Top Microsoft Certification in 2024 to Boost Your IT Career

Microsoft Certification

One of the best ways to boost your IT career is by earning a Microsoft Certification. Any IT analyst, developer, system administrator, or database administrator can demonstrate their proficiency and improve their chances of employment or promotion by earning a Microsoft Certification.

Some students still have problems determining which path to take and which credentials to seek, despite the Microsoft Training department recently making changes to streamline the certification courses and categories. Microsoft has several certifications available.

In both their personal and professional life, people use Microsoft Office, which contains applications like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Project, among others. Actually, the majority of job positions require some level of proficiency with Microsoft. Regardless matter whether your area of expertise is coding, marketing, business analysis, or accounting, you must have a good understanding of Microsoft software.

The characteristics of Microsoft are familiar to almost all of us. Excel and Word are frequently used here. Unfortunately, it is primarily only capable of performing simple activities like entering text, altering fonts and formats, creating tables, and a few other straightforward ones. In addition, we could not comprehend how different formulas might be used, among other things, to format or sort a table.

To develop our talents and become certified Microsoft specialists, we can enrol in a variety of MS certification programmes. These certifications attest to our proficiency with Microsoft’s tools and features.

Microsoft is important for both businesses and the users themselves. Because of this, most companies value Microsoft certification and prefer credentialed employees to those without them.

Microsoft certification advantages include:

1. MS Office proficiency

Your proficiency with MS Office, which includes MS Word for writing documents, MS PowerPoint for creating presentations, MS Project for managing projects, and MS Excel for managing data, is demonstrated by a Microsoft certification. With MS certification, you can prove that you have a thorough understanding of Microsoft software and lay the groundwork for a strong IT career.

2. Expert Chart Building Skills

If you want to become a master chart creator, you must have programming knowledge of Microsoft programmes. The best people to design charts are business analysts and financial experts. But eventually, this knowledge is needed for almost all jobs. All types of data and sources require charts to be supported. Moreover, charts are essential to an essential part of presentations, which you could occasionally see in your line of work.

3. The Capability to Compile Data

In today’s environment, data actually means something. You need sufficient evidence to present in order to support your point of view or idea. One of the best tools to use in these circumstances is Microsoft Excel. This programme can be used to format and compile data in great detail. You can group files together and sort the data.

4. Job flexibility

The newest big thing in Microsoft software is online access. Your work is accessible online to stakeholders and business executives from anywhere. This increases job flexibility, and your proficiency with MS programmes makes you a star leader at work.

5. More promising job possibilities

Microsoft certification broadens your career prospects while also streamlining and streamlining your workplace tasks. You can attest to the difficulty of leadership and analytical tasks because you have an MS. You can seek a pay raise and higher positions thanks to your skill with Microsoft software, which will help you grow your company and your degree of success. Also, getting hired typically requires having this qualification.

Benefits of getting Microsoft Certification:

– Competitive Edge

When applying for jobs, certification enables a man to stand out from his competitors. Hence, in order to verify a candidate’s aptitude and skills, recruiters always look for certification.

– Increased Efficiency

If you have certification in a specific field, you can learn how a job operates much more quickly than others because you have seen similar processes in other jobs before.

With a great certification programme, you will gain all the information you require for the career you wish to follow. As a result, you will adjust to the role much more quickly than others thanks to it.

– Increased Possibility of Earning:

Candidates with credentials are given preference by recruiters from large corporations. Hence, recruiters from well-known and established firms would probably be more interested in employing you if you have a certification in a course linked to your function in the company, which will result in a better income.

– Increased knowledge and abilities:

Obtaining certification for the programme of your choice will enable you to build a strong professional path and help you advance your knowledge and abilities in relation to your preferred role.

Top Microsoft Certification in 2023 to boost your IT career


Given that 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, it should not be surprising that there is a rising need for SharePoint expertise in the IT sector. In fact, there are more than 65,000 job advertisements for SharePoint-related Posi SharePoint can be installed on your personal servers in your data centre or with Office 365, which is now known as Microsoft 365.

In a challenging business climate, SharePoint is largely a web-based platform used for document management, collaboration, and data storage. SharePoint is frequently used to build sophisticated online apps. According to the developers of SharePoint, this web application is particularly useful for data archiving, sharing, collaboration, and unrestricted access from various devices.

Throughout an application development process, SharePoint makes it simple for team members to communicate and share files and changes. Real-time information flow is made possible by SharePoint’s most recent collaboration features, making it simpler to access and disseminate information within the business.

When it comes to adapting functionality to the requirements of your particular development project, SharePoint provides the most creative and distinctive alternatives. With SharePoint, you can develop a variety of unique features and distribute a unique toolkit for your application.

Developers may incorporate different functionalities into any application with SharePoint quite quickly. According to your development project, you can integrate and customise components. Custom features associated with your brand are used to manage the user experience overall.

