PRINCE2 Agile Certification- The Globally Respected Competitive Edge

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PRINCE2 Agile foundation & Practitioner certification


PRINCE2 Agile, the most complete agile project management methodology in the world, combines the flexibility and responsibility of agile with PRINCE2 governance. The project management approach delivers the remarkable combined benefits of innovation, collaboration and governance. PRINCE2 Agile approach combines the gap between agile product delivery and project management.

Salient Benefits of PRINCE2 Agile:

Benefits for the Organization:

  1. Early return on investment with better ROI
  2. 'Flow-based' working delivers greater efficiency and better profitability
  3. Improved communication because the use of common terminology
  4. PRINCE2 governs the project as a whole
  5. Better flexibility for improved processes
  6. Well defined roadmap with quality benchmarks to complete the project

Benefits for the Individuals:

  1. Internationally-recognized qualification with high earning prospects
  2. High in demand certification in global job market
  3. Demonstrates the ability to managing any kind of project
  4. Understanding of agile concepts
  5. Skill to blend Agile approach with PRINCE2 methodology
  6. Helps to keep project progress stays with compliance
  7. Periodic interactions over the processes help to perform the best

PRINCE2 vs Agile - PRINCE2 Agile:

Over the decades, since PRINCE2 methodology was introduced in 1996, PRINCE2 certification has become a standard feature of project management job requisite. As of today, more over 150,000 PRINCE2 certification exams are taken every year. Agile approach came to surface in the 1990’s to counter down the common project management issues like over budget, low quality, late delivery etc. Scrum, Kanban, and Lean etc are the major contributories to Agile approach. Agile, an umbrella term, is often used to denote the frameworks, product development methods and techniques to be used by project development team.

PRINCE2 Principles:

  1. Learning with experience.
  2. Business justification
  3. Well defined roles & responsibilities for everyone
  4. Focus on product, quality and on the time delivery
  5. Manage by stages and exception.
  6. Flexible approach to manage the project up to the best benchmarks

Agile Principles:

  1. Satisfy the customer through continuous and early delivery of value added software
  2. Maintain a constant pace from start until the satisfactory delivery
  3. Welcome changes even at advance stage perform project development to address customer’s new requirements
  4. Work together throughout the project
  5. Motivate individuals by providing environment and required support
  6. Manage efficient and effective communication for conveying information faster
  7. Review to become more efficient and productive at regular intervals
  8. Stay focused on what is important- being goal oriented
  9. Keeping the things as simple as these can be
  10. Focus on good design and technical excellence

AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile Certification- How It Helps For Career Development:

PRINCE2 Agile certification helps you take 1st step on the roadmap of being a certified project management professional. Even if you don’t have years’ experience, the companies offer junior level job roles with expectation that you will learn fast with experience and will lead the project team soon. The globally acknowledged certification transforms you from a university graduate to star employee.

PRINCE2 Agile Certification enhances your credibility for project management. It helps you take your project management skills global. Just after passing PRINCE2 Agile certification exam, you become the part of almost 1 million practitioners’ community with existence in over 150 countries.

Roadmap for AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile Certification:

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation: The 3 days instructor led online training prepares you to pass PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification exam providing insights in to PRINCE2 governance and Agile methodologies. One-hour multiple-choice closed book exam paper has 50 questions with required passing mark of 55%.

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner: The 2 days online training prepares you to pass PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certification exam providing insights in to combined structure, governance and control with time tested Agile techniques, methods and approaches. The training includes case studies with practical tests. Open book Exam of two-and-a-half hour duration contains 50 questions each worth one mark; passing score is 60%.

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training: It is a 5 days combo certification training designed to deliver the combined benefits of PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam course. It is the best pick for experienced project managers willing to progress their PRINCE2 Agile career at faster pace.

Concluding Note:

According to PMI predictions, the organizations worldwide are going to recruit almost 87.7 million professionals for project management-focused job roles by 2027. The certification opens the doors for career development with different job titles like job titles like IT Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Software Development, Program Manager IT, Technical Project Manager, Customer Project Manager, Project Management Analyst, Service Improvement Manager, PRINCE2 Consultant etc. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification expires in 3 years; the certified PRINCE2 Agile practitioners need to retake PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam before the mentioned expiry date.

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