failed, go to the certificates menu option and scroll down to the prior exams heading.

Microsoft Exams

Here you will find your most recent examinations; click View all to see a list of all Microsoft exams you have taken.

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Start your next Microsoft Exam

On exam day, choose Certifications from the menu in order to begin exams and check your scheduled exams from your Microsoft certification dashboard.

Microsoft Certification

You can see your upcoming exam dates at the top. It will send you the URL to begin your exam along with the name of the exam you have scheduled, its date and time, and more.

Upcoming Exam Appointments

Get More Training

You won’t be able to instantly access more training through the menu options on your Microsoft Learn profile. Only when you choose the Training menu option on the left can you access your previously completed training modules. More training courses can be accessed in two different methods.

First, by choosing the Training menu item on the left-hand side, you can click on one of your previously completed modules.

Microsoft Modules

You can return to the location where all of the Microsoft Learn modules are available by selecting Browse from the navigation breadcrumbs at the top of the screen.

Microsoft Browse

As an alternative, you can select Training from the top navigation menu of the website, which will direct you to the same page with all of the Learn modules that are accessible.

Microsoft Training

What happened to the old Microsoft certification dashboard?

The old Microsoft certification dashboard was independent from your Microsoft Learn profile. Microsoft made the initiative to consolidate both profiles, resulting in a single, unified learning experience in which you can access your training, certificates, exam details, and transcript all from the same portal.

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