Increase your Employee Productivity through Microsoft certifications

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Increase your Employee Productivity through Microsoft certifications

What Is Microsoft Certification?

For a lot of its software, Microsoft provides training materials. Microsoft awards certificates for passing their tests based on these study tools. Since you passed an exam for a particular product or collection of goods, Microsoft really issues certificates and the exams are offered by Microsoft Partner organizations.

Exams are available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint individually, as well as a Microsoft Office exam that includes all three of these apps and others like Outlook and OneNote.

In addition to these lesser tests, courses like MCSE and MCSA are significant when applying for jobs. These credentials suggest that the holder is an authority on the subject issue. You can use Microsoft's study guides and books to prepare for these tests, or you can attend training at a computer training facility.

Microsoft serves as the center of a distinctive group called Microsoft Certified Professionals. The research claims that networking and professional growth chances are a lot more salient components of the value of certification than was previously thought. People can benefit from these opportunities. Microsoft is aware that connecting with its client base through the community is crucial.

Microsoft Certification Benefits

When you pass their online examinations with success, Microsoft awards you a certificate, just as with any other kind. As mentioned above, a certificate may be in a specific piece of software or a group of related programs. Microsoft occasionally offers certificates for the full work done in workplaces. One illustration would be office automation, which requires familiarity with the Windows operating system, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and a basic understanding of Windows networking. So, having a certificate serves as evidence that you have mastered the skills required for it.

When you apply for jobs, your value rises if you have a certificate. Microsoft claims that because Microsoft Office abilities are more in demand than experience with non-Microsoft comparable programs, your chances of landing a job rise by a factor of five.

According to Microsoft, high-wage, high-growth industries in the future will demand knowledge of Microsoft Office, and employers will seek out the best candidates for these positions. Microsoft claims that 86% of recruiting managers say they prefer job candidates who have an IT certificate. Moreover, Microsoft certification is preferred above credentials from unidentified computer training institutions.

Eight out of 10 hiring managers want to confirm the credentials of applicants' certificates. The credentials of certain unidentified computer training schools are difficult to check, whereas Microsoft certificates are relatively simple to confirm.

Furthermore, 64% of IT managers said they prefer Microsoft certificates to other certificates, according to Microsoft. The three key factors that provide a person with higher recognition when it comes to promotions and incentives are certification, training, and experience.

As per Microsoft:

Entry-level workers with a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can make up to $16,000 more per year than their contemporaries in high-growth industries.

Having Microsoft credentials can provide you a competitive advantage over your friends, coworkers, and other students in both the short and long term. These credentials are far superior to those from unrecognized computer training institutions and are recognized all around the world. For instance, even though DOEACC is a government organization in India that offers certificates and diplomas in a variety of areas, the likelihood that DOEACC won't be as well-known outside of India as Microsoft is is considerable.

1. Current abilities and information

You will acquire fresh and current knowledge and skills through the rigorous training required to earn a Microsoft certification.

2. Being Seen Among the Job Hunters

The IT job market is competitive like never before, as was previously mentioned. Obtaining a Microsoft certification will help you stand out from the crowd and get top-tier employment.

3. Your Company's Validation

A Microsoft certification will raise the value of your thoughts because of your specific knowledge. Whatever position you hold in your company, you will have a greater say in every decision, and people will look to you for counsel and direction.

4. Increased Salary

Because you now have better skills and are more reliable, you will be able to negotiate a higher salary. Candidates with certifications are in high demand, and businesses are willing to pay more for their experience.

5. Many Career Possibilities

This qualification can help you on your new path if you are looking to change jobs, are willing to try a different job role, or want to change your entire career.

6. Regard from your coworkers

If you become a Microsoft Certified Professional, your coworkers and other professionals in your industry will appreciate and like you more.

7. Personal Contentment

Money or respect can't compare to the feeling of personal satisfaction you get from doing well at work. Obtaining a Microsoft certification will boost your confidence and enable you to pursue your goals.

Microsoft has made significant investments in training and certification because it understands from its research and that of third parties that these activities increase customer satisfaction, which is one of Microsoft's core values. The rate of certification drastically increased after a downturn. Microsoft alone has grown by 24 percent in the past year, which reflects the rising popularity and significance of certification in the educational process. Microsoft training and certification come in second as a satisfaction driver for IT professionals (after eLearning).