Because you can construct dynamic team sites with SharePoint, your team will be more productive. To access the collective expertise of your company, they can pool their resources. Other Microsoft business applications like Flow, PowerApps, or Microsoft Teams can all be used with SharePoint.

The six most common jobs in SharePoint are administrator, architect, developer, engineer, analyst, and consultant.

Your business can operate considerably more profitably and efficiently with the aid of SharePoint. Information from one section of your business might not always reach another one. There are numerous free solutions available for storing files. It’s possible that the systems you’re utilising are inadequate to meet your needs. SharePoint keeps all of your data safe under a single virtual roof. Information can be readily shared with your team and stored in the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint is an effective solution that helps keep your company operating smoothly.

Providing Microsoft SharePoint training to your team will help you handle sensitive data, comply with regulations, and empower your staff. Use SharePoint training to begin introducing this product to your team and learn the genuine difference you can have.

Microtek Learning is widely recognised as the industry leader in providing SharePoint Certification. Our highly qualified “Microsoft Technical Expert Team” is made up of over 27 top experts with 20+ years of experience instructing how to successfully manage SharePoint projects, construct applications, and create dashboards. Our experienced instructors have developed cutting-edge teaching techniques to assist ambitious candidates to become comfortable with the SharePoint interface and utilise the online version of SharePoint to improve cooperation and production.


By advancing to the top position, Microsoft PowerShell training courses help you realise your successful profession. You can increase your understanding of PowerShell with the aid of training courses. PowerShell is the name of a robust automation tool and scripting language created by Microsoft specifically for system administration. You can validate your profession by honing your abilities and learning new information by enrolling in a Microsoft PowerShell training course.

PowerShell is a free, open-source command-line interface (CLI) programme that enables DevOps experts, IT administrators, and developers to automate processes and setups.

Built using Microsoft.NET technology, PowerShell is a bifunctional tool. An open-source shell called PowerShell can also be used as a scripting language. A command-line interface specific to the operating system is used in conjunction with PowerShell as a shell to control the computer using commands. In addition to the graphic user interface (GUI), which is used to transmit commands from a user to an operating system, another interface preference is the command-line interface.

PowerShell may be used to automate repetitive tasks thanks to its shell capabilities. 

You have undoubtedly heard of PowerShell certification if you work in IT. The power of a GUI-based admin tool, scripting versatility, and command-line speed are just a few of the advantages that PowerShell offers. PowerShell allows corporate IT administrators to scalably automate critical tasks on any Windows PC connected to a wide area network. For this reason, obtaining a PowerShell certification is crucial for all IT managers, and it can give you the abilities you need to advance your IT career.

-PowerShell is simple

Because it will take hours to do the operation manually, using the command line will speed up your work. You only need one line of code to finish your operation using PowerShell. When you type “PowerShell” into the search box in Windows 10 you will receive the Windows PowerShell App.

-Simple automation

Command-let is a new concept introduced by Windows PowerShell. a straightforward command-line tool with one function. You can search cmdlet on its own, but once you use it, you’ll see how powerful it is when used with other tools to complete necessary work. More than 100 fundamental cmdlets are available in Windows PowerShell. For major businesses, the ability to build cmdlets and do scripting is a skill set that is in demand.

-Scalable administration

PowerShell is a scripting language that clever IT professionals use to update multiple PCs quickly. It just takes a few minutes to install an operating system update on a PC, but it will take longer if you need to update numerous laptops and PCs scattered throughout the office and other locations.

The management of Microsoft Office 365’s extensive rollout includes the use of PowerShell. There are other additional helpful commands that are not offered by Office 365.

You can improve your understanding of automation and setup with the aid of the PowerShell Certification Training. You can automate a number of maintenance tasks and manage numerous operations with Microtek Learning’s PowerShell training. We give you in-depth instructions in PowerShell scripting.

This PowerShell Certification Course helps you comprehend a number of concepts, such as scripting, scripting fundamentals, and PowerShell building blocks. With the aid of this course, you can pass the Microsoft PowerShell Certification Exam.


The goal of MS SQL training is to improve database administrators’ and professionals’ performance and efficiency by going over SQL Server’s foundational concepts and fresh features.

Significantly, as part of the training programme to support their career advancement, the experts’ technical expertise is improved.

Even though many professionals are enrolling in these training or certification programmes, many are hesitant to move forward because they are unaware of the true value of IT certifications in today’s employment market. Although many people are still unsure of its worth, Microsoft SQL training’s advantages can dispel a lot of their doubts.

With the Microsoft SQL certification credentials listed in your CV, you can improve your presentation in terms of employment advantages. This will enhance your professionalism and demonstrate to potential employers your in-depth understanding of the latest SQL Server functionalities. Actually, firms would rather hire a skilled worker than a newcomer. Your qualification undoubtedly makes you their top priority.

