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 By: Admin   Dec/02/2020 

Why do you need to get Microsoft certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification?

Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification


AI has been a revolutionary technology in the Tech world. The demand for Artificial Intelligence-related professions is increasing at an incredibly rapid rate. Similarly, the demand for an Azure AI Engineer is on buzz and at an all-time high. Many other AI-concerned accreditations could also be good alternatives for IT professionals. But, MS Azure assures a rapidly growing Artificial Intelligence landscape with innovative service offerings and advanced technologies. Hence, the demand for Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification has increased to a large extent over the past few decades.

The future platform of the IT accreditation, AZURE AI mainly assists you to scrutinize AI services which count bots, agents, language, vision, speech, by adopting knowledge mining, cognitive services, and machine learning. AI solutions are required to satisfy scalability and performance to meet end-to-end solutions, for that we need to have advanced technologies and tools for analyzing and recording timely operation.


Why MS Azure Certifications?


At first, you might be thinking, ‘What is Microsoft Azure Certification all about?’ MS Azure is extensively recognized, the most confident and well-known cloud provider around the globe. That is the reason why there are am immense numbers of prospects to explore for those who are MS Azure certified.

The normal package for MS Azure certified expert’s ranges between $150,000 and $250,000 annually. Furthermore, 57% of Fortune-500 companies are making use of MS Azure. Now that it has been cleared why this certification is the fine way to kick-start your career in Cloud platform, let us explore Azure certification in detail.


Main skills for Microsoft Azure AI Engineers

One of the significant factors that you must look for before going towards the profession of Microsoft Azure AI Engineer refers to common skills. The basic and the most common skills help to determine the alignment of the person for the AI engineer job role are as follows.

  1. Fundamental knowledge of concepts concerning MS Azure.
  2. Basic understanding of computer networks.
  3. Handful of experience and knowledge with Windows 10 devices.
  4. Basic know-how of AI in the aspects of knowledge mining, ML, and. cognitive services



Reasons to Select AI Engineer Profession in Azure

AI Engineer Profession in Azure includes immense promising potential and skills for taking up challenging tasks correlated to Artificial Intelligence. IT staff could practice various new activities and skills in the AI engineer role, therefore catering to the higher demands of the current job market. 

The roles of an AI Engineer mainly include a significant concentration on the analysis of needs for AI solutions. Plus, AI engineers give recommendations for suitable technologies and tools to design the solutions. Besides, the AI engineer is also responsible for employing solutions that comply with the needs of performance and scalability. These roles under the accountability of an Azure AI engineer noticeably show the significance of their position. More or less every applicant could gain promising rewards from a central role in any company as an AI engineer.

The significance of an Azure AI Engineer associate is also evident in their credibility for translating the vision of solution architects for the development of comprehensive solutions. Azure AI engineers have to work in collaboration with IoT specialists, AI developers, data scientists, and data engineers. Therefore, you can find the potential of the work of an AI engineer as a favorable side to pursue the position role.

The person could fulfill the needs to become an Azure AI Engineer Associate with a professional Microsoft Azure certification. You need to clear the AI-100 certification exam to make the career and position in Azure AI engineers. The certification examination will test the candidate’s skills linked to AI engineering on the cloud platform (Azure). Qualification of the certification exam showcases your credibility and skills in Azure AI engineering. Moreover, the increased rate of adding new features in the Artificial Intelligence landscape on Azure is also a crucial reason for selecting AI engineering positions on MS Azure.


Prerequisites Required

  • IT Professional should realize that qualifying the Azure AI-100 certification exam is a compulsory prerequisite to become a Certified Azure AI engineer. Respondents seeking for a career in Artificial Intelligence should have to follow this course as there are no precise requirements.
  • The suggested requirements also include basic knowledge of Windows 10 devices, Microsoft Azure, and AI services. The perfect individuals for the Azure AI engineer jobs comprise Azure developers, data engineers, and candidates working as AI engineers.




The candidates opting for this certification will enjoy some benefits, so the main benefits that they are going to relish are that they will have a perfectly balanced fluency of MS Office, they are going expertise the potential of assembling great chats, they will have the ability to collate data together, the flexibility of work will ease off the stress from their mind and help then to finalize their project with full potential, with this line of work they are going to have better career outlooks. Accomplishing this certificate you can analyze AI solutions requirements i.e. implementing and monitoring AI solutions.

Candidates with adequate base and knowledge about Microsoft will help them to build a strong grounding in IT for career prospects. The polished skills in Microsoft will help in being an expert chart builder, which is a very important element in presentations in professional life. Flexibility and ability to operate MS programs can easily prepare them to be a star leader in any organization.

In this certification, you will attain an intense amount of knowledge of how to develop an Azure AI solution by building a customized support Chabot on Microsoft Azure.



If you want to honor your skills and comprehending Microsoft Azure, this is the right place you want to be. According to the recent stats, Cloud computing has arrived as the future of the leading technology platform.



The world is also getting to know about AI, as per reports from Microsoft, over 1,000 new customers sign up to Azure daily. That is 365,000 new enterprises adopting MS Azure each year!



The certification of azure AI role expires in two years and your certification will always appear on the Microsoft account but listed in the separate category.



Azure AI engineers procure a visionary concept to the software developers, loT scientist, data handlers, and data scientists, to establish a promising future of the organization.


Average Package of MS Certified: Azure AI Engineering Professional

The assessment of Azure AI Engineer salary could give vital insights into core reasons to pursue AI engineering as your career. Most of you may want to look at the core career opportunities in AI engineering. So, the estimated salary of Microsoft Azure AI engineers could easily inspire you to progress your planning. As per Statista statistic, the higher paying job is AI job titles in the USA as of 2019. ML engineer was the highest-paid AI job after ML then, with a per year income of about 143 thousand U.S. dollars.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) job designations with salaries

Image- Artificial intelligence (AI) job designations with the maximum salaries in the USA as of 2019 (in U.S. dollars)


Final Words

In a nutshell, the great demand for an Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification is definitely to increase in the upcoming years. The extensive cloud adoption by numerous companies and the immense influx of data from varied platforms would necessitate incredible solutions for organizations. Hence, qualifying the right certification exam and getting the recommended experience and knowledge, could surely ensure a great career.


So, what are you waiting for? Get the MS Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification from Microtek Learning, you deserve your badge!

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