Organizational performance is enhanced through Microsoft certification.

The organizational effectiveness of 1,200 IT teams was investigated in a survey by IDC that was funded by Microsoft. The study looked at the correlation between team performance and the proportion of the team that was Microsoft certified across a range of technologies. The study concluded that increased organizational performance and certification were positively connected. Certification had a discernible effect on general service excellence and particular task-level performance measures:

  • The performance of teams is crucial to 75% of managers, according to certification.

  • According to 66% of managers, accreditation raises the quality of service and support provided to IT end users/customers.

  • Every time a new team member receives certification, team performance improves.

  • Team performance is directly enhanced when there are more Microsoft-certified team members present.

  • On average, between 40 and 55 percent of members of top-performing teams are certified Microsoft employees who have received training in pertinent Microsoft technologies and procedures.

The IDC study's findings are unequivocal: Every improvement in team performance raises organizational performance. Furthermore, this research shows that team performance increases for each newly qualified team member.

Business is increased by certification by 80%.

Having credentialed employees within the organization grants the corporation real evidence that helps it stand out from rivals.

Joy Rathnayake is a senior software engineer with IronOne Technologies in Sri Lanka.

By securing new projects based on certification, IronOne Technologies, a software design and development company that specializes in outsourced IT services, has boosted its business by 80%. Due to their wide range of specialties and certified staff, IronOne Technologies is a desirable partner for projects requiring Microsoft Global Services and Asia Consulting Services. IronOne's. NET team leader Rathnayake emphasizes the importance of having certified staff.

Community: Networking, Self-improvement, and Access to Special Resources.

Microsoft serves as the center of a distinctive group called Microsoft Certified Professionals. The research claims that networking and professional growth chances are a lot more salient components of the value of certification than was previously thought. People can benefit from these opportunities. Microsoft is aware that connecting with its client base through the community is crucial. In-depth conversations that increase client satisfaction can now be had through certification. Direct engagement with community members allows users to voice concerns about the program, present Microsoft with fresh ideas, and collaborate to improve both the structure and content of Microsoft certification. 

Becoming Microsoft certified entitles you to exclusive access to priceless Microsoft resources, benefits, and the opportunity to engage with a huge network of certified professionals. It also makes you a member of the larger IT community. Microsoft has identified a significant correlation between certification and customer happiness and is encouraging industry experts to pursue certification.

Microsoft will keep using the certification pathway to invest in this channel since it is very interested in enhancing customer satisfaction. Microsoft Learning intends to train more people in its technologies as a sign of this commitment, to boost the number of certified professionals.

In addition to helping people study in the run-up to landing their first IT job, certification training offers a framework that can aid people in learning at all phases of their employment. All phases of a person's career are relevant for a Microsoft certification. Those who are certified can stay current. The Microsoft certification helps people plan their future professional goals by providing clarity, according to research. 

Finally, obtaining a certification is necessary to have access to exclusive Microsoft resources as well as a thriving network of certified professionals. A professional's skills gain more credibility if they are Microsoft certified. Partners may better assist clients by staying up to date on all Microsoft technologies thanks to Microsoft certification.

Microsoft Certification offers a lifelong career path of IT skill development, acknowledges and certifies real-world IT talents, and helps the certified community by giving access to special resources.

How to get Microsoft certified?

To obtain a Microsoft certification, adhere to these simple steps:

1. Choose the certification you require.

Choose which certification is best for your career out of the several that are offered at various levels. If there is a particular qualification that your management would like you to earn, think about asking them. If you're looking for work, look through job advertisements to find out which certifications are most in demand.

2. Research topics and/or finish training programs

Although training is not necessary, you might think about hiring a trainer to assist you in getting ready. If hiring a trainer is out of your financial range, you can use an at-home test lab. Experiment with the laboratories in the books you purchased or received from your instructor.

3. Finish a practice test.

To help you get ready for the actual exam, take practice tests. It is common to perform poorly on practice exams the first few times you take them. Think about the topics that are the most challenging for you, and concentrate your study sessions on questions and themes related to those areas.

4. Renew your license.

Regular certification renewals are frequently required. Some call for annual renewal. Check to see if you need to renew your certification and if so, how to do so. You can continue to list the qualification in this manner on your resume.

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