ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management

Risk Management

Why take Risks?

  • Risk is a part of everyday life whether it’s a personal or a corporate one. Due to the changes that occur every day we need to adapt ourselves and be ready for them. 
  • Uncertainty and changes are bound to happen but it depends on how these changes are tackled. The success of many organizations is determined a lot by how they handle issues and manage risks.
  • Taking risks and being prepared for them is something that makes us stand apart.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • ISO is the International Organization for Standardization which has created a blueprint for the Organization and Companies. The ISO 31000 determines various measures for Risk Management.
  • ISO 31000 was first issued in 2009 by International Organization for Standardization. But in 2018, ISO released the updated version for the Risk Management Guidelines. Hence it is also called the ISO31000:2018.
  • ISO 31000:2018 provides a systematic and guided approach towards various events where risk can occur. It identifies, analyzes, and evaluates a logical approach in the modification of a process to manage risk.

What is Risk Management?

  • Risk management is predefined and guided steps that need to be taken by an organization in case of risk. Risk is something that should be consider while planning the business procedure. 
  • Hence there are many clauses that are included in contracts and insurances which provide a proper methodology for Risk Management practice.
Risk Management

Overview of ISO 31000:2018

  • ISO 31000:2018 International Standard provides guidelines to the organizations in a systematic format to manage risks. 
  • It has got principles, frameworks, and processes that help the organizations to implement the guidelines.
  • The Risk management procedure mentioned in ISO 31000 is not sector or industry specific. It can be applied over the public, private, community, association, group, and individual levels.
  • The major objective of ISO 31000 is to maintain the potential quotient of the organization while facing risk and making the appropriate changes.
  • Also, it is not just only about the setup, but the practical implementation throughout the organizational life cycle will surely bring success.
  • Even if the organization is practicing a different approach and process for Risk management, ISO 31000 can still be tailored and implemented accordingly.

Components of Risk Management ISO 31000:2018

The two major components of ISO 31000:2018 are Framework and Process 


A framework is a structural and operational guideline for Risk Management across the organization. 

A framework should not be treated as a prescription for the organization but as assistance to the organization to incorporate the Risk Management system.

A few elements of a Framework are:

1. Administration: It explains the administrative committee of the organization.

2. Designing: A framework is designed for Risk management as per the organizational requirements. 

3. Implementation: Implementing the frameworks for risk management

4. Monitoring: Monitoring all the steps which are being implemented in the organization.

5. Continuous and Rigorous improvement: Tracking the improvements and changes in the organization.


Process is the actual procedure in which the risks are identified, analyzed, and handled.

Once the framework is designed for an organization, a process needs to be developed.

There are a few steps that need to be taken the set up the process in an organization for risk management.

1. Open Communication:

There should be open and clear communication with the stakeholders about the implementation of the framework.

Stakeholders should also be consulted about changes in the process.

2. Executing Process:

The process can be executed in an organization by identifying the risk, analyzing the risk, evaluating the risk, and handling the risk.

3. Monitoring: 

Similar to a Framework, a process should also be monitored and reviewed.

Organizations that have a prior management system should spend time preparing a strong risk management framework rather than rushing with implementing the frame for risk management.

Organizational and Business benefits

  • ISO 31000 provides protection to the organizational assets while developing the Risk Management strategy while identifying and evaluating the risks.
  • Its goal is to develop a culture where the employees and the stakeholders know the importance of risk management and monitoring.
  • ISO 31000 risk management describes a clear picture of risk management with positive and negative consequences of risk. It helps to take effective decisions which are beneficial for the organization. 
  • For instance, allocating the right number of resources to particular tasks without hampering workflow is perfect Risk management.

Benefits of Certification

  • ISO 31000 is not industry or sector-specific. It can be used and implemented in any type of organization and hence that brings great importance to it.
  • Organizations need people who are aware and expert in developing a framework and implementing the process as per the ISO guidelines.
  • With the completion of this certification, it becomes easy to understand the key objectives of organizations. You can acknowledge the vision and targets of your organization.
  • You can study and assess the current management structure, which will help you assign the correct resource to dedicated tasks.

Any individual who wants to do project management can avail of the course and gain knowledge with ISO certification.

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