It aids you in navigating the technological platforms that are frequently overlooked when learning the fundamentals of MS SQL. With the certification, you acquired the skills to use application development strategies in conjunction with SQL Server, which indirectly rewards you with a more responsible aptitude for your line of work. Employers appreciate your effort, which boosts your confidence.

Today, prominent employers often demand SQL proficiency. SQL is at the core of every company’s database, whether it is Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. Yet employers are not limited to the big names. Every business uses data in one way or another, thus they require personnel who are familiar with SQL.

Your focus should be on developing the abilities that employers value if you want to work in data. You might be shocked to learn that, among employment categories involving data, SQL is far more in demand than skills like Python, R, and machine learning.

The Microsoft SQL Server database is among the most well-known. There are no signs that the advancement of SQL Server Machine Learning and Big Data Clusters Services will slow down.

Thanks to our training, you will become more knowledgeable about and proficient with Microsoft SQL Server. Create reliable databases, become familiar with SQL queries, create scalable Transact-SQL apps, grasp the principles of data warehousing, and create unique BI – Business Intelligence solutions for the more fantastic insight into data to make more wise business decisions.


The immense power that data holds in today’s competitive world is unparalleled. Businesses have achieved unrivalled superiority in their specific niches by using data analysis to gain practical insights. Enterprises typically utilise business intelligence solutions like Microsoft Power BI to visualise the data that is then used to comprehend the insights of their business.

A cloud-based tool called Microsoft Power BI enables businesses to create collaborative dashboards and business intelligence reports using data from numerous data sources. It combines datasets from numerous sources inside an organisation to create real-time data representation. This raises any organization’s operational effectiveness to a new level.

A Microsoft Power BI certification is extremely important in the data-driven world of today. It is only reasonable to look forward to hiring people who have an edge with Microsoft Power BI Training as more and more firms realise the importance of data. So, obtaining a Power BI Certification will undoubtedly add that desired certification to your resume if data management and analysis are KRAs (Key Result Areas) of your job profile.

A cloud-based tool called Microsoft Power BI enables businesses to create collaborative dashboards and business intelligence reports using data from numerous data sources. It combines datasets from numerous sources inside an organisation to create real-time data representation. This raises any organization’s operational effectiveness to a new level.

You may learn how to efficiently publish and embed reports, configure dashboards, and more by taking a Microsoft Power BI training course. With the help of this course, you can integrate and set up security for dashboards and data reports.

Microsoft Power BI training course is needed for many reasons, from assisting you in developing abilities in connecting to data sources to optimising data models. If you are skilled in data purification, creating calculated columns and tables, analysing data transactions, and managing hierarchies, your employer values you as an employee more than your colleagues do. These sophisticated abilities assist you in standing out and earning the respect and gratitude of your elders. It verifies that you are outfitted with the most recent technologies, which validates your value as a Microsoft-certified professional.

The key to being flexible, competitive, and effective is business intelligence. It gets increasingly difficult to manage the data that is generated on a regular basis as firms grow. As a result, firms that are data-driven and wish to use their data to guide business decisions encounter a barrier. When analysing data using an effective analytical tool, a company can discover crucial facts, offer suggestions, and encourage better decision-making.

The Microsoft Data Analyst Associate certification path includes a certification for Microsoft Power BI. Applicants must pass Microsoft’s Analyzing Data with Power BI (DA-100) course in order to be considered. Data analysts can get this esteemed, in-demand accreditation to further their careers and stand out among their colleagues.

A data analyst’s ability to create and construct scalable data models as well as clean and convert data using Power BI is validated by a Power BI certification. It recognises the holder as a subject matter expert who possesses cutting-edge analytical skills necessary to produce effective data visualisations and offer value to the company.

All business intelligence and data experts who have a firm grasp of the foundations of Power BI are eligible to apply for the certification. This certification will be especially useful to IT professionals that produce data visualisation reports utilising cloud and on-premises data platform technologies. It is advised that you initially enrol in Power BI training if you want to learn more about Power BI and investigate data analysis ideas.

Microtek Learning is with you on your learning journey with all the resources you require as a Microsoft Learning Partner. You will comprehend ideas like MS Power BI, BI reports, Desktop styles, dashboards, and Power BI DAX commands and functions with the help of our Power BI training courses. Also, you will experiment, gather, correct, and present data.


Microsoft offers numerous technical and position-based certifications to prove your professionalism. We at Microtek Learning provide comprehensive official courseware for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, PowerApps, and Microsoft Dynamic 365. Microsoft Certification are based on the skills necessary to perform the roles that have been established by the industry. All of the instructional resources for certification at Microsoft Learn are consistent with these positions. For this reason, earning a Microsoft Certification is very advantageous. It proves you have the exact, practical abilities needed for careers in reputable fields. It demonstrates your ability to use technical expertise to address contemporary business difficulties. It also helps that the training is continuously updated and that new certificates are frequently introduced.

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