ITIL Foundation Exam: A Guiding Principles of ITIL 4 in 2023

ITIL Guiding Principles

ITIL 4 is one of the most upgraded versions as compared to other frameworks. After ITIL v3 published in the year 2007, these current ITIL 4 versions offer more customized, agile, and flexible versions of ITIL. The ITIL v4 strengthens more cooperation, least siloes and communication through the whole business. Along with that, this ITIL version 4 encourages integration, lean, leadership, agile and IT governance into ITSM strategies

You can read our guiding principles which will assist you and provide complete holistic vision about how to manage service management organization and its operations. The principles of ITIL v4 covers: –

  • Operate and Think Holistically.
  • In-depth Focus on Values.
  • Promotion and Cooperation Visibility.
  • Develop and grow your feedback iteratively.
  • Automation and Optimization
  • Start from the Beginning! Where you exactly stand.
  • Make sure to be practical and simple.

How ITIL Version upgraded in recent Years?

Previously, the ITIL was started in 1980 and went through multiple update versions over time. Globally, it is now being used by multiple large and medium-sized companies. ITIL has been regarded as the best standard for Information Technology Service Management where companies use this to modernize their Information Technology Service Processes.

You can see below how ITIL versions have changed in recent years:

ITIL version upgraded in recent years

How ITIL differs from Business Perspective?

You must be eager to learn about ITIL v4 Foundations and the updated operations which are integrated into the latest modernized version of ITIL 4. You need to also understand the diversified perspectives and three ITIL levels. Let us explore and gain an in-depth understanding of three ITIL levels.

Well, the three ITIL levels start from Vital Strategies, Tactical and Operational

3 ITIL levels

Why you need to take ITIL Foundation Exam?

Good question! Well, your vision must be powerful if you are seeking for the ITIL foundation V4 training. However, there are multiple best reasons which will satisfy your knowledge by gaining training for ITIL foundation at Microtek Learning.

The career chances in ITSM are wide open when you have passed the ITIL Foundation Exam. You can measure your skills based on a scale-out of 5. Do not worry, you have to be honest if you are at 1 out of 5 and then learn and explore more to know about your exact skill set position.

Table1: Scale between 1-3

Service OperationSecurity Analyst, IT Support Technician, Network Support Specialist, Application Specialist, Hardware Specialist
Project ManagementIT Project Managers & IT Project Support

Table2: Scale between 3-5

Service Strategy & Design StrategyConsultants, Architect and Business Relationship Managers
Service TransitionIT Configuration Managers, Release Managers and IT Change Managers

Who can sign up for ITIL Foundation Exam?

The ITIL Foundation 4 Exam is suitable for individuals who know the fundamental knowledge of the ITIL framework. The training is also intended for IT professionals working in an organization who have adopted ITIL and need to contribute further to benefit the company. This ITIL 4 certification is regarded as best assistance for ITSM ranging from a diversified range of professionals working in IT interface, lead business strategy and digital world.

Are you already ITIL v3 Certified? Just find out how from here evolution to ITIL 4.

Ready to Gear-Up for ITIL 4 Exam!

The preparation for ITIL 4 examinations can be accomplished by enrolling for the same. As you have seen, there are no essentials regarding instructive capability or seminars on ITIL. You can pursue ITIL preparation from Microtek Learning.

Microtek offers a significant number of ITIL Certifications where professionals can also prepare alongside for the ITIL Foundation Exam.

Few Key advantages of ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

Advantages of ITIL4 Foundation

What are the course objectives of ITIL 4 Foundation?

Complete guidance to the simplification values when dealing with stakeholders and customers in the form of either services or products.

•  Learn about the guiding principles of ITIL 4 Foundations.

•  Learn about four dimensions as in-Service Management.

•  Gain an in-depth understanding of DevOps, Agile and Lean.

•  The practicing of ITIL 4 will accomplish the importance and value accordingly.

For- ITIL® Practitioner Training

•   How to control Organizational Change Management (OCM).

•   How to utilize guided principles which are required in training.

•   How to enable the enhancements with metrics, communications, and other measurements.

•   How to apply CSI methods to improve ITIL management functions.

Important core phases in ITIL life Cycle

ITIL Framework will propose the most ideal method of detailing your technique, especially for IT administration and Service Strategy. Drawing from the procedure, you can plan how the administration ought to be over the existence cycle and Service Design. Subsequently, you have best practices for Service Transition depicted. It is additionally essential to guarantee the normal exercises are proceeding varying which is the thing that Service Operations manages.

Important core phases in ITIL life cycle

Service Strategy

The Service Strategy encourages you to break down how to use administrations to strategically accomplish your organization’s business targets. Hence, applying the entire procedures which incorporate businesses to the corporate system and other important parts.

ITIL 4 Service Strategy

Service Design

The Service Design helps to answer your questionnaires and supports in making a proper plan when approaching toward a holistic vision. Service Level Management, Availability Management and Capacity Management are the most important availability which one must considered top priority.

ITIL4 Service Design

Advantageous Road Ahead After Passing ITIL 4 Examination

After certification, you are now ahead by stepping one step frontward. Hence, you have various choices in ITSM career.

ITIL4 stages

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